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Sens de "become" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 52 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
become convertirse [v]
become volverse [v]
become convertir [v]
become hacerse [v]
become convertirse en [v]
become quedar (bien/mal) [v]
become llegar a ser [v]
become sentar (bien/mal) [v]
become transformarse en [v]
Irregular Verb
become became - become [v]
become hacer [v]
become pasar a ser [v]
become constituirse [v]
become tornarse [v]
become caer [v]
become haber [v]
become ir [v]
become pertenecer [v]
become ponerse [v]
become parar [v]
become tornar [v]
become sentar [v]
become venir [v]
become cobrar [v]
become devenir [v]
become quedarse [v]
become desnudarse [v]
become cascar [v]
become quedar bien [v]
become trocarse [v]
become ponerse [v]
become quedarse [v]
become hacerse [v]
become caer bien [v]
become ir bien [v]
become parecer [v]
become estar bien [v]
become ser propio [v]
become venir a parar [v]
become ser lo que no era [v]
become ponerse a [v]
become quedar [v]
become constituirse en
become convenir [v]
become cuadrar [v]
become sentar bien [v]
become salir bien [v]
become meterse a [v]
become tomarse en [v]
become venir bien [v]
become venir a ser [v]
become convertirse en

Sens de "become" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 500 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
become infested plagarse [v]
become silent callar [v]
become a fan apasionarse [v]
become aware reparar [v]
become night anochecerse [v]
become nervous erizarse [v]
become pregnant concebir [v]
become pregnant embarazarse [v]
become bankrupt quebrar [v]
become cloudy nublarse [v]
become corroded corroerse [v]
become uneasy erizarse [v]
become chafed matarse [v]
become galled matarse [v]
become tense erizarse [v]
become separated distanciarse [v]
become intoxicated embriagarse [v]
become worse empeorarse [v]
become overcast encapotarse [v]
become smaller encogerse [v]
become ill enfermar [v]
become cheaper abaratarse [v]
become industrialized industrializarse [v]
become confounded confundirse [v]
become untidy desarreglarse [v]
become excited excitarse [v]
become detached desprenderse [v]
become blind cegar [v]
become independent independizarse [v]
become known significarse [v]
become ill indisponerse [v]
become poor empobrecerse [v]
become infected infectarse [v]
become amorous alborotarse [v] CAM CU VE AR UY
become inflamed inflamarse [v]
become friends hacerse amigos [v]
become stiff envararse [v]
become famous cobrar fama [v]
become lumpy apelotonarse [v]
become known darse a conocer [v]
become infected contagiarse [v]
become extinct extinguirse [v]
become assimilated asimilarse [v]
become known transpirar [v]
become famous llegar a la fama [v]
become tense crisparse [v]
become thin ralear [v]
become aware mentalizarse [v]
become weak depauperarse [v]
become depressed deprimirse [v]
become a member of hacerse miembro de [v]
become lax relajarse [v]
become green again reverdecer [v]
become free emanciparse [v]
become intoxicated embriagarse [v]
become lethargic aletargarse [v]
become clear perfilarse [v]
become friendly intimar [v]
become involved envolverse [v]
become frightened asustarse [v]
become familiar with familiarizarse [v]
become rejuvenated rejuvenecer [v]
become worm-eaten agusanarse [v]
become corrupted arrobinarse [v]
become paired aparearse [v]
become mated aparearse [v]
become matched aparearse [v]
become dull arrocinarse [v]
become stupid arrocinarse [v]
become ferruginous aherrumbrarse [v]
become heated (cereals) ahervorarse [v]
become weak ahilarse [v]
become faint ahilarse [v]
become lazy (intellectual interests) achancharse [v] PE AR UY
become surfeited ahitarse [v]
become dull arromarse [v]
become flat achatarse [v]
become blunt arromar [v]
become polished aluciarse [v] disused
become bright aluciarse [v] disused
become divorced apartarse [v]
become overdone achicharrarse [v]
become overheated (cooking) achicharrarse [v]
become biased apartidarse [v]
become prejudiced apartidarse [v]
become a ruffian abarrajar [v] PE
become proud arrufaldarse [v] rare
become deeper ahondarse [v]
become passionately fond of apasionarse [v]
become haughty arrufaldarse [v] disused
become embarrassed abarrancarse [v]
become tainted (meat) alunarse [v]
become adapted to ahormarse [v]
