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Meanings of "pass" in Spanish English Dictionary : 209 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
pass pasar [v]
pass paso [m]
pass adelantar [v]
pass aprobar [v]
pass andar [v]
pass pase [m]
pass abertura [f]
pass abra [f]
pass entrega [f]
pass dictaminar [v]
pass dictar [v]
pass acercar [v]
pass discurrir [v]
pass alargar [v]
pass pasar (cartas) [v]
pass superar [v]
pass librar [v]
pass evadir [v]
pass expender [v]
pass transcurrir [v]
pass promulgar [v]
pass pronunciamiento [v]
pass mediar [v]
pass rebasar [v]
pass votar [v]
pass apto [adj]
pass aprobado [m]
pass puerto [m]
pass apta [adj/f]
pass pasada [f]
pass sacar (aprobar asignatura) [v] ES
pass abono [m]
pass trance [m]
pass correr [v]
pass venir [v]
pass camino [m]
pass estrecho [m]
pass salvoconducto [m]
pass abertura [f]
pass abra [f]
pass acoger [v]
pass adelantar [v]
pass adelantarse [v]
pass andar [v]
pass abono [m]
pass rinconada [f] BO CL
pass trascurrir [v]
pass franquear [v]
pass circular [v]
pass repescar [v]
pass aprobar (un examen) [v]
pass pronunciar [v]
pass transitar [v]
pass fallecer [v]
pass ocurrir [v]
pass suceder [v]
pass aprobar (en el examen) [v]
pass continuar [v]
pass mayoriar [v] SV
pass pordelantear [v] AR:Nw
pass alcanzar [v]
pass collado [m]
pass pasaporte [m]
pass pasaje [m]
pass corredor [m]
pass rincón [m] CL
pass tiquete (inglés ticket) [m] GT HN SV NI CR PA CO EC BO:E
pass licencia [f]
pass crisis [f]
pass situación [f]
pass condición [f]
pass estocada [f]
pass atravesar [v]
pass cruzar [v]
pass traspasar [v]
pass portear [v]
pass hacer pasar [v]
pass dejar atrás [v]
pass exceder [v]
pass trasponer [v]
pass aventajar [v]
pass tolerar [v]
pass cerner [v]
pass consentir [v]
pass filtrar [v]
pass colar [v]
pass dar [v]
pass aprobar (en un examen) [v]
pass propasarse [v]
pass caminar [v]
pass excederse [v]
pass morir [v]
pass omitir [v]
pass dejar de hacer [v]
pass deslizarse (tiempo) [v]
pass acabarse [v]
pass cesar [v]
pass acontecer [v]
pass desvanecerse [v]
pass dar una estocada [v]
pass hacer un pase [v]
pass desfiladero [m]
pass desembocadero [m]
pass pasillo [m]
pass aprieto [m]
pass aprobado (de exámenes) [m]
pass estado [m]
pass rular [v]
pass sobrepasar [v]
pass hacer llegar [v]
pass palmar [v]
pass estirar la pata [v]
pass tiento [m]
pass transferir [v]
pass aprobar [v]
pass pasar [v]
pass adoptar [v]
pass salvaguarda [f]
pass autorización [f]
pass pase [f]
pass estatuir [v]
pass autorizar [v]
pass examinar y determinar [v]
pass implantar [v]
pass adoptar [v]
pass pasar [v]
pass boquerón [m]
pass paso [m]
pass chimenea [f]
pass garganta [f]
pass tarjeta [f]
pass pasada [f]
pass boca [f]
pass boquilla [f]
pass angostura [f]
pass envío [m]
pass paso [m]
pass congosto [m]
pass boquerón [m]
pass puerto [m]
pass collado [m]
pass estrecho [m]
pass boquete [m]
pass cordón de soldadura
pass paso [m]
pass suficiente [adj]
pass angostura [f]
pass apacheta [f]
pass caluma [f]
pass estrechura [f]
pass estrechez [f]
pass quebrada [f]
pass apacheta [f] PE
pass desfiladero [m]
pass atravieso [m]
pass boquete [m]
pass paso [m]
pass collado [m]
pass puerto [m]
pass atravieso [m] CL
pass congosto [m]
pass portezuelo [m]
pass portillo [m]
pass pasada [f]
pass pasada [f]
pass trasladar [v]
pass transmitir [v]
pass disiparse [v]
pass canal [m]
pass aprobar [v]
pass lanzamiento [m]
pass permiso [m]
pass coladero [m]
pass atravieso [m]
pass rebasadero [m]
pass paso [m]
pass pasar [v]
pass pase [m]
pass portezuela [f]
pass hoz [f]
pass depresión [f]
pass abra [f]
pass caluma [f] PE
pass callejón [m]
pass portachuelo [m]
pass portezuelo [m]
pass paso [m]
pass atravieso [m] CL
pass desfiladero [m]
pass estrangulamiento [m] AR
pass chimenea [f]
pass chimenea [f]
pass paso [m]
