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Sens de "ingenuous" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 215 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
ingenuous ingenuo [adj]
ingenuous inocente [adj]
ingenuous ingenua [adj/f]
ingenuous cándido [adj]
ingenuous cándida [adj/f]
ingenuous abombado [adj] NI CR DO AR UY
ingenuous boquirrubio [adj]
ingenuous cándido [adj]
ingenuous bolsiflai [adj] CL
ingenuous boludo [adj] VE
ingenuous bolsiflai [adj] AR:Nw
ingenuous huevón [adj] VE
ingenuous cachirulo [adj] AR UY derog.
ingenuous congo [adj] PA
ingenuous jaibo [adj] CR
ingenuous jilote [adj] HN
ingenuous jilotón [adj] HN
ingenuous jolote [adj] HN
ingenuous jolotón [adj] HN rur.
ingenuous jorjón [adj] HN:C
ingenuous lambestaca [adj] PR
ingenuous lele [adj] SV
ingenuous lentejo [adj] MX HN SV NI derog.
ingenuous leso [adj] CL
ingenuous letongo [adj] NI
ingenuous levudo [adj] BO
ingenuous lolo [adj] SV
ingenuous lumbo [adj] HN NI
ingenuous mae [adj] CR
ingenuous magallanes [adj] UY rare
ingenuous majano [adj] SV
ingenuous maje [adj] MX GT HN SV NI CR
ingenuous mamón [adj] HN
ingenuous mamposta [adj] DO
ingenuous mangungo [adj] HN:N,C
ingenuous dunduneco [adj] HN
ingenuous enquimbado [adj] CO
ingenuous aguacatón [adj] NI GT HN
ingenuous ajolotado [adj] HN SV
ingenuous lumbo [adj] HN NI
ingenuous patastón [adj] HN NI
ingenuous tuntuneco [adj] HN NI
ingenuous orejón [adj] HN CR
ingenuous oparrón [adj] AR derog.
ingenuous matute [adj] NI PY
ingenuous maule (inglés marble) [adj] HN
ingenuous mediomudo [adj] GT derog.
ingenuous menso [adj] CR UY rare
ingenuous menso [adj] EC PA CO BO AR derog.
ingenuous menso [adj] MX GT HN SV NI DO PR
ingenuous menso [adj] PE CL derog.
ingenuous merelete [adj] NI
ingenuous mingo [adj] CU
ingenuous mogo [adj] PA derog.
ingenuous mongo [adj] UY derog.
ingenuous morón [adj] PA PR derog.
ingenuous movido [adj] SV
ingenuous muelón [adj] SV
ingenuous nabo [adj] BO AR UY
ingenuous ñango [adj] PR derog.
ingenuous ñangué [adj] PR
ingenuous ñengue [adj] PR derog.
ingenuous ñeñe [adj] DO PR
ingenuous noneco [adj] CR disused
ingenuous noneco [adj] NI derog.
ingenuous novato [adj] MX rur.
ingenuous nayo [adj] SV
ingenuous ñoco [adj] NI
ingenuous ñoñeco [adj] NI
ingenuous misto [adj] UY rare
ingenuous peje [adj] GT SV
ingenuous pellejo [adj] SV
ingenuous penitente [adj] MX EC
ingenuous pichiruchi [adj] AR
ingenuous pichorcha [adj] NI
ingenuous pinacate [adj] MX
ingenuous pitudo [adj] GT
ingenuous reinaldo [adj] NI teen
ingenuous shunsho [adj] EC
ingenuous simbombo [adj] CU derog.
ingenuous sofero [adj] HN:C teen
ingenuous sonconeto [adj] HN rur.
ingenuous sonso [adj] BO disused
ingenuous sonso [adj] MX GT HN SV NI CU DO VE EC PE UY
ingenuous sonsobélico [adj] CU
ingenuous sópete [adj] HN:N,E,W derog.
ingenuous soroilo [adj] SV rur.
ingenuous sorompo [adj] HN rur.
ingenuous soropeto [adj] HN
ingenuous tapa [adj] EC derog.
ingenuous tarado [adj] MX SV NI DO EC PE BO CL UY
ingenuous tarailo [adj] HN SV
ingenuous taraleco [adj] NI
ingenuous aguabinado [adj] DO
ingenuous tareco [adj] NI
ingenuous tarodo [adj] NI teen
ingenuous tarudo [adj] SV derog.
ingenuous tarúpido [adj] EC CL UY AR disused
ingenuous tarúpido [adj] GT HN SV NI derog.
ingenuous terencio [adj] SV
ingenuous terengo [adj] HN SV
ingenuous tetudo [adj] PE derog.
ingenuous tilingo [adj] PY AR UY derog.
ingenuous tolongo [adj] PY AR:Ne
ingenuous torreja [adj] PE
ingenuous totoreco [adj] GT SV
ingenuous tureca [adj] PR derog.
ingenuous turelo [adj] SV
ingenuous turenco [adj] HN SV
ingenuous turuleco [adj] HN
ingenuous tuturunto [adj] SV
ingenuous vereco [adj] HN SV
ingenuous verraco [adj] CU
ingenuous vichenzo [adj] AR
ingenuous yuyo [adj] HN
ingenuous zampaguabas [adj] CR
ingenuous zamuro [adj] DO derog.