become wrinkled arrugarse [v]
become forked ahorquillarse [v]
become down-hearted achucutarse [v] HN CO
become frolicsome achularse [v]
become a knave achularse [v]
become waggish achularse [v]
become demolished arruinarse [v]
become destroyed arruinarse [v]
become ruined arruinarse [v]
become effeminate adamarse [v]
become loosened ahuecarse [v]
become unconscious adarvarse [v] rare
become oneself decent adecentarse [v]
become decent adecentarse [v]
become smoky ahumarse [v]
become smoked ahumarse [v]
become slender ahusarse [v]
become brutalized abestiarse [v]
become besotted abestiarse [v]
become stupid abestiarse [v]
become sad apesadumbrarse [v]
become sad apesararse [v]
become oppressed apesgarse [v] disused
become aggrieved apesgarse [v] disused
become infected apestarse [v]
become slender/thin adelgazarse [v]
become effeminate amadamarse [v]
become tame (horses) amadrinarse [v] SA
become isolated aislarse [v]
become angry adentellarse [v]
become roguish apicararse [v]
become crumpled ajarse [v]
become spoiled ajarse [v]
become embarrassed abochornar [v]
become amalgamated amalgamarse [v]
become related by marriage adeudarse [v]
become physically wearied ajetrearse [v]
become affected amanerarse [v]
become tranquil aplacarse [v]
become tamed amansarse [v]
become domesticated amansarse [v]
become flat aplastarse [v]
become prudent ajuiciar [v]
become bitter amargarse [v]
become mean aplebeyarse [v]
become yellow amarillecer [v]
become insured asegurarse [v]
become stormy aborrascarse [v]
become weary aborrecerse [v]
become bored aborrecerse [v]
become warped alabearse [v]
become withered alaciarse [v]
become fleecy (sky) aborregarse [v]
become moth-eaten apolillarse [v]
become lumpy aborujarse [v]
become silly abotagarse [v] fig.
become swollen abotagarse [v]
become inflated abotagarse [v]
become tainted (meat) aladrar [v]
become an ecchymosis aporismarse [v]
become flooded alagarse [v]
become serene aserenarse [v]
become prudent asesarse [v]
become an abscess apostemarse [v]
become dry alandrearse [v]
become blanched (silk-worms) alandrearse [v]
become stiff alandrearse [v]
become terrified amedrentarse [v]
become frightened amedrentarse [v]
become despicable adocenarse [v]
become embellished adonizarse [v]
become prolonged alargarse [v]
become longer alargarse [v]
become lazy abribonarse [v]
become american americanizarse [v]
become a rascal abribonarse [v] rare
become frightened alarmarse [v]
become alarmed alarmarse [v]
become friends amigarse [v]
become cowed amilanarse [v]
become terrified amilanarse [v]
become acquainted amistarse [v]
become friends amistarse [v]
become reconciled amistarse [v]
become distinguished by certain talents adornarse [v]
become fretful amohinar [v]
become annoyed amohinarse [v]
become foggy abrumarse [v]
become peevish amohinarse [v]
become dried up amojamarse [v]
become destroyed by the easterly wind asolanarse [v]
become absorbed abstraerse [v]
become sunburnt asolearse [v]
become visible asomarse [v]
become livid/purple-coloured amoratarse [v]
become stupefied through eating morga amorgarse [v]
become adulterated adulterarse [v]
become corrupted adulterarse [v]
become brutish embrutecerse [v]
become brutish aburrarse [v]
become sore through much walking aspearse [v]
become associated adunarse [v]
become happy alborozarse [v]
become vexed amostazarse [v]
become exhausted acabarse [v]
become like a pumpkin/gourd acalabazarse [v]
become brutish acalabazarse [v] fig.
become hollow ampollarse [v]
become blistered ampollarse [v]
become feverish acalenturarse [v]
become bulb-like ampollar [v]
become chapped aquebrazarse [v] rare
become cracked (hands) aquebrazarse [v] ARA
become sly acamastronarse [v] PE
become crafty acamastronarse [v] PE
become cunning acamastronarse [v] PE
become affected with murrain amurriarse [v] HN
become melancholic/sullen amurriarse [v]
become a ruffian acanallarse [v]
become renowned afamarse [v]
become fond of a place or person aquerenciarse [v]
become faulty afearse [v]
become impaired afearse [v]
become rigid and excessively formal acartonarse [v] MX HN BO CL AR UY
become fond of acaserarse [v]
become a regular customer acaserarse [v] CL PE
become dispirited alebronarse [v]
become frightened alebrarse [v]
become weak afeminarse [v]
become feeble afeminarse [v]
become wrinkled ararse [v] fig.
