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Meanings of "give" in Spanish English Dictionary : 134 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
give dar [v]
give conceder [v]
give darle [v]
give regalar [v]
give dictar [v]
give otorgar [v]
Irregular Verb
give gave - given [v]
give correa [f]
give sacar [v]
give dispensar [v]
give ofrecer [v]
give ofrendar [v]
give donar [v]
give impartir [v]
give ceder [v]
give emitir [v]
give empeñar [v]
give encargar [v]
give pasar [v]
give pegar [v]
give entonar [v]
give entregar [v]
give largar [v]
give aplicar [v]
give levantar [v]
give consentirse [v]
give contagiar [v]
give arrear [v]
give transmitir [v]
give propinar [v]
give atizar [v]
give tributar [v]
give dedicar [v]
give prestar [v]
give acudir [v]
give aportar [v]
give atribuir [v]
give brindar [v]
give ceder [v]
give contagiar [v]
give dar [v]
give dictar [v]
give discernir [v]
give echar [v]
give entregar [v]
give imponer [v]
give librar [v]
give elasticidad [f]
give flexibilidad [f]
give infundir [v]
give plantar [v]
give fallar [v]
give pronunciar [v]
give asestar [v]
give plantificar [v]
give producir [v]
give cursar [v]
give brindar [v]
give exhalar [v]
give diñar [v]
give tirar [v]
give proporcionar [v]
give proferir [v]
give repartir [v]
give echar [v]
give encasquetar [v]
give soltar [v]
give apropiar [v]
give proveer [v]
give confiar [v]
give compartir [v]
give romperse [v]
give prestar (atención) [v]
give deparar [v]
give explicar [v]
give administrar [v]
give contribuir [v]
give conferir [v]
give presentar [v]
give traer [v]
give marcar [v]
give traspasar [v]
give remitir [v]
give dar permiso [v]
give dar licencia [v]
give premiar [v]
give recompensar [v]
give ser el autor de [v]
give causar [v]
give ocasionar [v]
give consagrar [v]
give renunciar [v]
give sacrificar [v]
give desprenderse de [v]
give empeñar (la palabra) [v]
give divulgar [v]
give presumir [v]
give demostrar [v]
give mostrar [v]
give exhibir [v]
give autorizar [v]
give ablandarse [v]
give aflojarse [v]
give ser la ocasión de [v]
give afirmar [v] MX CL
give almohazar [v] disused
give aposesionar [v] disused
give atorgar [v] ES local disused
give colgar [v] disused
give devover [v] disused
give impertir [v] disused
give regalarse [v]
give hacer llegar [v]
give endilgar [v]
give largar [v]
give servir
give alivianar [v] MX SV
give enturar [v] delinq.
give donar [v]
give obsequiar [v]
give dar [v]
give regalar [v]
give asignar [v]
give rendir [v]
give surtir [v]
give suministrar [v]
give obsequiar [v]
give recular [v]
give cejar [v]
give filar [v]
give deteriorar [v]
give comunicar [v]
give desteñirse [v]
give meter [v]

Meanings of "give" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
give in ceder [v]
give back devolver [v]
give off emitir [v]
hand (give) dar [v]
give up dejar [v]
you give das [v]
they give dan [v]
I give doy [v]
I will give daré [v]
give me darme [v]
I give [v]
you give [v]
you/he/she will give dará [v]
you/they give den [v]
I would give daría [v]
you/he/she would give daría [v]
we give damos [v]
give us darnos [v]
we will give daremos [v]
you/they will give darán [v]
give a central mediar [v]
give in cejar [v]
give priority primar [v]
give up ceder [v]
give oneself darse [v]
give in rendirse [v]
give hope to esperanzar [v]
give up rendirse [v]
give testimony testimoniar [v]
give in echarse [v]
give up abandonar [v]
give an offering for ofrendar [v]
give an ovation ovacionar [v]
give oxygen oxigenar [v]
give shelter asilar [v]
give away regalar [v]
give orders to mandar [v]
give way ceder [v]
give up retroceder [v]
give up despojarse de [v]
give way revenirse [v]
give off desprender [v]
give free rein to dar rienda suelta a [v]
give off difundir [v]
give access to dar acceso a [v]
give out distribuir [v]
give up doblarse [v]
give in doblarse [v]
give in doblegarse [v]
give one's opinion opinar [v]
give blood dar sangre [v]
give rise to dar origen a [v]
give aid implementar [v]
give in agacharse (ceder) [v]
give (food, service) servir [v]
give way cejar [v]
give out emitir [v]
give birth parir [v]
give birth to parir [v]
give (blow, impact) encajar [v]
give way ceder el paso [v]
give off soltar [v]
give up soltar [v]
give way allanarse (caerse abajo) [v]
give to pegar a [v]
give away entregar [v]
give out entregar [v]
give oneself up entregarse [v]
give permission dar permiso [v]
give in claudicar [v]
give rise to suscitar [v]
