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Meanings of "despicable" in Spanish English Dictionary : 85 result(s)

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despicable despreciable [adj]
despicable indigno [adj]
despicable menospreciable [adj]
despicable ruin [adj]
despicable canallesco [adj]
despicable rastrero [adj]
despicable ratero [adj]
despicable mísero [adj]
despicable vil [adj]
despicable desecho [m]
despicable abyecto [adj]
despicable acerbo [adj]
despicable astroso [adj]
despicable calamitoso [adj]
despicable canallesco [adj]
despicable chanflón [adj]
despicable común [adj]
despicable deleznable [adj]
despicable desatendible [adj]
despicable despreciable [adj]
despicable enalmagrado [adj]
despicable infame [adj]
despicable innoble [adj]
despicable lacayo [adj]
despicable malnacido [adj]
despicable menospreciable [adj]
despicable miserable [adj]
despicable nefasto [adj]
despicable pajolero [adj]
despicable rahez [adj]
despicable rastrero [adj]
despicable ratero [adj]
despicable alia [suf]
despicable villano [adj]
despicable abatido [adj]
despicable bajo [adj]
despicable miserable [adj]
despicable desdeñable [adj]
despicable infame [adj]
despicable ridículo [adj]
despicable roído [adj]
despicable desengañado [adj] disused
despicable enalmagrado [adj] fig.
despicable mocoso [adj] derog.
despicable abatido [adj] disused
despicable abellacado [adj] disused
despicable carraspiento [adj] UY rur. derog.
despicable contentible [adj] rare
despicable despachurrado [adj] disused
despicable deyecto [adj] disused
despicable espernible [adj] AL
despicable méndigo [adj] MX
despicable móndrigo [adj] MX
despicable rafez [adj] disused
despicable abatida [adj/f]
despicable canallesca [adj/f]
despicable indigna [adj/f]
despicable rastrera [adj/f]
despicable ratera [adj/f]
despicable mísera [adj/f]
despicable enalmagrada [adj/f] fig.
despicable ridícula [adj/f]
despicable roída [adj/f]
despicable mocosa [adj/f] derog.
despicable desengañada [adj/f] disused
despicable mal nacido [adj]
despicable del carajo [adj] derog.
despicable de mierda [adj] derog.
despicable deshonrible [adj]
despicable gurrumino [adj]
despicable estropajoso [adj]
despicable cerdo [adj]
despicable cochino [adj]
despicable desgraciado [adj]
despicable guarro [adj]
despicable puerco [adj]
despicable repajolero [adj]
despicable rotoso [adj] SCN
despicable deshonrible [adj] rare
despicable guache (quechua) [adj] CO derog.
despicable de morondanga [adj] derog.
despicable piñufla [adj] CL
despicable estropajosa [adj/f]
despicable baja [adj/f]
despicable gurrumina [adj/f]

Meanings of "despicable" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 150 result(s)