become furrowed ararse [v]
become dazed atalantarse [v]
become bewildered atalantarse [v] disused
become stunned atalantarse [v]
become bail/security for afianzar [v]
become embarrassed atarse [v]
become perplexed atarse [v]
become bewildered atarantarse [v]
become stunned atarantarse [v]
become covered with mire atarquinarse [v]
become acid acedarse [v]
become displeased acedarse [v]
become stupid alelarse [v]
become vexed acedarse [v]
become inspired alentarse [v]
become encouraged alentarse [v]
become vexed atediarse [v]
become bored atediarse [v]
become tired atediarse [v]
become polished afinar [v]
become cloudy aneblarse [v]
become terrified at/of/by something atemorizarse de/por algo [v]
become imbecile aneciarse [v]
become flooded anegarse [v]
become submerged anegarse [v]
become soaked anegarse [v]
become wet anegarse [v]
become lethargic aletargarse [v]
become fermented aleudarse [v]
become fistulous afistularse [v]
become obscured atenebrarse (lenguaje poético) [v]
become agitated or consumed by some passion arderse [v]
become despondent afligirse [v]
become soft afofarse [v]
become scorched afogararse [v]
become irritated/distressed afogararse [v]
become thin alfeñicarse [v] rare
become terrified aterrorizarse [v]
become frightened aterrorizarse [v]
become hard/stiff atiesarse [v]
become jaundiced acetrinarse [v]
become melancholy acetrinarse [v]
become dark anieblarse [v]
become foolish anieblarse [v] AND
become cloudy anieblarse [v]
become frenchified agabachar [v] derog.
become emaciated arguellarse [v] rare
become arid aridecerse [v]
become mildewed (of corn) alheñarse [v]
become stupefied atolondrarse [v]
become confused atolondrarse [v]
become giddy atolondrarse [v]
become allied aliarse [v]
become emaciated aniquilarse [v]
become dull atontarse [v]
become stupid atontarse [v]
become confused atontarse [v]
become dark at nightfall anochecerse [v]
become deprived of light anochecer (lenguaje poético) [v]
become agitated atormentarse [v]
become broody aclocarse [v]
become intimidated atortolarse [v]
become a partisan of a germanía agermanarse [v]
become harassed atosigarse [v]
become worried atosigare [v]
become allied aligarse [v] rare
become united aligarse [v] rare
become exaggerated agigantarse [v]
become extraordinary agigantarse [v]
become lighter aligerarse [v]
become nimble agilitarse [v]
become active agilitarse [v]
become covetous acodiciarse [v]
become gipsy-like agitanarse [v]
become trapped atramparse [v]
become agitated agitarse [v]
become blocked up (drain) atramparse (conducto) [v]
become disturbed agitarse [v]
become snared atramparse [v]
become excited agitarse [v]
become choked atramparse [v]
become bolted (door) atramparse [v]
become blocked up atrancarse [v]
become blocked up obstruirse [v]
become agglomerated aglomerarse [v]
become frightened acollonarse [v]
become warped acombarse [v]
become weak aliquebrarse [v]
become smooth alisarse [v]
become polished alisarse [v]
become lighter aliviarse [v]
become relieved aliviarse [v]
become parched agostarse [v]
become scorched agostarse [v]
be/become vexed atribularse [v]
become rooted arraigarse [v]
become thin/sparse arralar [v]
become exhausted agotarse [v]
become covered in sand through floods arramblarse [v]
become vexed acongojarse [v]
become grieved acongojarse [v]
become antiquated anticuarse [v]
become old-fashioned anticuarse [v]
become/get sea-sick almadiarse [v]
become antiquated antiguarse [v] disused
become out of date antiguarse [v] disused
become grain-shaped agranujarse [v]
inhale or become suffocated by deleterious vapors atufarse [v]
become worse agravarse [v]
become graver agravarse [v]
become stale (fruits) acorcharse [v]
become torpid acorcharse [v] fig.