pass depresión [f]
pass pasar [v]
pass desfiladero [m]
pass pasada [f]
pass pasar [v]
pass permiso [m]
pass paso [m]
pass pase [m]
pass billete de favor [m]
pass doblar [v]
American Football
pass lanzar [v]
pass dar un pase [v]
pass tirar [v]
pass dirigir [v]
pass conducto estrecho [m]
pass pasada [f]

Meanings of "pass" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
pass down rendir [v]
pass across caber [v]
pass (test) aprobar [v]
pass through caber [v]
pass judgment juzgar [v]
pass by transcurrir [v]
pass away fenecer [v]
pass over salvar [v]
narrow pass hoz [f]
narrow pass angostura [f]
pass with the cape larga [f]
narrow pass garganta [f]
pass round rular [v]
pass oneself off as hacerse pasar por [v]
pass as pasar [v]
pass on pasar [v]
pass off pasar [v]
pass by pasar de largo [v]
pass away irse [v]
pass time pasar el tiempo [v]
pass over postergar [v]
pass on contagiar [v]
pass the time pasar el rato [v]
pass over preterir [v]
pass on transmitir [v]
pass away fallecer [v]
pass away finar [v]
come to pass avenir [v]
pass again repasar [v]
pass by desfilar [v]
pass on retransmitir [v]
pass (the ball) ceder [v]
pass mark suficiente [m]
mountain pass collado [m]
narrow pass portillo [m]
ski pass forfait [m]
bus pass bonobús [m] ES
type of pass natural [m]
pass in review pasar revista [v]
pass up dejar pasar [v]
mountain pass cortadura [f]
pass-book libreta [f]
narrow pass between hills portezuela [f] MX
pass in bull-fighting verónica [f]
someone who lets pass a winning card amolladora [f]
pass (an examination) aprobar [v]
come to pass acaecer [v]
pass over atravesar [v]
pass by a thing without taking notice of it desentenderse [v]
come to pass caer [v]
pass through the proper channel correr [v]
pass counterfeit money colar [v]
pass through a narrow passage colar [v]
pass through a sieve cribar [v]
pass across cruzar [v]
eat or pick crumbs to pass the time cuscurrear [v] disused
pass off (a spurious coin) encajar [v]
pass off upon another encajar [v]
pass slowly escurrir [v]
pass rapidly huir [v]
pass judgment enjuiciar [v]
pass sentence upon juzgar [v]
pass over pretermitir [v]
pass through penetrar por/a través de [v]
pronounce judgment and pass sentence pronunciar [v]
pass the night pernoctar [v]
pass (sentence) librar [v]
pass away pasar [v]
pass (at cards) pasar [v]
pass beyond pasar [v]
pass in silence pasar [v]
pass in vain (an opportunity) pasar [v]
pass rapidly from one thing to another saltear [v]
pass through the air volar [v]
pass beyond the mountains tramontar [v]
pass by transitar [v]
pass beyond the boundary translimitar [v]
pass judgment sentenciar [v]
pass beyond trascender [v]
pass over a mountain trascolar [v]
pass swiftly traslumbrarse [v]
pass beyond the mountains trasmontar [v]
pass over traspasar [v]
someone who lets pass a winning card amollador [m]
path/pass for cattle azagadero [m]
narrow mountain pass callejón [m]
superior mark to pass in exams bueno [m] disused
mountain-pass congosto [m]
people ranged in a line who pass materials or loads from hand to hand hormiguillo [m]
narrow pass gollizo [m]
mountain pass puerto [m]
pass between mountains portillo [m]
path/pass for cattle azagador [m]
narrow pass gollizno [m]
superior mark to pass in exams aprobado [m]
narrow mountain pass garganta [f]
narrow mountain pass colada [f]
cable tied to vessels to control their position as they pass through the panama canal guaya [f] PA
person who would look after the backup team or horses teamed to the cart in order to climb a hill or get through a difficult pass cuarteadora [f] AR disused
band-pass banda de paso [f]
band-pass banda pasante [f]
band-pass pasabanda [f]
strap with two rings through which the reins pass and prevents the horses from nodding martingala (francés) [f] AR UY rur.
