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Meanings of "abhauen" with other terms in English German Dictionary : 72 result(s)

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abhauen [v] head for the hills
abhauen [v] bunk
abhauen [v] take to the woods
abhauen [v] run away
abhauen [v] run off
abhauen [v] to take off
abhauen [v] absquatulate
abhauen [v] clear out of
abhauen [v] do a bunk
abhauen [v] do a fade-out
abhauen [v] do a runner
abhauen [v] elope
abhauen mosey
abhauen skip out
abhauen cut and run
abhauen skedaddle
abhauen hew off
abhauen scoot
abhauen sling one's hook
abhauen lam
abhauen make tracks
abhauen slip off
abhauen bug out
abhauen hook
abhauen clear out
abhauen decamp
abhauen take off
abhauen bunk
abhauen [v] beat a retreat
abhauen [v] blow the joint
abhauen [v] bolt out of some place
abhauen [v] break loose
abhauen [v] bunk off
abhauen be in the wind
abhauen [v] bugger off
abhauen [v] escape
abhauen [v] flee
abhauen [v] scram
abhauen [v] scoot
abhauen [v] to scram
abhauen [v] to skedaddle
abhauen [v] to elope
abhauen [v] to scarper
abhauen [v] scarper
abhauen [v] to high tail it
abhauen [v] to split
abhauen [v] to waltz off
abhauen [v] to bolt
abhauen [v] boogie
abhauen [v] buzz off
abhauen buzz off
abhauen skiddoo
abhauen be off
abhauen [v] to cheese
abhauen [v] to sod off
abhauen [v] beat feet
abhauen [v] beat it
abhauen [v] book on out
abhauen [v] bust a move
abhauen [v] bust ass out of
abhauen [v] butt out
abhauen scram
abhauen amscray
abhauen bail out
abhauen clear off
abhauen [v] breeze away
abhauen [v] breeze off
abhauen [v] bug out
abhauen [v] bugger off
abhauen [v] clear out
abhauen [v] clear out of
abhauen [v] clear away

Meanings of "abhauen" in English German Dictionary : 14 result(s)

Almanca İngilizce
jemandes Kopf abhauen [v] chop off someone's head
jemandes Kopf abhauen [v] cut off one's head
abhauen mit walk off with
den Kopf abhauen obtruncate
schnellstens abhauen [v] beat a hasty retreat
(Ich) muss abhauen (I) have to push off
(Ich) muss abhauen (I) have to shove off
(Ich) muss abhauen (I've) got to shove off
(Ich) muss abhauen (I've) got to be shoving off
Mancher küßt die Hand die er abhauen möchte many kiss the hand they wish cut off
etwas abhauen [v] to lop off something
von einem Ort abhauen [v] bust ass out of some place
abhauen von [v] bust out of
von einem Ort abhauen [v] breeze out of some place