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Meanings of "judicial" in Spanish English Dictionary : 9 result(s)

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judicial judicial [adj]
judicial penal [adj]
judicial jurídico [adj]
judicial judicial [adj]
judicial crítico [adj]
judicial judiciario [adj]
judicial judicial [adj]
judicial poder judicial
judicial judicial [adj]

Meanings of "judicial" in English Spanish Dictionary : 24 result(s)

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judicial [adj] judicial
judicial [f] GT special police force
judicial [f] GT plain clothes police force that takes on special investigations
judicial [adj] judiciary
judicial [adj] pertaining to a court of law
judicial [m] MX police officer that obeys the orders of the respective judge
judicial [m/f] EC person who works for any of the agencies of the judicial power
judicial [m/f] GT judicial police officer
judicial [adv] lawyerlike
judicial [adv] lawyerly
judicial [adj] juridic
judicial [adj] legal
judicial [adj] judicial
judicial [adj] judge-made
judicial [adj] forensic
judicial [adj] juridical
judicial [adj] judicative
judicial [adj] judicatory
judicial [adj] court
judicial [adj] judicial
judicial [m] MX policeman
judicial [m] MX cop
judicial [adj] justiciary
judicial [adj] judicial

Meanings of "judicial" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

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proceso (judicial) [m] case
causa (judicial) [f] (court) case
acción judicial para recuperar la posesión de un bien [f] actions in rem
hora judicial [f] CO time when the courts start hearing cases
hora judicial [f] EC time when the courts start hearing cases
hora judicial [f] CR 15 minute grace period granted during which judicial acts are considered valid if they have not started at the scheduled time
entablar una acción judicial [v] prosecute
presentar una demanda judicial [v] file a lawsuit
pasar a disposición judicial [v] be taken into custody
pasar a disposición judicial [v] be detained
acatar una orden judicial [v] acknowledge court order
caso (judicial) [m] (court) case
poder judicial [m] judiciary branch
embargo judicial [m] seizure
decreto judicial [m] writ
proceso judicial [m] lawsuit
petejota (policía técnica judicial) [m/f] PA police offices
petejota (policía técnica judicial) [m/f] PA police officer
petejota (policía técnica judicial) [m/f] PA police
petejota (policía técnica judicial) [m/f] PA police employee
proceso (judicial) [n] (court) case
decreto judicial writ
orden judicial court order
conciliación judicial settlement agreement
investigación judicial inquest
el poder judicial the judiciary
error judicial miscarriage of justice
mandato judicial writ
el poder judicial judicial branch
expediente judicial judicial proceedings
distrito judicial judicial district
administrador judicial judicial administrator
litigio judicial [m] law
término judicial [m] session
por via judicial by legal means
en sede judicial in court
pedir clemencia al poder judicial [v] throw oneself at the mercy of the court
entablar una acción judicial [v] prosecute
subasta judicial legal auction
deudor judicial judgment debtor
remate judicial public auction
gasto judicial legal expense
deudora judicial judgment debtor
demanda judicial bill of complaint
costa judicial court cost
nombramiento de administrador judicial letters of administration
secretario judicial chief clerk
administradora judicial official receiver
venta judicial foreclosure sale
año judicial legal year
procedimiento judicial court proceeding
proceso judicial legal proceedings
procurador judicial attorney at law
órgano judicial judicial body
citación judicial summons
venta judicial sheriff's sale
resolución judicial judgments
procurador judicial attorney general
venta judicial execution sale
mandamiento judicial labor injunction
mandamiento judicial injunction
requerimiento judicial injunction
liquidación judicial winding-up order
orden judicial judicial order
venta judicial judicial sale
fiduciario judicial judicial trustee
orden judicial court order
liquidación judicial receivership
procedimiento judicial judicial procedure
gravamen judicial judicial lien
gravamen por fallo judicial judgment lien
acción judicial prosecution
orden judicial court order
procedimiento judicial court procedure
remate judicial judicial auction
intimación judicial de pago court order to pay
acción judicial legal action
mandamiento judicial writ
liquidador judicial judicial liquidator
administración judicial receivership
administrador judicial receiver
acción judicial lawsuit
gravamen por fallo judicial judicial lien
ejecución hipotecaria judicial judicial foreclosure
subasta judicial legal auction
subasta judicial judicial auction
notificación judicial judicial notice
orden judicial judicial order
venta judicial execution sale
pago judicial forced payment
certificado del administrador judicial receiver's certificate
liquidación judicial receivership
venta judicial justa e imparcial fair sale
fiduciario judicial judicial trustee
certificado del administrador judicial receiver’s certificate
orden judicial writ
venta judicial judicial sale
