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Sens de "appoint" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 43 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
appoint nombrar [v]
appoint destinar [v]
appoint discernir [v]
appoint agregar [v]
appoint alhajar [v]
appoint asignar [v]
appoint designar [v]
appoint aplicar [v]
appoint crear [v]
appoint criar [v]
appoint designar [v]
appoint diputar [v]
appoint adscribir [v]
appoint establecer [v]
appoint proveer [v]
appoint equipar [v]
appoint dar [v]
appoint determinar [v]
appoint crear [v]
appoint comisionar [v]
appoint emplear [v]
appoint instituir [v]
appoint poner [v]
appoint fijar [v]
appoint comprometer [v]
appoint nominar [v]
appoint elegir [v]
appoint decretar [v]
appoint surtir [v]
appoint decidir [v]
appoint sentar [v] fig.
appoint nombrar [v]
appoint adscribir [v]
appoint designar [v]
appoint diputar [v]
appoint encomendar [v]
appoint nombrar [v]
appoint ordenar [v]
appoint repartir [v]
appoint legar [v]
appoint prescribir [v]
appoint señalar [v]
appoint constituir [v]

Sens de "appoint" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 42 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
appoint to adscribir a [v]
appoint oneself constituirse [v]
self-appoint autodenominarse [v]
appoint someone ambassador nombrar a alguien embajador [v]
appoint (someone) to designar a (alguien) para [v]
appoint (someone) to nombrar a (alguien) para [v]
appoint a day designar una fecha [v]
appoint a person as an agent nombrar a una persona como agente [v]
appoint a trustee designar a un fideicomisario [v]
appoint a trustee nombrar a un consejero [v]
appoint personnel designar personal [v]
appoint personnel nombrar personal [v]
appoint someone as distributor designar a alguien como distribuidor [v]
appoint personnel designar a una plantilla [v]
appoint a person to a place or employment adscribir [v]
appoint a meeting for consultation apalabrar [v]
appoint as delegar [v]
appoint as a mediator interponer [v]
re-appoint lijar de nuevo [v]
re-appoint nombrar de nuevo [v]
re-appoint designar [v]
appoint a time fijar un día [v]
appoint someone to something nombrar a alguien para algo [v]
appoint someone as something nombrar a alguien algo [v]
officially appoint someone to manage the finances of a company that cannot pay its debts declararse en suspensión de pagos [v]
appoint an agent nombrar un agente [v]
re-appoint volver a nombrar [v]
appoint an agent nombrar un agente
appoint a guardian discernir [v]
appoint a representative nombrar un agente [v]
appoint an agent nombrar un agente [v]
appoint an executor nombrar un albacea [v]
appoint swear in discernir [v]
appoint an attorney constituir abogado [v] DO
appoint an heir constituir heredero [v]
appoint a single representative unificar su personería [v]
appoint an heir instituir heredero [v]
appoint an attorney asignar un abogado
appoint an attorney nombrar un abogado
motion to appoint expert witnesses pedimento para nombrar
right to appoint a representative derecho de postulación
right to appoint counsel derecho de postulación