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Sens de "bocadillo" dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 48 résultat(s)

Espagnol Anglais
bocadillo [m] sandwich (with spanish bread)
bocadillo [m] sandwich
bocadillo [m] bubble
bocadillo [m] balloon
bocadillo [m] sandwich
bocadillo [m] snack
bocadillo [m] morsel of food
bocadillo [m] speech bubble
bocadillo [m] thin fabric hung between the curtain and
bocadillo [m] long strip
bocadillo [m] ES sandwich
bocadillo [m] speech bubble
bocadillo [m] snack
bocadillo [m] CO VE guava fudge
bocadillo [m] MX GT rur. sweet coconut pastry
bocadillo [m] CO lady finger banana
bocadillo [m] PR finger sandwich
bocadillo [m] CO disused thin linen jacket
bocadillo [m] BO canape
bocadillo [m] CO VE guava candy
bocadillo [m] CO variety of small banana that is eaten raw
bocadillo [m] BO snacks
bocadillo [m] PR ham and cheese sandwich
bocadillo [m] CO disused suit of a light-colored jacket and dark trousers
bocadillo [m] thin kind of linen
bocadillo [m] bit
bocadillo [m] morsel
bocadillo [m] narrow ribbon/tape
bocadillo [m] early luncheon given to labourers
bocadillo [m] VE CO guava jelly wrapped in banana leaves
bocadillo [m] MX coconut preserve
bocadillo [m] CU sweet potato jelly
bocadillo [m] tape
bocadillo [m] sarny [uk]
bocadillo [m] butty [uk]
bocadillo [m] EC PE guava candy
bocadillo [m] VE ticholo
bocadillo [m] VE solid banana candy
bocadillo [m] EC PE goiabada
bocadillo [m] CO VE banana-wrapped sweet of compacted guava
bocadillo [m] MX GT sweet made of milk, egg, sugar and coconut
bocadillo [m] EC PE solidified sweet made with guava, coconut or milk
bocadillo [m] VE solidified sweet made with banana
bocadillo [m] guava jelly
bocadillo [m] guava candy
bocadillo [m] bit
bocadillo [m] part
bocadillo [m] ferret

Sens de "bocadillo" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 26 résultat(s)

Espagnol Anglais
bocadillo (cómics) [f] bubble
de dos pisos (autobús/bocadillo/sándwich) [adj] double-deck
de dos pisos (autobús/bocadillo/sándwich) [adj] doubledeck
bocadillo de tocino [m] bacon sanger
bocadillo de tocino [m] bacon butty
plátano bocadillo [m] CO:C,Sw variety of banana
no poder intercalar un bocadillo [v] can't get a word in edgeways
no poder meter un bocadillo [v] not get a word in edgeways
bocadillo para después de la escuela. after-school snack
bocadillo para después de la escuela after-school snack
bocadillo veleño [m] CO colombian guava candy
bocadillo veleño [m] CO sweet obtained from the mixture of guava and sugar (typical of the colombian city of vélez)
bocadillo de jamón de york ham sandwich
bocadillo de butifarra sausage sandwich
bocadillo de bacón (con queso) bacon sandwich (with cheese)
bocadillo vegetal vegetable sandwich
bocadillo de jamón (serrano) ham sandwich
bocadillo de chorizo chorizo sandwich
bocadillo de lomo (con queso) loin of pork sandwich (with cheese)
bocadillo frío cold sandwich
bocadillo de queso cheese sandwich
bocadillo caliente hot sandwich
bocadillo de atún tuna sandwich
bocadillo de tortilla omelette sandwich
bocadillo de paté pâté sandwich
bocadillo de fuet dried sausage sandwich