give life to animar [v]
give off espirar [v]
give up tenderse [v]
give (grade) poner [v]
give ground ceder terreno [v]
give a lecture dar una conferencia [v]
give evidence testificar [v]
give birth librar [v]
give it one's all ir a por todas [v]
give to contagiar a [v]
give off exhalar [v]
give back tornar [v]
give birth dar a luz [v]
give priority to priorizar [v]
give way transigir [v]
give way fallar [v]
give rise to propiciar [v]
give credit fiar [v]
give the game away tirar de la manta [v]
give way flaquear [v]
give aid to auxiliar [v]
give shape to dar forma a [v]
give up dejarse [v]
give away delatar [v]
give way vencerse [v]
give up darse por vencido [v]
give in darse por vencido [v]
give evidence deponer [v]
give as a present regalar [v]
give life to vivificar [v]
give vent to deshinchar [v]
give back restituir [v]
give back to restituir a [v]
give back retornar [v]
give advice aconsejar [v]
give a reply responder [v]
give me dame [interj]
give an answer responder [v]
give permission permitir [v]
give (a party) organizar [v]
give a hint of a smile esbozar una sonrisa [v]
give help prestar ayuda [v]
give rise to dar lugar a [v]
give as a gift regalar [v]
give diarrhea descomponer [v]
give consideration considerar [v]
give thought considerar [v]
give effect to aplicar [v]
give rise to plantear [v]
mix made to tan skins or to give shine to fabrics adobo [m]
greek festival to give thanks carisias [f]
give off light alumbrador [adj]
give up abandonar [v]
give up abandonarse [v]
give up abdicar (de) [v]
give a convex form abombar [v]
give credit for abonar [v]
give water to abrevar [v]
give someone something to drink abrevar [v]
give someone a concoction abrevar [v]
give a bell shape to acampanar [v]
give a channel-shape to acanalar [v]
give homage acatar [v]
give in to acceder [v]
give grass sickness to acebadar [v]
give entry aceptar [v]
give grass sickness to encebadar [v]
give oneself to encomendarse [v]
give a beating propinar [v]
give shelter to acobijar [v]
give a complex to acomplejar [v]
give advice on aconsejar en [v]
give oneself away acusarse [v]
give a ghostly appearance afantasmar [v]
give a close shave afeitar [v]
give in agacharse [v]
give a gypsy-like appearance agitanar [v]
give thanks agradecer [v]
give a gray color to agrisar [v]
give one's all echar toda el agua al molino [v]
give the color or taste of rust aherrumbrar [v]
give the color or taste of iron aherrumbrar [v]
give an egg-shape to ahuevar [v]
give off smoke ahumar [v]
give publicity airear [v]
give up alargar [v]
give up one's free will rendir el albedrío [v]
give good news albriciar [v]
give lodging to soldier alojar [v]
give birth alumbrar [v]
give a blow from a machete amachetear [v]
give shelter amadrigar [v]
give in amainar (catalán) [v]
give in amansar [v]
give us qualities to americanizar [v]
give out andar a [v]
give life to animar [v]
give inanimate objects a soul animizar [v]
give a shine like silver argentar [v]
give up pedir árnica [v]
give in arrendar [v]
give off arrojar [v]
give in to violence arrojarse [v]
give a promotion ascender [v]
give a satin finish asedar [v]
give asylum asilar [v]
give shelter asilar [v]
give a slope to ataludar [v]
give a slope to ataluzar [v]
give a task to atarear [v]
give a job to atarear [v]
give testimony atestiguar [v]
give pain atormentar [v]
give aid to auxiliar [v]
give off steam avahar [v]
give value valorar [v]
give someone a hard time baquetear [v]
give way blandearse [v]
give in blandearse [v]
give one's all bregar [v]
give off brotar [v]
give signs of life bullir [v]
give signs of life bullirse [v]
give a more castilian culture castellanizar [v]
give a castilian term for another language castellanizar [v]
give a complex castrar [v]
give up ceder [v]
give way ceder [v]
give up cejar [v]
not give up cerrarse [v]
give a piece of one's mind champar [v]
give off sparks chispear [v]
give a high-five chocar [v]
give up ciar [v]
give in claudicar [v]
give access comunicarse [v]
give a ruling concluir [v]
give a deduction concluir [v]
give a conference conferenciar [v]
give reason criar [v]
give notification cursar [v]
give in darse [v]
give oneself to darse [v]
give up doing something dejar [v]
give oneself to dejarse [v]
give away delatar [v]
give oneself away delatarse [v]
give to depositar [v]
give up all hope desahuciar [v]
give up the lease of desarrendar [v]
give up desechar [v]
give up on desencantarse [v]