become dazed aturdirse [v]
become stupefied aturdirse [v]
become perturbed aturdirse [v]
become bewildered aturdirse [v]
become amazed aturdirse [v]
become stunned aturdirse [v]
become confused aturrullarse [v]
become uniform acordar [v]
become burnt arrebatarse [v]
become overcooked arrebatarse [v]
become added agregarse [v]
become united agregarse [v]
become numb arrecirse [v]
become round redondearse [v]
become terrified arredrarse [v]
become greyish agrisarse [v]
become accustomed to acostumbrarse [v]
become fond of arregostarse [v]
become cloudy anublarse [v]
become united aunarse [v]
become confederated aunarse [v]
become clotted agrumarse [v]
become determined arremangarse [v]
become knotted anudarse [v]
become joined anudarse [v]
become flooded aguacharse [v]
become coagulated (milk) arrequesonarse [v]
become curdled (milk) arrequesonarse [v]
become twisted añascarse [v] disused
become entangled añascarse [v] disused
become sweet alojarse [v]
become suave alojarse [v]
become stale añejarse [v]
become lengthened alongarse [v] disused
become flooded arriarse [v]
become inundated aguarse [v]
become knotted añudarse [v]
become tied añudarse [v]
become marshy aguazarse [v]
become excited apacentarse [v]
become calm apaciguarse [v]
become inured to war, hardships aguerrir [v] disused
become fordable avadarse [v] outdated
become agreeable arrisarse [v]
become pleasant arrisarse [v] disused
become extinguished apagarse [v]
become stale (fruit) avanecerse [v]
become altered alterarse [v]
become angry alterarse [v]
become disturbed alterarse [v]
become flooded apantanarse [v]
become inundated apantanarse [v]
become a vassal avasallarse [v]
become subject avasallarse [v]
become full of holes agujerearse [v]
become overcast aparatarse [v] CO
become inflated aventarse [v]
become damaged averiarse [v]
become insolent avilantarse [v]
become sour avinagrarse [v]
become infuriated desencadenarse [v]
become peevish avisparse [v]
become lively avisparse [v]
become comforted consolarse [v]
become resigned consolarse [v]
become milder desenconarse [v]
become anxious azararse [v]
become alarmed azararse [v]
become reciprocal fathers or mothers-in-law consuegrar [v] rare
become salivated azogarse [v]
become obstructed azolvarse [v]
become choked azolvarse [v]
become anxious azorarse [v]
become agitated azorarse [v]
become excited azorarse [v]
become drowsy from heaviness azorrarse [v]
become perverted contagiarse [v]
become extinct caducar [v]
become superannuated caducar [v]
become infected by contaminarse [v]
become low-spirited caerse [v]
become disfigured desfigurarse [v]
become equal (horse's teeth) cerrar [v]
become cicatrized cerrarse [v]
become reluctant/unwilling desganarse [v]
become hoarse from bawling or screaming desgargantarse [v]
become dull desafilarse [v]
become blunt desafilarse [v]
become crippled desgraciarse [v]
become heated (vegetables) calamonarse [v] rare
become crippled deshacerse [v]
become soaked calarse [v]
become wet through calarse [v]
become crippled baldarse [v] disused
become maimed baldarse [v]
become lean chuparse [v]
become emaciated chuparse [v]
become heated caldearse [v]
become welded caldearse [v]
become disillusioned desilusionarse [v]
become demagnetized desimantarse [v]
become angry calentarse [v]
become muted callarse [v]
become hurt dañarse [v]
become damaged dañarse [v]
become injured dañarse [v]
become pacified calmarse [v]
become soothed calmarse [v]
become soothed serenarse [v]
become calm calmearse [v]
become pulverized cineficarse [v] outdated
become sad contristarse [v]
become grieved contristarse [v]
become uneasy conturbarse [v]
become agitated conturbarse [v]
become anxious conturbarse [v]
become convinced convencerse [v]
become assured convencerse [v]
become weak debilitarse [v]
become feeble debilitarse [v]
become unworthy or undeserving of desmerecer [v]
become moderate callar (lenguaje poético) [v]
become converted convertirse [v]
become demoralized desmoralizarse [v]
become uneven/out of level desnivelarse [v]
become unsoldered desoldarse [v]
become civilized civilizarse [v]
become unruly desordenarse [v]
become unmanageable (as a horse) desordenarse [v]
become disorganized desorganizarse [v]
become fine (weather) clarearse [v]
become transparent/translucent clarearse [v]
become lame through over-exertion despearse [v]
become bright and smart despejarse [v]
become horror-struck despeluzarse [v]
become useless (the hoof) despezuñarse [v]
become a cancer (ulcers) cancerarse [v]
become deserted despoblarse [v]
become due correr [v]
become unhinged desquiciarse [v]
become coextensive coextenderse [v]
become fatigued cansarse [v]
become demented dementarse [v] rare
become irregular/abnormal destemplarse [v]
become putrid corromperse [v]
become corrupt corromperse [v]
become disturbed demudarse [v]
become blackened denegrecerse [v] rare
become dark denegrecerse [v] rare
become obscured denegrecerse [v]
become stained coinquinarse [v]
become tarnished (fame) coinquinarse [v] disused
become heartbroken destrizarse [v]
become bare denudarse [v]
become denuded denudarse [v]
become separated desunirse [v]
become obsolete desusarse [v]
become debilitated depauperarse [v]
become insipid desvanecerse [v]
become giddy desvanecerse [v]
become liquid colicuarse [v]
become depraved depravarse [v]
become vitiated depravarse [v]
become compressed/depressed deprimirse [v]