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Meanings of "foolishness" in Spanish English Dictionary : 131 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
foolishness pavada [f]
foolishness tontería [f]
foolishness necedad [f]
foolishness sandez [f]
foolishness sencillez [f] AMER
foolishness insensatez [f]
foolishness desatino [m]
foolishness ahuevazón [f] PA
foolishness bobería [f]
foolishness boludez [f] AR UY
foolishness estulticia [f]
foolishness alelamiento [m]
foolishness desatino [m]
foolishness simpleza [f]
foolishness atorrantada [f] PE
foolishness atorrancia [f] PA PE
foolishness berraquería [f] CU
foolishness berracá [f] CU
foolishness berracada [f] CU
foolishness berracada [f]
foolishness bregeta [f] HN
foolishness brejeta [f] HN
foolishness chanflaina [f] DO
foolishness chotada [f] AR UY
foolishness fregadera [f] MX
foolishness fainera [f] CU
foolishness fainería [f] CU
foolishness carambada [f] HN SV NI CR
foolishness guanacada [f] NI
foolishness gilada [f] SV BO CL AR UY
foolishness guajolotada [f] MX
foolishness comemierda [f] CU
foolishness comemierda [f] CU
foolishness huemulada [f] CL rare
foolishness lesera [f] CL
foolishness embelequería [f] GT PA
foolishness marihuanada [f] MX
foolishness marihuanada [f] HN SV
foolishness opería [f] BO AR:Nw
foolishness moguería [f] PA
foolishness musaraña [f] PR
foolishness odiosidad [f] NI DO
foolishness ñáñara [f] DO PR
foolishness ñonería [f] CU DO BO UY derog.
foolishness pavera [f] PR
foolishness papita [f] DO UY
foolishness pasguatada [f] VE
foolishness pampirolada [f] HN rur.
foolishness panganada [f] HN
foolishness pendejá [f] DO
foolishness pendejera [f] NI VE
foolishness pensada [f] GT
foolishness pistolada [f] VE BO
foolishness plantillada [f] EC
foolishness sananada [f] PR
foolishness sanaquería [f] US CU
foolishness virgada [f] SV derog.
foolishness virotada [f] VE
foolishness zambequería [f] CU
foolishness zanganada [f] PR
foolishness zanganería [f] PR
foolishness zapallada [f] AR disused
foolishness zapallada [f] UY rare
foolishness zanguanguería [f] CU derog.
foolishness sanguanguería [f] CU
foolishness devaneo [m]
foolishness juqueado [m] CL teen
foolishness ñeñeñe [m] PR
foolishness ñe-ñe-ñé [m] DO PR PY
foolishness ñeñeñé [m] NI DO PR
foolishness papelazo [m] NI CU DO PR
foolishness pendejismo [m] HN EC
foolishness cosa de gallo bolo [n] PR
foolishness comemierdurías [f/pl] CU rare
foolishness pipirichadas [f/pl] GT
foolishness simpleza
foolishness bobería [f]
foolishness fatuidad [f]
foolishness estulticia [f]
foolishness mentecatez [f]
foolishness simpleza [f] disused
foolishness tontada [f]
foolishness tontedad [f]
foolishness tontera [f]
foolishness alelamiento [m]
foolishness arate cavate [expr] disused
foolishness mentecatada [f]
foolishness broznedad [f] disused
foolishness carajada [f] derog.
foolishness chochada [f] NI
foolishness burricie [f]
foolishness ceporrez [f]
foolishness dundera [f]
foolishness porrada [f]
foolishness berecada [f] SV
foolishness bolsería [f] VE
foolishness chotez [f] AR UY
foolishness fainada [f] CU derog.
foolishness güevonada [f] VE
foolishness huecada [f] GT derog.
foolishness jalada [f] MX GT
foolishness lesura [f] CL
foolishness mariguanada [f] HN SV
foolishness mariquera [f] VE
foolishness ñanguería [f] DO PR
foolishness pajuatada [f] VE
foolishness pencada [f] HN
foolishness pendejez [f] MX
foolishness penitentada [f] MX EC
foolishness pingada [f] CO:Ne VE
foolishness pistola [f] BO:W
foolishness playada [f] CR teen
foolishness pinacatada [f] MX
foolishness zoquetada [f] MX PA CU DO CO VE EC
foolishness asnería [f]
foolishness chorrada [f]
foolishness bagazo [m] DO
foolishness chorreo mental
foolishness boludez [f] EC BO CL PY AR UY
foolishness boludez [f] UY
foolishness güevonada [f] HN CO
foolishness dundería [f] HN SV derog.
foolishness maricada [f] CO VE derog.
foolishness pelotudez [f] BO paragua AR UY CL
foolishness pendejada [f] MX GT NI PA DO PR CO EC BO:W chle UY
foolishness porronada [f] HN
foolishness hueveo [m] CL
foolishness imbecilidad [f]
foolishness contrasentido [m]
foolishness locura [f]
foolishness estupidez [f]

Meanings of "foolishness" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 7 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
senile foolishness chochada [f] PA
state of foolishness entontecimiento [m]
that's enough of this foolishness basta de estupideces
that's enough of this foolishness basta de tonterías
foolishness, nonsense badajada [f] disused
be deceived by naivety or foolishness caer de papo [v] GT
be deceived by naivety or foolishness caer de baboso [v] GT