give up everything for love desentrañarse [v]
give up desertar [v]
give up hope desesperarse [v]
give up one's possession desposeerse [v]
give off desprender [v]
give up from fatigue destroncar [v]
give off difundir [v]
give off difundirse [v]
give dimension to dimensionar [v]
give a diploma diplomar [v]
give out distribuir [v]
give up doblarse [v]
give in doblegarse [v]
give off echar [v]
give oneself airs elevarse [v]
give the first combing to wool emborrizar [v]
give a job to emplear [v]
give the last combing to wool emprimar [v]
give up enajenarse [v]
give false hope encalabrinar [v]
give a strong recommendation encarecer [v]
give guidance encarrilar [v]
give someone an idea encasquetar [v]
give grass sickness to encebadar [v]
give shelter encobijar [v]
give oneself to encomendarse [v]
give false hope engañar [v]
give an example enseñar [v]
give up entregar [v]
give oneself in entregarse [v]
give up entregarse [v]
give in entregarse [v]
give the run around entretener [v]
give airs entronizar [v]
give oneself airs entronizarse [v]
give someone the slip escabullirse [v]
give someone the chills escalofriar [v]
give someone goosebumps escalofriar [v]
give someone the chills escarapelar [v]
give someone goosebumps escarapelar [v]
give notes on escoliar [v]
give someone the slip escullirse [v]
give someone the slip escurrirse [v]
give goosebumps espeluznar [v]
give someone hope esperanzar [v]
give way fallar [v]
give severance pay finiquitar [v]
give way flaquear [v]
give results fructificar [v]
give someone a look fulminar [v]
give praise glorificar [v]
give shelter to guarecer [v]
give refuge to guarecer [v]
give per diem hatear [v]
give provisions hatear [v]
not give complete change hurtar [v]
give indigestion indigestarse [v]
give a blow to liarse [v]
give birth librar [v]
give up liquidar [v]
give orders to mandar [v]
give it here daca [interj]
give it to me daca [interj]
about to give birth cargada [adj/f]
device which is used to give indication señal [f]
give ground for prestarse [v]
give asylum to asilar [v]
give an opinion opinar [v]
give water abrevar [v]
give directions to orientar [v]
begin to give way resentirse [v]
give oneself a treat darse un homenaje [v]
give up abdicar [v]
give oneself over abandonarse [v]
give up hope desesperanzarse [v]
give form to modelar [v]
refuse to give way obstinarse [v]
give up working tumbarse [v]
give a job to acomodar [v]
give a rubbing to enjabonar [v]
give way falsear [v]
give birth to tener [v]
give or bestow with profusion prodigar [v]
give in transar [v]
give vent to one's feelings desfogarse [v]
give strength to sostener [v]
give away traicionar [v]
give an opinion dictaminar [v]
give hopes ilusionar [v]
give pleasure recrear [v]
give medicine to medicar [v]
give up cejar [v]
give rise to engendrar [v]
give a shooting pain punzar [v]
give out light alumbrar [v]
give up desechar [v]
give a sharp retort mosquear [v]
give a satin finish to satinar [v]
give refuge refugiar [v]
give the preference to anteponer [v]
give strength confortar [v]
give oneself up to encenagarse [v]
give shelter cobijar [v]
give oneself away delatarse [v]
give out proyectar [v]
give in plegarse [v]
give professional advice asesorar [v]
give aid auxiliar [v]
give a leg up aupar [v]
give prestige to prestigiar [v]
give the lie to desmentir [v]
give no peace to acosar [v]
give sparingly escatimar [v]
give evidence testimoniar [v]
give a laxative to laxar [v]
give back regresar [v]
give in sucumbir [v]
give precedence to primar [v]
give a coating to recubrir [v]
give zest to sazonar [v]
give shelter resguardar [v]
give oneself away descubrirse [v]
give strength esforzar [v]
give instructions dar instrucciones [v]
give misleading information to desinformar [v]
give a prize to premiar [v]
give a bonus to gratificar [v]
give importance to dar importancia a [v]
give distinction caracterizar [v]
give a blow atizar [v]
give indigestion empachar [v]
give up renunciar a [v]
give an ovation to ovacionar [v]
give a face-lift remozar [v]
give a lift to acercar [v]
give twist retorcer [v]
give up colgar [v]
give courage esforzar [v]
give good breeding educar [v]
give sorrow disgustar [v]
give leave or permission licenciar [v]
give heed to mirar [v]
give in ablandarse [v]
give signs of life rebullir [v]
give flesh encarnar [v]
give off expulsar [v]
(battery) give out agotarse (la pila, la batería) [v]
(a certain thing) give someone a headache darle algo dolor de cabeza a alguien [v]