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despicable man or woman pendón [m]
despicable and stubborn man cacaseno [m]
despicable person chanflón [m]
meeting of despicable people corrincho [m]
despicable person fantoche [m]
despicable person guiñapo [m]
despicable person carroño [f]
despicable person chanflona [f]
despicable person boceras [m/f]
despicable man/woman canalla [m/f]
despicable man mamarracho [m]
despicable person or thing andrajo [m]
despicable woman mujerzuela [f]
despicable person gentualla [f]
despicable person resaca [f]
despicable person caite viejo [n] HN NI
despicable act vileza
despicable friar frailuco [m]
despicable action acción despreciable [f]
despicable action acción indigna [f]
become despicable adocenarse [v]
despicable person zaragate [m] CAM
despicable thing caguaso [m] CU
despicable person bostero [m] HN derog.
incapable or despicable person jodido [m] HN
despicable thing méndigo [m] MX
despicable person móndrigo [m] MX
despicable person nitrón [m] CU
despicable man niguatoso [m] VE:W
despicable person pirobo [m] CO
worn down and despicable person redrojo [m] MX derog.
despicable people sabalaje [m] AR derog.
despicable man zaramullo [m] HN VE
despicable person zarandajo [m] CR derog.
despicable person zarandajo [m] VE derog.
petty despicable person sujeto [m] DO PE BO PY AR derog.
despicable thing caguaso [m] CU
despicable person mangajo [m] EC
despicable person méndigo [m] MX
despicable man móndrigo [m] MX
despicable person muérgano [m] EC
despicable person penco [m] MX HN CU AL CI
gang of despicable people bola [f] MX
despicable person borra [f] VE
despicable person bostera [f] HN derog.
despicable people guacherna [f] CO derog.
quarrel and uproar among despicable people guacherna [f] CO:N
incapable or despicable person jodida [f] HN
despicable thing ñañaca [f] BO
despicable thing ñola [f] HN
despicable thing ñanga [f] EC:N derog.
despicable thing ñarra [f] EC rare
despicable and malicious person mugre [f] MX EC BO PY AR UY derog.
despicable person móndriga [f] MX
despicable thing ñaña [f] BO
despicable woman niguatosa [f] VE:W
despicable person or thing miñanga [f] AR disused
despicable person or thing miñanga [f] UY derog.
despicable person piroba [f] CO
despicable person puercada [f] HN SV NI derog.
despicable people runfla [f] BO:E AR derog.
despicable people runfia [f] SV
despicable person zarandaja [f] VE derog.
despicable group tracamanada [f] CO:W
despicable person chinchurria [f] VE
despicable person méndiga [f] MX
despicable person móndriga [f] MX
despicable woman piltraca [f] rare
despicable person chinchurria [m/f] VE
despicable person chingaste [m/f] HN derog.
person who does despicable things general [m/f] PR
despicable person or thing misiñami [m/f] DO rare
despicable person rastacuero [m/f] VE derog.
despicable person rastracuero [m/f] VE
despicable person tusa [m/f] CU PR
despicable person zaragate [m/f] HN SV NI PA
despicable person tránsfuga [m/f] CU PY UY EC disused
despicable (person) balurde [adj] NI
despicable (thing or person) cerote [adj] GT HN SV NI derog.
despicable and malicious mugre [adj] MX EC BO PY derog.
make despicable abellacar [v] rare
become despicable abellacarse [v] rare
call someone despicable desfamar [v] disused
despicable (thing or person) cerota [adj/f] GT HN SV NI derog.
despicable and miserable person ratón de cola pelada [m] CL
creepy despicable person rata canequera [f] CO derog.
despicable person pata sucia [m/f] CU derog.
not be despicable no ser cualquier lagaña de mico [v] CO
not be despicable no ser jicara de coco [v] DO
be despicable ser de lo último [v] NI CU VE EC PY UY
betrayal or damage is always despicable and it does not deserve any kind of mercy roma no paga a traidores
despicable man bacín [m]
despicable person pinchaúvas [m]
despicable character avechucho [m]
despicable man cerdo [m]
despicable person desgraciado [m]
despicable person guarro [m]
despicable man petate [m]
despicable man pinchaúvas [m]
despicable person puerco [m]
despicable action bacinada [f]
despicable/valueless object purriela [f]
anyone despicable/vile zurrapa [f]
despicable/valueless object purrela [f]
despicable woman cerda [f]
despicable person desgraciada [f]
despicable person guarra [f]
despicable person puerca [f]
despicable person rata [f]
a vile, despicable man drope [m] rare
despicable person bagazo [m] MX HN SV NI DO PR
despicable person guanaco [m] AR
despicable person with bad intentions hijuemadre [m] SV NI CO
despicable person with bad intentions hijuemama [m] CO:W
despicable person with bad intentions hijuemíchica [m] CO
despicable person muérgano [m] PA DO CO VE EC derog.
despicable person yanasonco [m] BO:C
despicable person sumbambico [m] CO derog.
despicable and unattractive woman chaleco [m] AL
despicable man drope [m] rare
despicable person or thing ñiquiñaque [m] rare
a despicable thing poronga [f] AR
contemptible, vile and despicable person belleza [f] CO
despicable person with bad intentions hijuelamadre [f] NI CR
despicable person muérgana [f] PA DO CO VE EC derog.
despicable thing miéchica [f] BO CL
despicable thing miéchica [f] PE rare
despicable thing mistonguería [f] AR
despicable person sabanda [f] CL disused
a mean, despicable person cascaciruelas [m/f] rare
despicable, negligible person babosada [m/f] MX HN SV NI
useless despicable person cascaciruelas [m/f] rare
despicable man/woman guache (quechua) [m/f] CO derog.
despicable person mierda [m/f] derog.
despicable and unattractive chaleco [adj] AL
despicable person cochino [m]
despicable person cochina [f]
despicable person chingado [m] HN NI derog.
despicable thing, problem, or matter foquin (inglés fucking) [m] HN
despicable person indilgue [m] SV delinq.
despicable person mangajo [m] EC disused
despicable man rantifuso [m] AR disused
despicable person chingada [f] HN NI derog.
despicable person peyerrea [f] CO:W teen
despicable woman rantifusa [f] AR disused
very despicable whore rabiza [f] delinq.
despicable person hijeputa [m/f] CU
despicable person canalla [m/f]
despicable person guiñapo [m]
despicable writing or paper papelón [m]