pass round the hat talacha [f] GT
pass an examination aprobar [v]
pass sentence on fallar [v]
pass the night dormir [v]
pass judgement on sentenciar [v]
pass over soslayar [v]
pass on trasmitir [v]
pass judgement on enjuiciar [v]
pass on the answer soplar [v]
pass swiftly volar [v]
(danger) pass pasar (el peligro) [v]
(be forced) pass time idly pasar el tiempo sin poder hacer nada [v]
(time) pass inexorably pasar inexorablemente (el tiempo) [v]
pass a law aforar [v]
pass [filter] pasar [v]
come to pass suceder [v]
fail to pass an exam suspender [v]
pass out privarse [v] LAM
pass away expirar [v]
pass throug caber [v]
pass down rendir [v]
pass sentence on juzgar [v]
come to pass ocurrir [v]
pass into sleep dormirse [v]
pass laws legislar [v]
let pass pasar por alto [v]
pass on legar [v]
pass gas desatender [v]
pass down pasar [v]
pass down heredar [v]
pass out distribuir [v]
pass out desmayarse [v]
pass through atravesar [v]
pass out graduarse [v]
pass away perecer [v]
pass or open extender [v]
pass as pasar algo a [v]
pass on pasar algo a [v]
pass for pasar algo a [v]
pass judgement on someone/something pronunciarse sobre alguien/algo [v]
pass judgment on someone/something pronunciarse sobre alguien/algo [v]
pass someone in the street cruzarse con alguien [v]
pass someone something pasar algo a alguien [v]
pass someone something pasarle algo a alguien [v]
pass something fit for dar algo por bueno para [v]
pass something with flying colours salir airosos de algo [v]
pass the buck to someone echarle el muerto a alguien [v]
pass as pasar por [v]
make a pass at someone intentar ligar con alguien [v]
pass itself off as hacerse pasar por [v]
pass in front of pasar al frente de [v]
pass inspection pasar inspección [v]
make a pass at someone tirar los tejos a alguien [v]
pass a test aprobar un examen [v]
pass a law aprobar una ley [v]
pass a law promulgar una ley [v]
pass to alargar a [v]
pass bloody urine orinar sangre [v]
pass to someone pasar a poder de alguien [v]
pass through the middle of a whirlwind pasar por medio de torbellino [v]
pass gas ventearse [v]
pass the driving test sacarse el carnet de conducir [v]
pass aside seguir de largo [v]
pass by seguir de largo [v]
pass quickly traslumbrarse [v]
pass through trasminarse [v]
pass out sincopizarse [v]
pass away templarse [v] VE
bring to pass sacar a la luz [v]
bring something to pass concluir algo [v]
bring something to pass realizar algo [v]
pass from ideas to concrete proposals aterrizar [v] MX
cannot pass the class no poder pasar la clase [v]
cannot pass the class no poder pasar la materia [v]
can't pass no poder pasar [v]
pass on the flu to others agripar [v] HN CU BO CL
pass wind bombardear [v] NI CU DO BO
pass away ajilarse [v] DO
pass gas deshacerse [v] GT
pass gas desinflarse [v] CL rare
converse loudly about boring topics to pass the time chacharear [v] EC
not obtain the minimum required grade to pass a test or exam challparse (del quechua) [v] BO:W,C,S
pass out chorrearse [v] BO
be hungover or pass out due to excessive alcohol or drugs fisurarse [v] AR
pass away felparse [v] MX
pass away fregarse [v] VE BO
pass a subject or topic during the course without having to take the final exam eximir [v] NI CR CO VE BO AR
pass out from drinking alcohol fondearse [v] HN SV NI
pass (certain amount of time) ajustar [v] EC rare
pass or block a law or bill through carpetazo, blow to the table given in unison by representatives in peruvian parliament to signify acceptance or rejection of a law or proposition carpetear [v] PE