ingenuous zanahoria [adj] PE AR UY
ingenuous zanahoria [adj] AR UY
ingenuous zapallito [adj] AR child
ingenuous zipote [adj] NI VE
ingenuous zonzo [adj] MX GT HN SV NI CU DO PR VE PE BO PY AR UY
ingenuous zonzón [adj] PE BO rare
ingenuous zonzón [adj] PY
ingenuous zonzoneco [adj] CR disused
ingenuous zonzoreco [adj] HN NI CR
ingenuous zope [adj] MX
ingenuous zópilo [adj] MX disused
ingenuous zorailón [adj] HN derog.
ingenuous zorenco [adj] GT HN SV
ingenuous zorimbo [adj] MX
ingenuous zoropeto [adj] HN
ingenuous zuruma [adj] PR derog.
ingenuous zurumbo [adj] SV NI
ingenuous cipote [adj] VE
ingenuous virote [adj] VE derog.
ingenuous boluda [adj/f] VE
ingenuous huevona [adj/f] VE
ingenuous claro [adj]
ingenuous candoroso [adj]
ingenuous franco [adj]
ingenuous natural [adj]
ingenuous simple [adj]
ingenuous sincero [adj]
ingenuous sencillo [adj]
ingenuous candorosa [adj/f]
ingenuous clara [adj/f]
ingenuous sencilla [adj/f]
ingenuous sincera [adj/f]
ingenuous franca [adj/f]
ingenuous real [adj]
ingenuous sangre de puerco [adj] PR rur.
ingenuous juan bobo [adj] NI DO
ingenuous juan bobos [adj] NI DO
ingenuous juan caballo [adj] GT SV
ingenuous renco del morro [m] HN
ingenuous huamán [adj] PE rare
ingenuous huevinche [adj] PE rare
ingenuous jiquerón [adj] CO:W derog.
ingenuous lencho [adj] NI teen
ingenuous lerendo [adj] MX rare
ingenuous leso [adj] AR UY disused
ingenuous leso [adj] BO
ingenuous dureli [adj] CL AR
ingenuous lonyi [adj] CL AR UY
ingenuous lonyipietro [adj] AR UY
ingenuous mermelada [adj] CL
ingenuous mongo [adj] PE CL PY derog.
ingenuous monse [adj] PE
ingenuous mudo [adj] GT EC derog.
ingenuous pelotudo [adj] CO EC CL derog.
ingenuous pelotudo [adj] PE BO derog.
ingenuous penco [adj] GT HN derog.
ingenuous pendango [adj] DO PR derog.
ingenuous pendejo [adj] MX GT HN SV NI PA CU DO CO VE EC BO PY derog.
ingenuous pendiolo [adj] CO rare
ingenuous perno [adj] CL
ingenuous pingo [adj] CO:Ne derog.
ingenuous soreco [adj] MX SV
ingenuous talegón [adj] PE:E
ingenuous tapado [adj] CO VE EC BO derog.
ingenuous tapara [adj] VE:W
ingenuous taparo [adj] VE:W
ingenuous tatala [adj] BO:W
ingenuous tembo [adj] CO:Sw derog.
ingenuous tetelememe [adj] PE disused
ingenuous tetelemeque [adj] PE rur.
ingenuous toche [adj] CO:Ne VE
ingenuous tompiate [adj] MX
ingenuous tontiaco [adj] CL
ingenuous troilo [adj] CO derog.
ingenuous venancio [adj] SV
ingenuous virote [adj] VE
ingenuous yanga [adj] AR:Nw rur.
ingenuous yiyo [adj] SV
ingenuous zoilo [adj] CO:W teen
ingenuous zonconeto [adj] HN rur.
ingenuous buenas peras [adj] CL
ingenuous mermelada de huevas [adj] CL derog.
ingenuous caído del tapanco [adj] GT
ingenuous mata de huevas [f] CL
ingenuous mata de pelotas [f] CL rare
ingenuous menso [adj] MX
ingenuous majiolo [adj] HN teen derog.
ingenuous majiriulo [adj] SV teen derog.
ingenuous mamado [adj] DO PR derog.
ingenuous marinillo [adj] CO:W derog.
ingenuous dundeco [adj] HN SV NI derog.
ingenuous dundo [adj] GT HN SV NI CR PA DO derog.
ingenuous dundón [adj] HN derog.
ingenuous dundulario [adj] NI derog.
ingenuous opa [adj] BO PY AR UY PE rur.
ingenuous mudo [adj] AR:Nw rur.
ingenuous pelotudo [adj] PY AR UY
ingenuous pendejo [adj] PR UY

Sens de "ingenuous" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 16 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
ingenuous person bebona [f] PE
be ingenuous sonsear [v] CU
ingenuous person bebón [m] PE
ingenuous man lulo [m] SV
ingenuous person alverja [m/f] UY
dumb, ingenuous, or not very sharp person chanta [m/f] UY derog.
be very ingenuous creer en pajaritos preñados [v] PR VE
be ingenuous tener güecho [v] CR disused
be ingenuous tener cabeza de gallina [v] HN NI
ingenuous person cachirula [f] AR UY derog.
person who is dumb, ingenuous, or not very sharp chambona [f] CR PE BO AR
ingenuous person cachirulo [m] AR UY derog.
person who is dumb, ingenuous, or not very sharp chambón [m] CR PE BO AR
ingenuous man lucas [m] HN NI teen
ingenuous person fesa [m/f] AR
ingenuous person farabute [m/f] AR UY