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Meanings of "keeper" in Spanish English Dictionary : 77 result(s)

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keeper guarda [m/f]
keeper conservadora [f]
keeper cuidadora [f]
keeper guardadora [f]
keeper cerradero [m]
keeper conservador [m]
keeper cuidador [m]
keeper guardador [m]
keeper meta [m/f]
keeper vigilante [m/f]
keeper cerradera [f]
keeper cerradero [m]
keeper conservador [m]
keeper conservadora [f]
keeper fiador [m]
keeper guardián [m/f]
keeper cevepé (de cvp sigla de cuerpo de vigilantes de la policía) [m/f] CU
keeper custodia [f]
keeper guardiana [f]
keeper veladora [f]
keeper conserje [m]
keeper defendedor [m]
keeper carcelero [m]
keeper custodio [m]
keeper hafiz [m]
keeper guardián [m]
keeper tenedor [m]
keeper velador [m]
keeper guardabosque [m]
keeper retén [m]
keeper administrador [m]
keeper cerrojo [m]
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keeper contacto [m]
keeper armadura [f]
keeper armadura [f]
keeper sexteto magnético [m]
keeper cortocircuito magnético
keeper shunt magnético
keeper armadura [f]
keeper abrazadera [f]
keeper contratuerca [f]
keeper armadura [f]
keeper hembra del cerrojo [f]
keeper cuña [f]
keeper linguete [m]
keeper trinquete [m]
keeper contacto [m]
keeper pasador [m]
keeper fijador [m]
keeper fiador [m]
keeper cerradero [m]
keeper armadura de electroimán
keeper pieza de retención
keeper armadura [f]
keeper pasador [m]
keeper abrazadera [f]
keeper cerrojo [m]
keeper encintado de cerrojo [m]
keeper defensor [m]
keeper depositario [m]
keeper hembra de cerrojo
keeper cuña [f]
keeper saliente del cerrojo [m]
keeper encastre receptor del cerrojo [m]
keeper linguete [m]
keeper dedo de enganche
keeper hembra del cerrojo
keeper tabernero [m]
keeper barra de hierro dulce que conecta los polos de un imán permanente
keeper francalete [m]
keeper armadura de un imán artificial
keeper guardia [f]
keeper armadura [f]
keeper trinquete [m]
keeper cerrojo [m]
keeper dedo de enganche
keeper buen ejemplar

Meanings of "keeper" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 298 result(s)

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hotel keeper hotelera [f]
(football) to catch (a ball) (of a goal-keeper) cazar [v]
hotel keeper hotelero [m]
brothel keeper madame [f]
keeper [us] guardiana [f]
lighthouse keeper torrero [m]
keeper [us] guardián [m]
book-keeper contable [m/f]
water-mill keeper aceñera [f]
inn keeper albergadora [f] disused
inn keeper alberguera [f] disused
goal keeper arquera [f]
wages of a billiards score keeper coima [f]
water-mill keeper aceñero [m]
canal-keeper acequiero [m]
inn keeper albergador [m] disused
inn keeper alberguero [m] disused
goal keeper arquero [m]
owl-keeper buhero [m]
house keeper camarero [m]
billiards score keeper coime [m]
pigeon keeper colombófilo [m]
keeper of a rabbit warren conejero [m]
shop-keeper comerciante [m/f]
post of book-keeper teneduría [f]
brothel-keeper madam [f]
house keeper cachifa [f] NI PA VE EC
house keeper cachifa [f] EC:W derog.
house keeper cachifa [f] VE derog.
house keeper coima [f] CO:C rare derog.
house keeper pichel (inglés pitcher) [f] NI
house keeper perol [f] EC rare
pigeon keeper colombófila [f]
keeper of a rabbit warren conejera [f]
fish keeper pasa-peces [m]
lighthouse keeper farero [m]
donkey-keeper borriquero [m]
general store shop keeper/owner pulpero [m] AMER
boarding house keeper cuidador de la pensión [m]
bear keeper cuidador de osos [m]
canteen keeper cantinero [m]
house keeper cachifo [m] VE derog.
house keeper cachifo [m] EC:W derog.