pass out due to drug use gofearse [v] PR teen
allow someone to pass dejar que alguien pase [v]
not pass in exams guindarse [v] PR
pass gas largarse [v] BO:W
pass the time kikiar [v] PR teen
not pass a subject llevarse [v] AR
have to take an additional test to pass a subject llevarse [v] AR
pass out maluquearse [v] NI CO
pass the time without engaging in any work ociociar [v] EC rare
pass out drunk parquear (inglés park) [v] HN SV
pass on genetic similarities to descendants pintar [v] NI PA
pass the buck pelotear [v] VE
pass out podrir [v] CU
pass a student promover [v] GT NI PR BO stud.
pass over pordelantear [v] AR:Nw
not pass an exam or a subject qedarse [v] CO stud.
pass from hand to hand rolar [v] SV
pass a make up exam reparar [v] NI VE
pass a subject or class salvar [v] BO PY UY
pass gas silbar [v] HN
pass a subject or exam zafar [v] AR stud.
not pass reprobar [v] MX
not pass volar [v] GT
pass forward adelantar [v]
relating to someone who usually obtains a four or the minimum grade to pass an exam (student) cuatrero [adj] CL AR
pass mark aprobado [m]
screen pass pase pantalla (fútbol americano) [m]
narrow pass coladero [m]
defile (narrow pass) desfiladero [m]
band-pass filtro de banda [m]
boarding pass boarding pass [m] US PR VE rare
boarding pass boarding pass (voz inglesa) [m] US PR VE derog.
student who usually obtains a four or the minimum grade to pass an exam cuatrero [m] CL AR
person who would look after the backup team or horses teamed to the cart in order to climb a hill or get through a difficult pass cuarteador [m] AR disused
quick pass through a place pasón [m] SV CO
boarding pass pase a bordo [m] CU EC BO
boarding pass pasabordo [m] CO
children's game where participants pass by others reciting verses and lightly tapping their feet pisapisuela [m] AR
tendency to pass all students promocionismo [m] CU
high mountain pass portezuelo [m] GT AR:Nw
police line pass rompefilas [m] CL
children's game where participants pass in front of others reciting verses, lightly hitting shoes zapatito de charol [m] AR UY
entrance pass tax (inglés) [m] PA teen
entrance pass checker taxero [m] PA
free pass cancha libre [loc/nom] PA BO
free pass canilla libre [loc/nom] MX
set of traditionally difficult subjects to pass, such as mathematics, physics, and chemistry, las tres marías [loc/nom] VE
free pass piedra libre [loc/nom] AR UY
pass away pelar bolas [loc/v]
pass away pelar el bollo [loc/v]
all pass de todo paso
pass made by the bullfighter with the cape capotazo
all pass de banda anchísima
boarding pass tarjeta de embarque
mountain pass vía desfiladero
travel pass tarjeta de transportes
travel pass abono de transportes
pass it on hágala circular (usted)
pass me that pásame eso
mountain pass puerto de montaña
mountain pass puerto montañoso
automated ticket and boarding pass ticket y tarjetas de embarque automático
pass key llave maestra [f]
pass-key llave maestra [f]
pass-key ganzúa [f]
pass-book libreta de banco [f]
come to pass acontecer [v]
pass an act votar una ley [v]
make a pass tirar una estocada [v]
pass compliments lisonjear [v]
pass sentence fallar [v]
pass remarks hacer observaciones [v]
pass sentence pronunciar sentencia [v]
pass one's word empeñar su palabra [v]
pass away desvanecer [v]
pass away consumir [v]
pass along pasar a lo largo (de) [v]
pass by pasar (cerca de) [v]
pass by olvidar [v]
pass by perdonar [v]
pass by dispensar [v]
pass off suceder [v]
pass by pasar por alto [v] fig.