decreto judicial para la ejecución hipotecaria foreclosure decree
venta judicial foreclosure safe
venta judicial sale by the court
tasa judicial court filing fee
administrador judicial receiver in bankruptcy
convenio judicial preventivo CL MX debt reorganization plan
venta judicial judicial sale
requerimiento judicial demand for payment
deudores en gestión judicial AR receivables under collection proceedings
embargo judicial tax lien
orden judicial court order
resolución judicial court order
decisión judicial precedent
demanda judicial lawsuit
expediente judicial legal proceedings
venta judicial foreclosure sale
manutención por separación judicial separate maintenance
orden judicial court order
administrador judicial liquidating agent
inmunidad judicial immunity from judicial process
secuestro judicial judicial attachment
secuestro judicial attachment
declaración judicial en quiebra adjudication of bankruptcy
declaración judicial de quiebra adjudication of bankruptcy
sentencia judicial judgment
fallo judicial judgment
fallo judicial sentence
pesquisa judicial [f] inquest
información judicial [f] inquest
ejecutar una sentencia u orden judicial [v] administer a decree
expedir un mandamiento judicial [v] issue a warrant
entablar acción judicial [v] prosecute
entablar una acción judicial [v] prefer
iniciar acción judicial [v] bring suit
privar mediante sentencia judicial [v] forejudge
pasar a disposición judicial [v] be brought before a court
vender por orden judicial [v] foreclose
recurrir a la vía judicial [v] institute legal proceedings
recurrir a la vía judicial [v] go to the courts
recurrir a la vía judicial [v] press charges
recurrir a la vía judicial [v] ask a court of law to settle a dispute
recurrir a la vía judicial [v] go to law
recurrir a la vía judicial [v] resort to legal action
recurrir a la vía judicial [v] resort to legal proceedings
recurrir a la vía judicial [v] resort to judicial proceedings
reconocer una orden judicial [v] acknowledge court order
reconocer un mandato judicial [v] acknowledge court order
acatar una orden judicial [v] comply with a court order
solicitar en sede judicial [v] sue for
otorgar venia judicial [v] allow an appeal to proceed
acudir a la vía judicial [v] bring a lawsuit
pasar a administración judicial [v] go into receivership
pasar a disposición judicial [v] ES be brought before a judge for questioning
solicitar en sede judicial [v] file a lawsuit seeking
acudir a la vía judicial [v] go to court
recurrir la vía judicial [v] go to court
otorgar venia judicial [v] grant leave to appeal
acatar una orden judicial [v] honor a court order
intentar acción judicial [v] take legal action
intentar acción judicial [v] file a lawsuit
recurrir la vía judicial [v] resort to litigation
intentar acción judicial [v] institute legal proceedings
representar judicial y extrajudicialmente [v] represent both in and out of court
guardián judicial de un demente [m] committee
reclamación judicial writ
policía judicial judicial police
fianza judicial judicial bond
remate judicial judicial auction
rama judicial judicial branch
subasta voluntaria judicial voluntary judicial sale
declaración judicial sentence
actuación judicial judicial act
pena judicial judicial penalty
cooperación judicial judicial cooperation
sello judicial court stamp
acción judicial process
auto judicial judicial decree
subasta judicial judicial auction
costa judicial court cost
amparo judicial legal aid
veredicto por la instrucción judicial directed verdict
decreto judicial writ
proceso judicial judicial process
citación judicial judicial notice
demanda judicial lawsuit
arbitrio judicial legal discretion
procedimiento judicial legal proceeding
acudir a la vía judicial file a suit
obstrucción de acción judicial hindering prosecution
recurso judicial judicial recourse
diligencia judicial judicial proceeding
acción judicial action at law
protocolo judicial judicial record
agente judicial bailiff's clerk
auto judicial judicial writ
administrador judicial judicial factor
trámite judicial procedural step
liquidación judicial court settlement
venta judicial judicial sale
consejo judicial judicial council
archivo judicial court record
reconocimiento judicial judicial inspection
citación judicial writ of process
decisión judicial judgment
declaración judicial judgment
decreto judicial judicial decree
providencia judicial judicial ruling
cargo judicial judicial appointment
acudir a la vía judicial bring a lawsuit
gasto judicial court cost
periodo judicial term of court
declaración judicial adjudication
árbitro judicial court referee
procedimiento judicial judicial process
conocimiento judicial judicial notice
mandato/orden judicial de habeas corpus (writ of) habeas corpus
proceso judicial proceedings
declaración judicial finding of fact or of law
litigio judicial judicial action
decisión judicial court decision
secretario judicial court clerk
expediente judicial judicial proceeding
farsa judicial judicial farce
actuación judicial legal proceedings
calendario judicial calendar
revisión judicial federal federal judicial review
gasto judicial court expense
declaración judicial de culpabilidad guilty plea
sentencia judicial judicial decision