cattle keeper campisto [m] HN
livestock keeper campañista [m] CL rare
ranch keeper campisto [m] HN
book keeper clerk (inglés) [m] PR
house keeper concertado [m] VE:W
house keeper conchabado [m] VE:W PY
time keeper in cock fighting cronometrista [m] PR
shrimp keeper lagunero [m] HN
lock keeper pasabarcos [m] PA
male brothel-keeper padrote [m] GT
lock keeper pasacables [m] PA
lighthouse keeper torrero [m/f]
pig keeper porquerizo
keeper of the queen's wardrobe camarera [f]
perquisite received by the keeper of a gaming-table coima [f]
place of keeper of the keys of the king's palace furriela [f]
female-keeper guardesa [f]
wardrobe-keeper ropería [f]
door-keeper in a nunnery tornera [f]
position of book-keeper teneduría [f]
bee-keeper abejera [f]
cash-keeper cajera [f]
usher/box keeper in a theatre acomodadora [f]
keeper of the keys clavaria [f]
keeper of the keys clavera [f]
warehouse-keeper almacenera [f]
store-keeper of the king's stables libradora [f]
bee-keeper colmenera [f]
keeper/physician of a madhouse loquera [f]
keeper of the keys llavera [f]
keeper of reservoirs estanquera [f]
bee-keeper apicultora [f]
inn-keeper aposentadora [f]
keeper of the records archivera [f]
inn-keeper mesonera [f]
keeper of an eating-house figonera [f]
tavern-keeper tabernera [f]
tally-keeper tarjadora [f]
tally-keeper tarjera [f]
place of keeper of the keys of the king's palace furriera [f]
bath-keeper bañera [f]
keeper of second-hand shop baratillera [f]
granary-keeper trojera [f]
keeper of a low eating-house or tavern bodegonera [f]
keeper of a venta ventera [f]
tavern keeper hostelera [f]
inn-keeper posadera [f]
gate-keeper portera [f]
bee-keeper abejero [m]
bee-keeper apicultor [m]
lodging-house keeper aposentador [m]
inn-keeper aposentador [m]
keeper of the records archivero [m]
water-mill keeper aceñero [m]
canal-keeper acequiero [m]
keeper of a granary/salt depot alfoliero [m]
keeper of a public granary alhondiguero [m]
keeper of arms armero [m]
usher/box keeper in a theatre acomodador [m]
cistern-keeper aljibero [m]
warehouse-keeper almacenero [m]
keeper of the almijara almijarero [m]
keeper of weights and measures for grain almudero [m]
door-keeper cerrador [m]
cash-keeper cajero [m]
keeper of a granary' or storehouse for tithes cillero [m]
bath-keeper bañero [m]
keeper of second-hand shop baratillero [m]
keeper of stores camarero [m]
keeper/driver of camels camellero [m]
keeper of the keys clavario [m]
assistant jail-keeper bastonero [m]
keeper of the keys clavero [m]
keeper of pasture-ground dehesero [m]
keeper of a dung-yard corralero [m]
canteen-keeper cantinero [m]
keeper of a gaming table coime [m]
bee-keeper colmenero [m]
keeper of a low eating-house or tavern bodegonero [m]
ass-driver/keeper borriquero [m]
owl-keeper buhero [m]
seat-keeper escañero [m]
keeper of an eating-house figonero [m]
keeper of a granary horrero [m]
inn keeper hostalero [m] rare
tavern-keeper hostalero [m] rare
tavern keeper hostelero [m]
ferret-keeper huronero [m]
keeper of reservoirs estanquero [m]
keeper of the rolls in the royal house grefier [m]
harness keeper guadarnés [m]
game keeper guardabosque [m]
keeper of a forest guardabosque [m]
keeper of the dies in the mint guardacuños [m]
faithful keeper guardador [m]
keeper of the crown jewels guardajoyas [m]
store-keeper guardalmacén [m]
keeper of a forest guardamonte [m]
keeper of the furniture of a palace guardamuebles [m]
dam-keeper presero [m]
dike-keeper presero [m]
kennel-keeper perrero [m]
keeper of lions leonero [m]
store-keeper of the king's stables librador [m]
keeper of harvested grain meseguero [m]
inn-keeper mesonero [m]
keeper/physician of a madhouse loquero [m]
door-keeper ostiario [m]
door-keeper plantón [m]
keeper of the keys llavero [m]
keeper of palms palmero [m]
forest-keeper montanero [m]
gate-keeper portero [m]
inn-keeper posadero [m]
cattle-keeper who owns pasturage posesionero [m]
keeper of the vegetables in the royal palace potajier [m]
wardrobe-keeper ropero [m]
elephant-keeper naire [m]
keeper of the choir books versiculario [m]
granary-keeper trojero [m]
tavern-keeper tabernero [m]
keeper of a gaming house tablajero [m]
keeper of the pool table truquero [m]
brothel-keeper (male) taita [m]
keeper of double keys in royal palace sobrellave [m]
vineyard-keeper viñadero [m]
tapestry keeper in the royal palace tapicero mayor [m]
tally-keeper tarjador [m]
tally-keeper tarjero [m]
keeper of breeding mares yegüero [m]
cow-keeper vaquero [m]
forest keeper zorrero [m]
keeper of a venta ventero [m]
keeper of breeding mares yegüerizo [m]
keeper of a granary/salt depot alfolinero [m]
keeper of a gaming table coimero [m]
tavern-keeper huésped [m/f]
tavern-keeper fondista [m/f]
keeper of a wardrobe guardarropa [m/f]
keeper of documents papelista [m/f]
faithful keeper guardadora [f/pl]
door-keeper portera [f]
door-keeper portero [m]
door-keeper ujier [m]
cow-keeper boyero [m]
book-keeper tenedor de libros [m]
game-keeper guardabosque [m]
game-keeper guarda de coto [m]
keeper of the great seal gran canciller [m]
keeper of the great seal guardasellos del rey [m]
prison-keeper conserje de una cárcel [m]
prison-keeper carcelero [m]
light-keeper farolero [m]
light-keeper torrero [m]
keeper of the seals guardasellos [m]
warehouse keeper guardaalmacén [m]
tavern-keeper posadero [m]
saloon keeper tabernero [m]
time-keeper cronómetro [m]
time-keeper reloj [m]
time-keeper reloj marcador [m]
turnpike keeper guardabarrera [m/f]
court keeper canchera [f] MX EC BO AR PV
house keeper casera [f] ES local
brothel-keeper canaca [m] CL derog.