pass for pasar por [v]
pass for hacerse pasar por [v]
pass off salir [v]
pass on seguir andando [v]
pass on circular [v]
pass on fallecer [v]
pass over pasar por [v]
pass on finar [v]
pass over excusar [v]
pass out salir [v]
pass up subir [v]
pass muster pasar muestra [v]
pass muster ser aceptable [v]
pass round the hat hacer una colecta [v]
pass round the hat pasar el cepillo [v]
free pass pase [m]
free pass billete de favor [m]
pass as fit dar de alta [v]
pass the hat round pasar la gorra [v]
pass away morder el polvo [v]
pass away hincar el pico [v]
pass an exam pasar [v]
pass an exam aprobar [v]
pass away desaparecer [v]
pass overhead pasar por lo alto [v]
pass out tomar la horizontal [v]
pass by the skin of one's teeth aprobar por los pelos [v]
pass easily aprobar sobrado [v]
pass the buck endilgar [v]
pass away colgar los tenis [v]
pass away soltar el pellejo [v]
pass away dar el pellejo [v]
pass away doblar la servilleta [v]
pass the buck pasar la cuenta [v]
pass through pasar por pasar a través de [v]
pass the test aprobar la prueba [v]
pass the test aprobar el examen [v]
pass the test superar la prueba [v]
let pass dejar pasar [v]
let pass permitir [v]
make a pass echar un tiento [v]
pass the buck escaquearse [v]
pass stools hacer aguas mayores [v]
pass water hacer aguas menores [v]
omit a subject purposely and pass to another brincar [v]
pass rapidly from subject to subject salpicar [v] disused
pass gas echarse un pedo [v]
pass it in insinuarse [v]
pass the baby pasar la responsabilidad a otra persona [v]
pass the baby pasar el trabajo a otra persona [v]
pass the baby eludir la responsabilidad [v]
pass the baby desentenderse de un problema [v]
pass water orinar [v]
pass water mear [v]
pass water hacer pis [v]
pass water hacer pipí [v]
pass water hacer pichí [v] AMER
pass gas tirarse un pedo [v]
pass gas largarse un pedo [v]
pass wind largarse un pedo [v]
pass time matar la araña [v]
pass time matar el tiempo [v]
pass a stool obrar [v]
pass the buck pasar el fardo [v] PE
make a pass camelar [v]
make a pass hacer guiños [v]
make a pass hacer la rueda [v] fig.
pass away crepar  [v] AR
pass stools descargar el vientre [v]
pass stools exonerar el vientre [v]
pass stools evacuar el vientre [v]
pass stools hacer de vientre [v]
pass stools hacer una deposición [v]
pass stools hacer del cuerpo [v]
hog the ball (not pass) sobar/chupar el balón [v]
repeatedly pass by a location crucetear [v] DO CU
pass time aimlessly engañar el tiempo [v]
pass away entregar el cacaste [v] GT HN SV NI
pass away entregar el chinaste [v] HN
pass away entregar la valija [v] HN NI
pass away entregar el rosquete [v] AR UY
pass away entregar el equipo [v] MX HN SV NI VE
pass away entregar los fierros [v] SV
pass away entregar los caites [v] HN NI
pass away entregar los tenis [v] HN DO
pass away entregar los guantes [v] HN NI DO
pass away estar cabal [v] GT HN
pass away estirarse [v] SV NI BO
pass away estirar la jeta [v] AR
pass (certain amount of time) ajustar [v] MX PA CO:W
speed up to pass another vehicle gabelar [v] EC:S
pass out due to the effect of drugs gufearse (inglés) [v] PR teen
pass away doblar los nacos [v] HN
pass away echarse [v] MX HN SV
pass away panquearse [v] DO
pass away panquear [v] DO VE
pass away panquiarse [v] DO
pass the buck reguindarse [v] CU
just pass by tocar [v] BO
i'll pass ¡fuche! [interj] NI
indicating a black person trying to pass as white ¿y tu abuela dónde está? [expr] CU PR
this will come to pass todo se andará [expr]
prone to pass through stores without buying anything familia miranda [loc/adj] CL EC rare
