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Meanings of "imponer" in English Spanish Dictionary : 72 result(s)

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imponer [v] inform
imponer [v] charge
imponer [v] inspire
imponer [v] impose
imponer [v] set
imponer [v] deposit
imponer [v] lay down
imponer [v] enforce
imponer [v] instil
imponer [v] command respect
imponer [v] put
imponer [v] be imposing
imponer [v] levy
imponer [v] force upon
imponer [v] impose
imponer [v] give
imponer [v] command
imponer [v] instil
imponer [v] teach
imponer [v] instruct
imponer [v] deposit
imponer [v] put
imponer [v] name
imponer [v] lay
imponer [v] disused attribute
imponer [v] disused impute
imponer [v] make ready
imponer [v] enjoin
imponer [v] impress
imponer [v] assess
imponer [v] obtrude
imponer [v] embarge
imponer [v] give notice
imponer [v] impose or lay (tax/duty/burden/penalty)
imponer [v] advise
imponer [v] charge/impute falsely
imponer [v] instruct
imponer [v] acquaint
imponer [v] infuse respect/fear
imponer [v] awe
imponer [v] browbeat
imponer [v] doom
imponer [v] foist
imponer [v] lay upon
imponer [v] put on
imponer [v] squeeze
imponer [v] thrust upon
imponer shove something down one's throat
imponer lay on
imponer [v] impose on
imponer [v] tax
imponer [v] obligate
imponer [v] levy
imponer [v] invest
imponer [v] deposit
imponer [v] enjoin
imponer [v] impose
imponer [v] exact
imponer [v] impose (a fine)
imponer [v] hold
imponer [v] tax
imponer [v] CL contribute to social security
imponer [v] ES deposit
imponer [v] assess charge
imponer [v] force on
imponer [v] command
imponer [v] arrange type
imponer [v] impose
imponer [v] impose
imponer [v] lay
imponer [v] set down
imponer [v] entail

Meanings of "imponer" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 98 result(s)

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imponer sanciones [v] impose sanctions
imponer a [v] put on
imponer (autoridad) [v] assert
imponer las manos sobre una persona [v] lay hands on a person
imponer una penitencia a una persona [v] give a person a penance
imponer algo por la fuerza [v] impose something by force
imponer el ritmo [v] set the pace
imponer una pena [v] cast
imponer pena pecuniaria [v] amerce
imponer silencio [v] dumb
imponer respeto [v] overawe
imponer demasiado trabajo [v] overwork
imponer (cargas/tributos) [v] lay
imponer silencio a uno [v] fig. stop someone's mouth
imponer silencio [v] muzzle
imponer un derecho [v] rate
imponer una tasa [v] rate
imponer una contribución [v] rate
imponer una tarea [v] set a task
imponer tributos [v] tax
imponer condiciones [v] bring to terms
imponer silencio a [v] silence
imponer las propias condiciones [v] drive a coach and horses through
imponer las propias condiciones en un asunto [v] drive a coach and horses through something
imponer las manos [v] lay one's hands on
lograr imponer algo [v] squeak something through
imponer algo [v] ram it down one's throat
imponer una obligación a alguien [v] put someone under an obligation
imponer respeto [v] stand in awe (of someone)
imponer respeto [v] command respect
imponer respeto [v] be overwhelmed with respect for someone
imponer respeto [v] be given respect without asking for it
imponer silencio a alguien [v] silence someone
imponer el criterio de uno sobre algo lay down the law to someone about something
imponer la ley lay down the law
imponer la ley sobre algo a alguien lay down the law to someone about something
imponer nuevas condiciones move the goal
imponer nuevas condiciones move the goalposts
imponer su criterio (de alguien) lay down the law
no quiero imponer i don't want to impose
imponer algo a [v] impose something on
imponer algo a alguien [v] mete something out to someone
imponer a alguien por encima de otra persona [v] inflict someone upon someone
imponer algo [v] lay down something
imponer su opinión [v] carry one's point
imponer la moda [v] set the trend
tendrás que imponer tu voluntad you'll have to put your foot down
sin imponer restricciones without imposing any restrictions
imponer un tributo adicional [v] surtax
imponer un embargo [v] to impose an embargo
imponer restricciones a [v] to impose restrictions on
imponer condiciones [v] impose conditions
imponer contribuciones [v] impose taxes
imponer impuestos [v] impose taxes
imponer una multa [v] impose a fine
imponer sobretasas [v] surtax
imponer un impuesto adicional [v] surcharge
imponer impuestos adicionales [v] surtax
imponer y gastar [v] tax and spend
imponer de menos [v] under-tax
imponer de menos [v] undertax
imponer una carga [v] charge
imponer contribuciones [v] levy taxes
imponer impuestos [v] levy taxes
imponer un impuesto assess
imponer impuestos levy taxes
imponer un embargo impose an embargo
imponer impuestos [v] levy
imponer una contribución [v] impose a tax
imponer una contribución impose a tax
antes de imponer impuesto pretax
imponer un impuesto impose a tax
imponer la pena [v] sentence
imponer la condena [v] sentence
imponer contribuciones [v] assess
imponer una carga [v] charge
imponer una multa [v] impose a fine
imponer una penalidad [v] impose a penalty
imponer condiciones [v] impose conditions
imponer restricciones [v] impose restrictions
imponer impuestos [v] levy taxes
imponer obediencia [v] enforce obedience
imponer censura [v] enforce censorship
imponer silencio perpetuo al litigante [v] impose a gag order on the litigant
audiencia para imponer la pena sentencing hearing
imponer un impuesto [v] impose a tax
imponer contribuciones [v] rate
imponer contribución [v] excise
imponer una pena [v] penalize
imponer una multa [v] estreat
imponer una multa [v] impose a fíne
imponer contribuciones [v] tax
piedra de imponer [f] marble
piedra de imponer [f] imposing table
piedra de imponer [f] imposing-stone
imponer una pena penalize
imponer multas assess penalties
imponer (las manos) [v] impose