(one's) knees give way doblarse (las rodillas) [v]
(battery) give out estar agotada (la pila, la batería) [v]
(for a teacher) give a student hard time in school tomarla con un alumno (un profesor) [v]
(one's) knees give way torcerse (las rodillas) [v]
give one's condolences dar el pésame [v]
give up something entregar algo [v]
give credit to acreditar [v]
give light alumbrar [v]
give in entregar [v]
give a push starting arrancar empujando [v]
give a bump starting arrancar empujando [v]
give up apartarse de [v]
give a pop starting arrancar empujando [v]
give up arriar velas [v]
give water to abrevar [v]
give an enema jeringar [v]
give a bad taste to desabrir [v]
give a second chance to repescar [v]
give as a pretext pretextar [v]
give pins and needles hormiguear [v]
give water to cattle adaguar [v]
give thanks or say grace dar gracias [v]
give shelter guarecer [v]
give a complex acomplejar [v]
give as proof aducir [v]
give (classes/lessons) impartir [v]
give out (orders) impartir [v]
give rise to originar [v]
give up claudicar [v]
give shape to plasmar [v]
give a name, surname to apellidar [v]
give a nickname poner [v]
give professional advice to asesorar [v]
give legal advice to asesorar [v]
give in transigir [v]
give back food realimentar [v]
give an average value mediar [v]
give a false representation desmentir [v]
give the boot zapatear [v]
give up rendirse [v]
give up control of renunciar [v]
give up control of suspender [v]
give something color colorear [v]
give something color colorar [v]
give something color teñir [v]
give out exudar [v]
give advice to aconsejar [v]
give advice to asesorar [v]
yield or give way to another someter [v]
give rise to ocasionar [v]
give in rendirse [v]
give up someterse [v]
give in someterse [v]
give suck to amamantar [v]
give warning to alertar [v]
give up resignarse [v]
give luster lustrar [v]
give little attention to dar por descontado [v]
give little attention to menospreciar [v]
give up in defeat rendirse [v]
give shape formar [v]
give a reward to recompensar [v]
give in to ceder [v]
give in to sucumbir. [v]
or give a warning amenazar [v]
give authorization ratificar [v]
give authorization autorizar [v]
give approval to ratificar [v]
give approval to aprobar [v]
give approval to autorizar [v]
give authorization aprobar [v]
give up parar [v]
give judgement decidir [v]
give as a gift dar [v]
give in caerse [v]
give rise to producir [v]
give up desesperar [v]
give a name to nombrar [v]
give a name to denominar [v]
give pleasure to regocijar [v]
give pleasure to complacer [v]
give a false representation representar mal [v]
give a false representation malrepresentar [v]
give credit to creer [v]
give credit to fiar [v]
give a speech disertar [v]
give a speech perorar [v]
give a speech pontificar [v]
give origin to originar [v]
give support to respaldar [v]
give support to sustentar [v]
give birth to tener un hijo [v]
give a blow golpear [v]
give a blow pegar [v]
give a blow dar [v]
give a blow batir [v]
give a bribe sobornar [v]
give a bribe cohechar [v]
give a slap cachetear [v]
give a slap abofetear [v]
give up claim to dispensar [v]
give off smoke humear [v]
give praise to alabar [v]
give instruction instruir [v]
give permission to empoderar [v]
give permission to dar permiso [v]
give a title to intitular [v]
give an example ejemplificar [v]
give an excuse dar una excusa [v]
give an excuse excusarse [v]
give a free rein to someone dar rienda suelta a alguien [v]
give evidence dar testimonio [v]
give rise to something dar origen a algo [v]
give oneself up to someone rendirse a alguien [v]
give someone a buzz llamar a alguien [v]
give someone a fright darle un susto a alguien [v]
give someone a buzz dar un toque [v]
give someone a lift somewhere llevar a alguien a algún sitio [v]
give someone a hug abrazar a alguien [v]
give someone a hiding darle a alguien una paliza [v]
give someone a lift somewhere acercar a alguien a algún sitio [v]
give someone a ring llamar a alguien (por teléfono) [v]
give someone a look dirigir la mirada hacia a alguien [v]
give someone a sporting chance dar a alguien la oportunidad de ganar [v]
give someone good a hiding darle a alguien una buena paliza [v]
give someone credit for reconocer a alguien el mérito de [v]
give someone advice aconsejar a alguien [v]
give someone free rein dar rienda suelta a alguien [v]
give someone hell hacérselas pasar canutas a alguien [v]