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Meanings of "relever" in English French Dictionary : 40 result(s)

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relever [v] pull up
relever [v] help (someone) to stand on their feet
relever [v] stand up
relever [v] heighten
relever [v] increase
relever [v] stand
relever [v] put up
relever [v] lift (up)
relever [v] lift
relever [v] help up
relever [v] right
relever [v] raise
relever [v] raise
relever [v] boost
relever [v] heave
relever [v] elevate
relever [v] read
relever [v] lift
relever [v] cock
relever [v] enhance
relever [v] stand up again
relever [v] aggrandize
relever [v] season
relever [v] heighten
relever [v] upraise
relever [v] rise
relever [v] exalt
relever [v] highlight
relever [v] stand
relever [v] uplift
relever [v] hoist
relever [v] flip up
relever [v] increase
relever [v] set up
relever [v] log
relever [v] recover
relever [v] pick up
relever [v] releve
relever [v] take over from
Bicycle Racing
relever [v] take over from

Meanings of "relever" with other terms in English French Dictionary : 53 result(s)

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relever sur l'arme du crime (empreintes) [v] (one's fingerprints) be on the murder weapon
se relever [v] alight on one's feet
relever de la compétence de quelqu'un [v] fall within the remit of someone
relever le défi [v] fling down the gauntlet
relever le défi to rise to the challenge
relever de ses fonctions dismiss
relever (défi) [v] take up
relever un défi [v] accept a challenge
relever un défi [v] meet a challenge
relever un défi [v] address a challenge
relever un défi [v] take up a challenge
relever un défi [v] answer a challenge
relever de [v] depend on
relever le taux d'intérêt to increase the interest rate
relever de quelqu'un report to someone
relever le taux d'intérêt raise the interest rate
relever les droits de douane to raise tariffs
relever les droits de douane raise tariffs
personne chargée de relever les prix price collector
relever un défi to take up a challenge
relever de la forclusion give leave to proceed out of time
relever de la forclusion extend time for appealing
relever de release from
relever de fall under
relever de be governed by
relever de come within
relever un appel bring an appeal
relever d'office raise of its own motion
relever d'un serment release from an oath
State Law
relever normalement ou ordinairement to be properly or customarily within the scope
relever de la compétence to be carried out and enforced
relever de la compétence to be under the control
relever de to be under the administration of
relever de to be under one's control or direction
relever de la compétence ou de l'autorité to be under the direction or control
relever de l'obligation de se conformer to relieve from compliance
relever d'une autorité religieuse to lie with a religious body or official
relever de la compétence et du contrôle to be under the jurisdiction and control
continuer à relever de la commission to remain under the jurisdiction of the board
relever de toute responsabilité to discharge from all liability
International Law
conférence internationale sur le thème relever le défi de la corruption ınternational conference on responding to challenges of corruption
Governmental Terms
relever de [v] relieve
Information Management
relever de be under the control of
relever un défi [v] address a challenge
se relever de la position accroupie rising from a crouch position
relever les dimensions to measure the dimensions
relever le monde à la pompe to spell the pump
relever le grain to raise the grain
se relever to get up
relever (une sauce) to spice
relever (une sauce) to season
Election Terms
relever de ses fonctions [v] discharge
relever la zone de travail lift work area