court keeper canchero [m] MX EC BO AR PV
i am not my brother's keeper ¿acaso soy su padre?
i am not my brother's keeper yo no tengo nada que ver
i am not my brother's keeper ¿acaso soy yo el guardián de mi hermano?
i am not my brother's keeper no soy el guarda de mi hermano
am I my brother's keeper ¿acaso está a mi cargo?
am I my brother's keeper ¿acaso soy yo responsable de lo que él hace?
am I my brother's keeper ¿acaso soy yo su padre?
am i my brother's keeper ¿y yo qué tengo que ver?
am i my brother's keeper ¿por qué debo hacerme cargo?
am i my brother's keeper ¿y a mí qué?
am i my brother's keeper no soy su padre, ¿cómo voy a saber? (lo que hace/dónde está)
am i my brother's keeper no soy su madre, ¿cómo voy a saber? (lo que hace/dónde está)
brothel-keeper mamporrera [f]
shop keeper bolichera [f] BO PY AR UY
brothel keeper generalato [m] MX
brothel keeper alca [m] NI PR BO
brothel keeper alcahuete [m] NI PR BO
billiards table keeper truquero [m] BO
shop keeper bolichero [m] BO PY AR UY
book-keeper contadora [f] AMER
book-keeper contador [m] AMER
book-keeper contable [m/f]
book-keeper tenedor de libros
book-keeper tenedor de libros
book-keeper auxiliar contable
keeper of public records registrador [m]
keeper of a dog dueño de perro
keeper of a dog quien refugia a un perro sin ser dueño
keeper of public records funcionario a cargo de los registros públicos
book-keeper tenedor de libros
gate keeper portera [f]
internet gate keeper portero [m]
gate keeper portero [m]
keeper (lock) abrazadera [f]
lock keeper esclusero [m]
tavern keeper taquillero [m]
gate keeper guardabarrera [m]
lock keeper cerradero [m]
lock keeper picolete [m]
tool keeper guardafierros [m] MX
tool keeper guardaherramientas [m]
note keeper anotador [m]
note keeper apuntador [m]
keeper ring anillo de sujeción
hook and keeper gancho y hembra
magnet keeper shunt magnético
keeper ring anillo de retención
magnet-keeper shunt magnético
keeper ring anillo sujetador
magnet keeper derivación magnética
hook and keeper gancho y hembra
hook and keeper gancho y picolete
store keeper factor [m]
General Medicine
pig keeper porquero [m]
keeper of the dogs perrero [m]
keeper of a café cafetero [m]
hostel keeper mesonero [m]
time keeper reloj [m]
tool keeper utilero [m]
(magnet) keeper retén [m]
note keeper tarjero MX
subscriber equipment keeper contacto del equipo del abonado
valve keeper retenedor de la válvula
valve keeper abrazadera de válvula
valve-guide keeper guardaguía de válvula
store keeper almacenero [m]
range keeper calculador de tiro
propeller keeper guarda hélice [m]
lock keeper guarda [m]
davit keeper seguro del pescante
davit keeper collarín del pescante
lighthouse keeper farero [m]
lock keeper esclusero [m]
bridge-keeper operador de puente móvil [m]
line-keeper guardavía [m]
gate-keeper guardabarrera [m/f]
crossing keeper el guardabarrera
jail keeper celador [m]
lock keeper clica [f] AR
rabbit keeper conejero [m]
keeper plate placa de sustentación
lock keeper esclusero [m]
keeper of the spoils guardador [m]
play goal keeper (soccer) atajar [v] CR EC BO AR UY
shoot low (which is harder for a keeper to reach) tirar raso [v]
American Football
keeper (run a keeper) personal [m]
keeper (run a keeper) jugada personal
keeper (run a keeper) carrera personal
brothel keeper alcancías [f/pl]