reclamación judicial assumpsit
interpretación judicial judicial construction
trámite judicial court proceeding
orden judicial de arresto arrest warrant
administrador judicial judicial administrator
funcionario judicial court official
arbitrio judicial judicial discretion
depósito judicial judicial deposit
apoderado judicial attorney
apremio judicial court action
declaración judicial judicial determination
taquígrafo judicial court reporter
taquígrafo judicial court stenographer
taquígrafo judicial stenographer
taquígrafo judicial stenotype operator
taquígrafo judicial shorthand reporter
taquígrafo judicial law reporter
orden judicial warrant
poder judicial judiciary
venta judicial sheriff’s sale
título del expediente judicial caption
tasa judicial filing fee
depositario judicial receiver (foreclosure-related)
expediente judicial court record
expediente judicial court proceedings
distrito judicial de los angeles los angeles judicial district
enlace judicial judicial liaison
administrador judicial custodian
acción judicial suit
orden judicial rule
prohibición judicial injunction
feriado judicial nonjudicial day
abandono de una acción judicial nonsuit a case
moratoria judicial suspension of proceedings
adjudicatario en venta judicial adjudicatee
instrucción judicial limitativa cautionary instruction
liquidador judicial receiver
mandamiento judicial writ of mandamus
anuncio judicial announcement of judicial act
cámara judicial court of appeals
auto judicial court order
oficio judicial official letter
orden judicial writ
orden judicial court order
orden judicial judicial writ
orden judicial de restitución writ of possession
orden judicial de lanzamiento writ of assistance
precedente judicial precedent
poder judicial judicial
ley de reforma a la caución judicial bail reform act
dictamen judicial previamente escrito prior written judicial opinion
defensor judicial guardian ad litem (for the suit)
auto u orden judicial de arresto bench warrant
intervención judicial judicial intervention
liquidador judicial judicial liquidator
administrador judicial judicial liquidator
proceso judicial prosecution
orden judicial para proteger a alguien protective order
mandamiento judicial warrant
requisitoria judicial bench warrant
requerimiento judicial injunction
revisión judicial judicial review
cuasi judicial quasi judicial
abandono de una acción judicial nonsuit
sentencia judicial decree
sinopsis de expediente judicial abstract of record
orden judicial para recobrar de posesión inmueble writ of entry
orden judicial de pago de deuda writ of debt
orden judicial de remisión de autos writ of error
orden judicial writ of mandamus
término judicial term of court
desagravio por mandato judicial injunctive relief
acción judicial court case or proceedings
pesquisa judicial inquest
administración judicial receivership
administrador judicial liquidator
cámara judicial appellate court
arresto sin orden judicial warrantless arrest
notificación judicial judge notice
legislación judicial judge-made law
deudor judicial judgment debtor
autorización judicial warrant
carrera judicial judicature state or profession
acción judicial judicial action
auxilio judicial judicial aide office
administrador judicial trustee in bankrupcy (trusteeship)
acta judicial judicial certificate
resolución judicial judicial decision
aviso judicial judicial notice
inmunidad judicial judicial immunity
depósito judicial judicial deposit
control judicial de constitucionalidad judicial review
contrato judicial judicial settlement
separación judicial judicial separation
año judicial judicial year
decreto judicial judicial writ
derecho de asistencia judicial right to counsel
día de audiencia judicial juridical day
calendario judicial court calendar
caución judicial bail
centro de auxilio judicial detention center
citación judicial summons
arancel judicial schedule of court costs
arancel judicial schedule of court fees
notificación judicial court notification
intimación judicial de pago court order to pay
oficio judicial court power to act
taquigrafía judicial court reporting
administrador judicial court-appointed administrator
promesa de no ejercer cierta acción judicial covenant not to sue
acto judicial de autorización de albacea letters testamentary
mandamiento judicial judicial writ
mandato judicial warrant
mandato judicial writ
policía judicial criminal investigation division
intervención judicial set of judicial measures
orden judicial de ejecución de sentencia writ of execution
auto judicial writ
resolución judicial decision
decreto judicial court decision
auto judicial decree
delito de desacato a autoridad judicial criminal contempt
audiencia judicial privada sitting in camera
comprador en venta judicial adjudicatee
borrador de una orden judicial minute of order
decisión judicial ruling
mandamiento judicial court order
mandato judicial injunction
demanda judicial suit
secretario judicial clerk
autoridad judicial judicial authority
venta judicial execution sale
orden judicial de comparecencia subpena
orden judicial de comparecencia subpoena
caución judicial recognisance
caución judicial recognizance
auxiliar judicial master
término judicial judicial term
