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Sens de "elegant" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 119 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
elegant elegante [adj]
elegant fino [adj]
elegant distinguido [adj]
elegant adamado [adj]
elegant aflorado [adj]
elegant airoso [adj]
elegant pichi [adj]
elegant apuesto [adj]
elegant tilinte [adj] AMER
elegant atildado [adj]
elegant galano [adj]
elegant gallardo [adj]
elegant garboso [adj]
elegant garifo [adj]
elegant gentil [adj]
elegant brioso [adj]
elegant guapo [adj]
elegant distinguida [adj/f]
elegant adamada [adj/f]
elegant aflorada [adj/f]
elegant airosa [adj/f]
elegant apuesta [adj/f]
elegant atildada [adj/f]
elegant galana [adj/f]
elegant gallarda [adj/f]
elegant garbosa [adj/f]
elegant garifa [adj/f]
elegant briosa [adj/f]
elegant guapa [adj/f]
elegant aseado [adj]
elegant ameno [adj]
elegant ático [adj]
elegant crespo [adj]
elegant bonito [adj]
elegant culto [adj]
elegant donairoso [adj]
elegant galante [adj]
elegant garabatoso [adj] rare
elegant florido [adj]
elegant primoroso [adj]
elegant limpio [adj]
elegant garrido [adj]
elegant primorosa [adj/f]
elegant donairosa [adj/f]
elegant limpia [adj/f]
elegant amena [adj/f]
elegant aseada [adj/f]
elegant crespa [adj/f]
elegant florida [adj/f]
elegant ática [adj/f]
elegant culta [adj/f]
elegant garabatosa [adj/f] rare
elegant garrida [adj/f]
elegant bonita [adj/f]
elegant adamado [adj]
elegant airoso [adj]
elegant chic [adj]
elegant cachaco [adj] CO
elegant caché (francés) [adj] MX GT NI DO BO
elegant chancle [adj] GT
elegant chuchi [adj] PY
elegant fancy (inglés) [adj] US PR
elegant catrín [adj] CR disused
elegant catrín [adj] MX GT HN SV NI
elegant gambeto [adj] PA rur.
elegant copero [adj] UY
elegant dominguero [adj] CO disused
elegant dominguero [adj] CU rare
elegant dominguero [adj] GT PA VE BO
elegant macanudo [adj] BO
elegant macanudo [adj] CU rare
elegant emperchado [adj] CU DO VE
elegant emperiquetao [adj] DO
elegant empilchado [adj] PE BO AR
elegant encatrinado [adj] MX SV DO
elegant paquete [adj] PE BO PY AR UY
elegant planchado [adj] GT
elegant pinteado [adj] CL
elegant pinto [adj] CO
elegant titino [adj] CO:W
elegant piquetero [adj] HN
elegant pirulo [adj] CL
elegant picudo [adj] MX
elegant pollo [adj] MX GT PA
elegant pomadoso [adj] MX
elegant pomadoso [adj] MX
elegant tuchi [adj] PR teen
elegant titino [adj] CO:W
elegant trajeado [adj] BO
elegant chancla [adj/f] GT
elegant emperiquetá [adj/f] DO
elegant curro [adj] rare
elegant currutaco [adj] rare
elegant bien entrazado [adj]
elegant aniñado [adj] EC
elegant fachoso [adj] EC:S PE AR
elegant garreado [adj] US
elegant jullero [adj] AR disused rur.
elegant encachinado [adj] EC:W
elegant palto [adj] CL child
elegant paltón [adj] CL
elegant pípiris [adj] MX
elegant pípiris nais [adj] MX
elegant pintoso [adj] CO CL
elegant pintoso [adj] HN teen
elegant popof (inglés pop off) [adj] MX GT NI CR PA DO PR
elegant supicucú [adj] PA
elegant supicucu [adj] PA
elegant tuti [adj] PY
elegant tiza [adj] PE
elegant curra [adj/f] rare
elegant currutaca [adj/f] rare
elegant de dedo parado [loc/adj] CO
elegant de dominguear [loc/adj] CR CO
elegant de buen gusto [adj]
elegant muñeca de burro [adj] CO:N
elegant cuico CL
elegant jarifo [adj]
elegant jarifa [adj/f]

Sens de "elegant" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 118 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
be elegant vestir [v]
tall and elegant stature esbeltez [f]
tall and elegant stature esbelteza [f] disused
become polished/elegant pulirse [v]
elegant (writer) aticista [adj]
affectedly elegant/nice alindado [adj]
affectedly elegant culto [adj]
not elegant grosero [adj]
concise and elegant expression aticismo [m]
elegant carriage garbo [m]
elegant speaker/writer hablista [m/f]
affectedly elegant/nice alindada [adj/f]
affectedly elegant culta [adj/f]
not elegant grosera [adj/f]
elegant attire apitucada [f] CL
elegant and expensive imitation jewelry bambalina fina [f] EC
elegant woman entacada (de taco) [f] PR
beautiful, attractive, and elegant woman muñeca [f] DO
something elegant, refined or tasteful paquetería [f] AR UY
attitude of someone wanting to appear elegant pituquería [f] PE CL
young and elegant person pepilla [f] CU DO
elegant and beautiful young woman potranca [f] PR UY GT HN NI rur.
