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Sens de "dealing" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 26 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
dealing compraventa [f]
dealing reparto (naipes) [m]
dealing traficante [adj]
dealing concesionario [adj]
dealing marchante [adj]
dealing relación [f]
dealing transacción [f]
dealing trafagante [adj] disused
dealing negociante [m/f]
dealing conducta [f]
dealing comunicación [f]
dealing el proceder [m]
dealing comportamiento [m]
dealing modo de proceder [m]
dealing tráfico [m]
dealing acuerdo [m]
dealing gestión [f]
dealing comercio [m]
dealing operaciones en bolsa
dealing gestión [f]
dealing operación [f]
dealing venta [f]
dealing distribución [f]
dealing negocio [m]
dealing trato [m]
Fire Fighting
dealing reparto [m]

Sens de "dealing" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 128 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
drug dealing narcotraficante [m]
drug dealing narcotráfico [m]
dealing with acudimiento [m]
fair dealing honradez [f]
a branch of microbiology dealing with the study of viruses and viral disease virología [f]
the turn that involves giving or dealing cards (in the card game cuarenta, national card game of ecuador) data [f] EC
indecision or contradiction when dealing with someone else contumeria [f] HN SV
art dealing compraventa de arte [f]
dealing with the display of numerical values digital [adj]
pertaining to the politics of drug dealing narcopolítico [adj]
reserved and avoids dealing with others estepario [adj] CL cult
charming in dealing with others honey (inglés) [adj] US HN teen
dealing drugs mocoso [adj] SV drug
drug dealing narcomenudeo [m] MX
body of law dealing with private relations derecho civil [m]
art dealing negocio del arte [m]
art dealing negocio de arte [m]
art dealing comercio de arte [m]
drug dealing narcomenudeo [m] MX
division of botany dealing with grasses agrostografía [f]
popular andalusian song dealing with prisoner's tribulations carcelera [f]
double-dealing disimulación [f]
science dealing with idols idolología [f]
dealing in interest logrería [f]
dealing in eggs, poultry for resale recova [f]
horse dealing chalán [adj]
double-dealing doble [m]
petty dealing chalaneo [m]
cards left in the pack after dealing monte [m]
trick in card-dealing pastel [m]
double-dealing doblez [m/f]
horse dealing chalana [adj/f]
honest dealing buena fe [f]
plain dealing buena fe [f]
plain-dealing buena fe [f]
plain-dealing sinceridad [f]
square dealing buena fe [f]
square dealing honradez en los tratos [f]
plain-dealing sincero [adj]
plain-dealing franco [adj]
double-dealing trato doble [m]
honest dealing proceder leal [m]
plain-dealing sincera [adj/f]
plain-dealing franca [adj/f]
be tired of dealing with someone estar chino [v] GT HN
dealing drugs traficar drogas
you don't know who you're dealing with no sabes con quién estás tratando
we don't know what we're dealing with here no sabemos con qué estamos tratando aquí
we got no idea what we're dealing with here no tenemos idea de a qué nos estamos enfrentando aquí
double dealing fallutería [f]
drug dealing falopa  [f] AR
know who one is dealing with conocer a su gente [v]
engage in double-dealing actuar a dos caras [v]
double-dealing cucufato [adj] SCN
drug dealing narco [m/f]
double-dealing a dos caras
be an annoying person (especially when dealing with a woman) ser un colchón sin bastas [v]
drug dealing traficar de drogas ilícitas
insider dealing comercio de iniciado
dealing room sala de negociación
dealing (on the stock exchange) operaciones en bolsa
fair dealing prácticas comerciales justas
dealing (stock exchange) operaciones en bolsa
foul dealing trato con mala fe
insider dealing información privilegiada
exclusive dealing venta en exclusiva
dealing room sala de mercado
exchange dealing operación bursátil
exclusive dealing contract contrato de comercio en exclusiva
fair dealing trato justo
fair dealing negociación justa
exclusive dealing contract contrato de comercio en exclusiva
after-hours dealing transacciones bursátiles después de las horas usuales
after-market dealing transacciones bursátiles después de las horas usuales
equitable dealing trato equitativo
post-market dealing transacciones bursátiles después de las horas usuales
pre-market dealing transacciones bursátiles antes de las horas usuales
exclusive dealing arrangement acuerdo de comercio en exclusiva
double-dealing trato doble
fair dealing negociación justa
fair dealing trato justo
self-dealing negocio consigo mismo
margin dealing crédito al mercado
over-the-counter dealing transacción extrabursátil
insider dealing transacciones basadas en información
insider dealing operaciones basadas en información privilegiada
double dealing duplicidad [f]
self-dealing autocontratación [f]
self-dealing autocontrato [m]
good faith and fair dealing lealtad contractual
course of dealing conducta anterior
good faith and fair dealing buena fe y lealtad negocial
agent’s dealing acto de gestión
exclusive dealing contract contrato de comercio en exclusiva
exclusive dealing contrato de exclusividad
arms dealing tráfico de armas
insider dealing operaciones de iniciado
fair dealing negociación justa
equitable dealing trato equitativo
fair dealing trato justo
drug dealing tráfico de drogas
duty of good faith and fair dealing obligación de buena fe y de negociación equilibrada
power dealing tráfico de influencias
self-dealing contrato consigo mismo
International Law
agent’s dealing acto de gestión
exclusive dealing arrangement contrato de exclusividad
insider dealing comercio de iniciado
fair dealing probidad [f]
fair dealing lealtad [f]
fair dealing buena fe
fair dealing de buena fe
contango dealing operación de reporte
dealing room sala de operaciones
a branch of botany dealing with algae algología [f]
a branch of botany dealing with algae ficología [f]
a branch of philosophy dealing with the study of knowledge gnoseología [f]
a branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of trauma traumatología [f]
a branch of biology dealing with microorganisms microbiología [f]
a branch of medicine dealing with the kidneys nefrología [f]
a branch of medicine dealing with the nervous system and its disorders neurología [f]
a branch of medicine dealing with animals medicina veterinaria
General Medicine
fair dealing honrado [adj]
part of anatomy dealing with the glands adenología [f]
good faith and fair dealing buena fe y trato honesto
death dealing weapon arma mortífera
unstaffed station dealing with passengers la parada
death-dealing weapon arma mortífera
popular dance celebrated on new years or three kings day in which the dancers wear colonial costumes and masks that represent spanish governors, which they make fun of with ridiculous poses and simulate dealing out justice huaconada [f] PE