venta judicial justa e imparcial fair sale
testigo judicial witness during a trial
absolución judicial dismissal
acción judicial lawsuit
acta judicial court record
uso judicial judicial custom
declaración judicial de insolvencia adjudication of insolvency
declaración judicial de quiebra adjudication of bankruptcy
pago judicial payment into court
administración judicial judicial administration
orden judicial perentoria peremptory writ
mandamiento judicial permanente permanent injunction
via judicial legal procedure
mandamiento judicial perpetuo perpetual injunction
arbitrio judicial judicial decision
día feriado judicial legal holiday
absolución judicial acquittal
mandamiento judicial preliminar preliminary injunction
embargo judicial judgment lien
aviso judicial judicial notice
secuestro judicial attachment
orden judicial preventiva preventive injunction
mandatario judicial attorney
error judicial failure of justice
comunicación judicial judicial communication
prueba de la notificación judicial proof of service
mandamiento judicial court order
mandato judicial court order
consignación judicial judicial deposit
contienda judicial litigation
custodia judicial por su propio bien protective custody
declaración judicial decree
orden judicial provisional provisional injunction
inmune contra acción judicial immune from prosecution
inmunidad contra acción judicial immunity from prosecution
declaración judicial court order
defensor judicial public defender
administrador judicial durante el litigio receiver pendente lite
certificado del administrador judicial receiver's certificate
liquidación judicial receivership
demanda judicial judicial complaint
obligación judicial recognisance
obligación judicial recognizance
quien asume una obligación judicial recognizor
decreto judicial judicial order
ley judicial judiciary law
depositario judicial receiver
pleito judicial legal action
dictamen judicial judicial decision
normas de ética judicial canons of judicial ethics
disposición judicial judicial disposition
documento judicial judicial document
mandamiento judicial injunction
expediente judicial court file
notificación judicial service
notificación judicial service of process
fallo judicial judicial decision
orden judicial mandamus
mandamiento judicial interlocutorio interlocutory injunction
gestión judicial judicial proceeding
gestor judicial judicial representative
orden judicial absoluta rule absolute
código de conducta judicial code of judicial conduct
venta judicial sale by the court
proceso judicial legal process
independencia judicial judicial independence
certificado judicial judge's certificate
orden judicial judge's order
deuda corroborada por fallo judicial judgment debt
privilegio judicial judgment lien
notificación judicial service of notice
expediente judicial judgment record
acto judicial judicial act
acción judicial judicial action
activismo judicial judicial activism
admisión judicial judicial admission
asistente judicial judicial assistant
autorización judicial judicial authorisation
autorización judicial judicial authorization
circuito judicial judicial circuit
código judicial judicial code
conocimiento judicial judicial cognizance
mando judicial judicial command
comentario judicial judicial comment
conclusión judicial judicial conclusion
confesión judicial judicial confession
control judicial judicial control
consejo judicial judicial council
día judicial judicial day
definición judicial judicial definition
rama judicial judicial department
determinación judicial judicial determination
discreción judicial judicial discretion
distrito judicial judicial district
deber judicial judicial duty
impedimento judicial judicial estoppel
prueba judicial judicial evidence
examen judicial judicial examination
ejecución hipotecaria judicial judicial foreclosure
función judicial judicial function
interpretación judicial judicial interpretation
indagación judicial judicial inquiry
conocimiento judicial judicial knowledge
investigación judicial judicial investigation
gravamen judicial judicial lien
método judicial judicial method
notificación judicial judicial notice
juramento judicial judicial oath
cargo judicial judicial office
funcionario judicial judicial officer
opinión judicial judicial opinion
orden judicial judicial order
partición judicial judicial partition
precedente judicial judicial precedent
poder judicial judicial power
procedimiento judicial judicial procedure
procedimiento judicial judicial proceeding
venta o subasta judicial sheriff's sale
prueba judicial judicial proof
cuestión judicial judicial question
reconsideración judicial judicial reconsideration
reexamen judicial judicial reexamination
comentario judicial judicial remark
recurso judicial judicial remedy
secuestro judicial judicial sequestration
arreglo judicial judicial settlement
sistema judicial judicial system
fiduciario judicial judicial trustee
policía judicial judiciary police
leyes que rigen el poder judicial judiciary acts
día judicial juridical day
jurisdicción judicial court jurisdiction
jurisprudencia judicial judge-made law
ley judicial judge-made law
discreción judicial legal discretion
orden judicial para testificar subpoena ad testificandum