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Sens de "partners" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 6 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
partners socios [m/pl]
partners integrantes [m]
partners integrantes [m/f/pl]
partners marco de fogonadura
partners fogonadura [f]
partners mallete [m/pl]

Sens de "partners" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 57 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
someone that finds suitable marriage partners casamentera [f]
passionate kisses and hugs between a romantic partners apretadera [f] CU
passionate kisses and hugs between a romantic partners apretazón [f] CU
woman who frequently changes partners brincadora [f] CU
police partners patrolling a certain area recorrida [f] PY
become partners convertirse en socios [v]
swing from each others' arms (dance partners) cubanearse [v] DO
constantly change partners loquear [v] PA DO
expressing the order to stop dancing for a while during the cueca traditional andean dance so that the dancing partners can have a drink while interlocking their arms ¡aro! [interj] BO
someone that finds suitable marriage partners casamentero [m]
typical dance carried out between a couple where the partners alternate between dancing together and independently, moving forward and backward in agile and strong movements currulao [m] CO
partners in crime compadrerío [m] BO CL
marbles game played by partners where the marble should hit the opponent's marbles maule al toque y la cuarta [m] HN child
sexual relations between partners chanchadales [m/pl] NI derog.
it is used to express affection for another person, especially between sexual partners bicho [expr] AR UY
used between partners or with small children as a term of endearment chanchito [expr] CL
number of partners número de socios
partners in crime compañeros de crimen
partners in crime compañeros de fechorías
partners program programas asociados
joint stock of two gambling partners vaca [f]
fraudulent company created with the sole purpose of swindling its customers and partners máquina [f] CU CL
woman who is unfaithful to her male romantic partners corona [f] SV BO
sex involving more than two partners cuadro [m] CU
avoid some intermediaries and superior hierarchies and carry out an operation alone by abandoning former partners hacer el puente [v] PE
partners in crime socios para el delito
just love to talk to my partners quisiera hablar con mis socios
partners for life parejas de por vida
we are partners now ahora somos socios
initial flirting between romantic partners guasabeo [m] CU
(for a person) that likes partners considerably younger than him/her baby killer [m/f] PR
person who is frequently unfaithful to their romantic partner, engaging in amorous relationships with other partners cuchi [m/f] BO:C,W derog.
business partners socios de negocios
bilateral partners socios bilaterales
Social Security Terms
social partners interlocutores sociales
trading partners socios comerciales
trading partners países que comercian entre sí
trading partners países que mantienen relaciones comerciales
partners' capital contribution parte social de los socios
receivables from shareholders and partners situaciones transitorias de financiación ES
partnership with capitalist and working partners sociedad de capital e industria
tax profit for partners in a partnership utilidad fiscal empresarial
mutual trust among the partners affectio societatis
Business Law
trading partners socios comerciales
partners in democracy socios de la democracia
Un Social Studies
multiple sex partners parejas sexuales múltiples
casual sex partners pareja sexual ocasional
sexual partners parejas sexuales
parents without partners padres sin pareja
communication partners compañeros de comunicación
Wildlife Management
trading partners asociados comerciales
sailing partners dupla [f] HN SV CR CO PE BO CL UY
sailing partners dupleta [f] CU
popular dance with partners dancing independently chacarera [f] BO AR
final encounter between dance partners on the dance floor coronación [f] AR
dance between partners with interlaced arms to the rhythm of the chamamé chamamé [m] PY AR
old popular dance for partners congo [m] CU EC