elegant and beautiful young woman potranca [f] DO
smart or elegant guapo [adj]
elegant and attractive caché (francés) [adj] MX GT NI PE BO
elegant (person) churro [adj] AR UY
elegant (thing) chorro [adj] HN teen
elegant (clothing or footwear) formal [adj] GT HN NI CR DO PR EC BO
elegant and expensive (place or object) ficho [adj] PE
elegant or refined but actually ridiculous firulístico [adj] DO PR
elegant (person) cobeado [adj] CU
elegant-looking elegantioso [adj] PE rare
very elegant elegantón [adj] CU DO
elegant-looking elegantoso [adj] PE
appearing elegant elegantioso [adj] PE rare
appearing elegant elegantoso [adj] PE
very elegant pituco [adj] CL PY AR UY
very elegant pituqueli [adj] CL
dance to lively music where the couples are joined only by the arms, which are extended and intertwined in order to form elegant and provocative poses alza que te han visto [m] EC
article of clothing, typically elegant chaine (del inglés shine) [m] CR rare
attractive and elegant man galansote [m] DO VE
elegant man hombrote [m] PR
elegant suit dominguero [m] DO
elegant man martín [m] DO
elegant man papucho [m] CR
elegant man papucho [m] MX HN NI child
elegant man papurri [m] NI child
young and elegant person pepillo [m] CU DO
elegant and arrogant man vitoco [m] VE
very elegant and attractive de caché [loc/adj] DO PA
very elegant and attractive de caché [loc/adj] CU disused
elegant and nonviolent (person) de cuello blanco [loc/adj] VE BO
elegant and wealthy person corbatuda [f] BO derog.
elegant garment pilcha [f] PE BO PY
new elegant clothes pinta [f] CO BO
very gay, elegant/spruce peripuesto [adj]
very elegant cajetilla [adj] AR
very elegant cantor [adj] AR rur.
moderately elegant elegantioso [adj] DO
elegant meal cenorrio [m]
elegant and wealthy person corbatudo [m] BO derog.
elegant clothes empilche [m] AR UY
elegant and well-dressed man muñeco de torta [m] VE
elegant man who dresses in the latest fashion taco [m] CU DO
elegant person with good manners fifí [m/f] PY
very gay, elegant/spruce peripuesta [adj/f]
very elegant de tiros largos
invite guests to one's home for a hearty or elegant meal estar de mantel largo [v] EC
have guests at home for an abundant or elegant meal estar de manteles largos [v] MX GT SV
be elegant ponerse el de bajar al pueblo [v] GT
be elegant ponerse la hebra [v] CO:N
be elegant ponerse la percha [v] CO:N rare
be elegant ponerse la pinta [v] CO
be elegant estar con la pinta puesta [v] CO
an elegant sufficiency abundante comida
(ridiculously) elegant in excess como burro en cabalgata
very handsome or elegant más bonito que un san luis
elegant program programa elegante
elegant tern charrán elegante
elegant solution solución elegante
Marine Biology
elegant paradise fish barbudo paraíso elegante
elegant bobtail squid sepieta elegante
kapuas elegant paradise fish barbudo paraíso de kapuas
elegant cuttlefish sepia elegante
elegant trogon (trogon elegans) aura [f] PR
elegant trogon (trogon elegans) aurora [f] MX GT SV
elegant trogon (trogon elegans) aurora [f] MX GT SV
elegant crested-tinamou copetona [f] AR
elegant euphonia monjita [f] HN SV NI
elegant crested tinamou martineta [f] AR
elegant crested tinamou perdiz copetona [f] CL
elegant trogon trogón elegante
elegant quail colín elegante
elegant mourner cotinga elegante
elegant crescentchest pecholuna elegante
elegant tern charrán elegante
elegant honeyeater mielero elegante
elegant imperial pigeon dúcula coliazul
elegant woodcreeper trepatroncos elegante
elegant sunbird suimanga elegante
elegant tit carbonero elegante
elegant crested tinamou martineta común
elegant euphonia eufonia elegante
elegant parrot periquito elegante
elegant pitta pita elegante
elegant solution solución elegante
elegant galago abolí [m]
elegant bobtail globito descuidado
elegant fat-tailed opossum marmosa elegante
elegant galago gálago elegante
elegant needle-clawed galago gálago elegante
elegant fat-tailed mouse opossum marmosa elegante
elegant coral snake serpiente coralillo elegante
elegant wine vino elegante
elegant zinnia mulata [f] GT
elegant zinnia virginia [f] MX
elegant zinnia zinnia [f] GT CL
elegant zinnia mal de ojo [m] MX