pass the buck caerle las avispas [loc/v] HN
pass the hat around pasar la gorra
make a pass (at) tirarle los tejos a
make a pass (at) intentar seducir
make a pass (at) insinuarse
make a pass (at) tratar de ligar con
come to a pretty a pass estar en una situación difícil
come to a pretty a pass encontrarse en problemas
pass in entrar [v]
pass off colar algo [v]
pass off hacer pasar algo por otra cosa (con engaño) [v]
pass along pasar (un mensaje) [v]
pass off perder el conocimiento [v]
pass off tener un bajón [v]
pass off terminar [v]
pass off transcurrir sin problemas (un evento) [v]
pass by pasar delante de [v]
pass by pasar por alto [v]
pass over pasar por alto [v]
pass on comunicar [v]
pass by pasarse por [v]
pass up perder [v]
pass out perder el conocimiento [v]
pass over perdonar [v]
pass on dar [v]
pass off desaparecer [v]
pass up desaprovechar [v]
pass over fallecer [v]
pass on hacer llegar a [v]
pass away desvanecerse [v]
pass off hacer pasar por [v]
pass down transmitir [v]
pass away morir [v]
pass on morir [v]
pass over morir [v]
pass off resultar [v]
pass away olvidarse [v]
pass by visitar [v]
pass by pasar por [v]
pass something on to pasar algo a [v]
pass something to someone pasar algo a alguien [v]
pass something to someone pasarle algo a alguien [v]
pass away desmayarse [v]
pass away graduarse [v]
pass by hacer caso omiso a [v]
pass by pasar cerca [v]
pass by pasar desapercibido a [v]
pass up dejar escapar [v]
pass on pasar a mejor vida [v]
pass away pasar a mejor vida [v]
pass out perder el sentido [v]
pass to recaer en [v]
pass to recaer sobre [v]
pass through transitar por [v]
pass by pasar por
pass on chismear
pass by ignorar
pass over ignorar
pass something off ignorar algo
pass round circular
pass something around (to someone) ofrecer algo (a todos)
pass along something (to somebody) informar a alguien de algo
pass over sobrevolar
pass over sortear
pass over to comunicar a
pass by pasar
pass over pasar
pass to pasar a
pass something down (to someone) pasar algo a través de otros (a alguien)
pass in pasar algo de mano en mano
pass something forward pasar algo hacia adelante
pass round pasar alrededor
pass under pasar debajo
pass something off on someone as something pasar gato por liebre
pass forward pasar hacia adelante
pass for pasar por
pass by pasar por alto
pass over pasar por encima
pass off pasarse
pass on conducir
pass on contar
pass through terminar (escuela)
pass on legar
pass something down (to someone) legar algo (a alguien)
pass to dar a
pass something on (to someone) darle algo (a alguien)
pass on aceptar
pass into entrar
pass in entregar (tarea/deberes)
pass on entregar
pass to entregar a
pass something along entregar algo
pass something on (to someone) entregar algo (a alguien)
pass something along (to somebody) entregar algo a alguien
pass something in (to someone) entregar algo (a alguien)
pass on transferir
pass off transcurrir de un modo particular
pass on to transferir a
pass down transmitir
pass along transmitir información
pass forward transmitir
pass on transmitir
pass on to trasladar a
pass on traspasar
pass out traspasar a
pass off presentar algo de manera engañosa
pass over esquivar
pass up dejar pasar una oportunidad
pass on dejar pasar
pass in aprobar (examen)
pass on aprobar
pass in meter
pass off desarrollarse
pass over evitar
pass off quitar importancia
pass over descartar
pass someone up descartar a alguien
pass over rechazar
pass for reemplazar
pass over rehuir
pass out desmayarse