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Meanings of "dictar" in English Spanish Dictionary : 41 result(s)

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dictar [v] deliver
dictar [v] give
dictar [v] pronounce
dictar [v] announce
dictar [v] dictate
dictar [v] issue
dictar [v] pass
dictar [v] suggest
dictar [v] dictate
dictar [v] rule
dictar [v] decide
dictar [v] inspire
dictar [v] excite
dictar [v] speak of
dictar [v] suggest
dictar [v] give
dictar [v] impart
dictar [v] teach
dictar [v] govern
dictar [v] command
dictar [v] direct
dictar [v] inspire
dictar [v] prescribe
dictar [v] fig. suggest
dictar [v] fig. prompt
dictar [v] indite
dictar [v] lay down
dictar [v] promulgate
dictar [v] render
dictar [v] pronounce
dictar [v] dictate
dictar [v] enter an order
dictar [v] ordain
dictar [v] order
dictar [v] decree
dictar [v] enact
dictar [v] issue a verdict
dictar [v] sentence
dictar [v] hand down
dictar [v] issue
dictar [v] hand down (a judgment)

Meanings of "dictar" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 50 result(s)

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dictar a [v] dictate to
dictar una orden [v] issue an order
dictar clase [v] teach
dictar clase [v] lecture
dictar la sentencia de muerte [v] toll the death knell
dictar cátedra [v] DO BO AR teach at a university
dictar cátedra [v] DO BO AR be a university professor
dictar la ley lay down the law
dictar algo a alguien [v] dictate something to someone
dictar la ley [v] lay down the law
dictar sentencia give a judgement
dictar sentencia [v] pass a judgment
dictar un auto [v] issue a writ
dictar sentencia [v] enter a judgment
dictar sentencia [v] give judgment
dictar el autocabeza de proceso [v] issue order to investigate a case
dictar sentencia [v] pass judgment
dictar sentencia [v] sentence
dictar un decreto [v] issue a decree
dictar sentencia [v] render judgment
dictar sentencia [v] pronounce judgment
dictar sentencia [v] adjudge
dictar fallo [v] pronounce judgment
dictar (una orden) [v] issue (a warrant)
dictar sentencia [v] hand down a ruling
dictar sentencia [v] hand down a decision
dictar providencia [v] issue an order
dictar sentencia [v] hand down a judgment
dictar una ley [v] enact a law
dictar sentencia [v] issue a judgment
dictar sentencia [v] issue a ruling
dictar sentencia [v] issue a decision
dictar sentencia [v] deliver a judgment
dictar sentencia [v] deliver a ruling
dictar sentencia [v] deliver a decision
dictar sentencia render judgment
audiencia para dictar la condena sentencing hearing
dictar el fallo pronouncement of judgment
dictar la condena pronounce sentence
el dictar sentencia passing judgment
dictar sentencia pronounce judgment
estudiará el caso antes de dictar el fallo under advisement
autos en estado de dictar sentencia a case that is ripe for judgment
máquina de dictar dictating machine
dictar un laudo [v] make an award
dictar sentencia [v] enter
dictar una sentencia [v] deliver a judgment
dictar sentencia [v] find
dictar auto de prisión [v] make out a committal
dictar una sentencia [v] enter a judgment