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Meanings of "arriscarse" in English Spanish Dictionary : 34 result(s)

İspanyolca İngilizce
arriscarse [v] be at risk
arriscarse [v] put oneself at risk
arriscarse [v] expose oneself to danger
arriscarse [v] take a risk
arriscarse [v] take a chance
arriscarse [v] tumble
arriscarse [v] fall off a cliff
arriscarse [v] fall from a height
arriscarse [v] fall from high up
arriscarse [v] take a big fall
arriscarse [v] get into a tizzy
arriscarse [v] go into a tizzy
arriscarse [v] lose it
arriscarse [v] become furious
arriscarse [v] become enraged
arriscarse [v] lose one's temper
arriscarse [v] blow one's top
arriscarse [v] blow one's stack
arriscarse [v] get upset
arriscarse [v] get unruly
arriscarse [v] get worked up
arriscarse [v] be proud
arriscarse [v] be haughty
arriscarse [v] be conceited
arriscarse [v] be arrogant
arriscarse [v] dare
arriscarse [v] be proud
arriscarse [v] plunge over a cliff (flocks)
arriscarse [v] ascend (cliff)
arriscarse [v] CAM fancy up
arriscarse [v] CAM dress up
arriscarse [v] CAM deck out
arriscarse [v] HN NI think too highly of oneself
arriscarse [v] DO die