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Meanings of "lively" in Spanish English Dictionary : 157 result(s)

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lively animado [adj]
lively vivaz [adj]
lively vivo [adj]
lively jacarero [adj]
lively caldeado [adj]
lively activo [adj]
lively alegre [adj]
lively entonado [adj]
lively jacarandoso [adj]
lively animoso [adj]
lively espiritoso [adj]
lively templado [adj]
lively travieso [adj]
lively vibrante [adj]
lively bizbirindo [adj] MX
lively vivaracho [adj]
lively caldeada [adj/f]
lively activa [adj/f]
lively entonada [adj/f]
lively jacarandosa [adj/f]
lively animada [adj/f]
lively animosa [adj/f]
lively espiritosa [adj/f]
lively templada [adj/f]
lively traviesa [adj/f]
lively bizbirinda [adj/f] MX
lively vivaracha [adj/f]
lively viva [adj/f]
lively avispado [adj]
lively contentura [f]
lively alacre [adj]
lively alegre [adj]
lively animado [adj]
lively avivador [adj]
lively bizbirindo [adj] MX
lively chispoleto [adj]
lively contento [adj]
lively espiritoso [adj]
lively vívidamente [adv]
lively vibrantemente [adv]
lively pizpireta (coloquial) [adj]
lively ágil [adj]
lively vital [adj]
lively pimpante [adj]
lively impetuoso [adj]
lively pizpireto [adj]
lively marchoso [adj]
lively bullanguero [adj]
lively juguetón [adj]
lively entusiasta [adj]
lively burbujeante [adj]
lively espumoso [adj]
lively vigoroso [adj]
lively perspicaz [adj]
lively llamativo [adj]
lively agalludo [adj] PR
lively bisbirindo [adj] MX GT SV
lively bisbiringo [adj] SV
lively bizbirindo [adj] MX
lively bizbiringo [adj] GT
lively bochinchoso [adj]
lively chiribisco [adj] NI
lively festejoso [adj] MX
lively canero [adj] DO
lively grillo [adj] PR
lively gualaicho [adj] BO
lively ideático [adj] VE PE rare
lively encendido [adj] SV DO
lively papeleta [adj] CO:W
lively pechú [adj] DO
lively pechudo [adj] DO PR
lively pimentoso [adj] VE
lively pispireto [adj] NI PY
lively pispireto [adj] UY rare
lively pispiriña [adj] PR
lively rejón [adj] HN
lively ututo [adj] AR:Nw
lively viyaya [adj] CU
lively virusco [adj] HN
lively fresco [adj] fig.
lively llamativa [adj/f]
lively bisbirinda [adj/f] MX GT SV
lively bisbiringa [adj/f] SV
lively bizbirinda [adj/f] MX
lively bochinchosa [adj/f]
lively agudamente [adv]
lively airoso [adj]
lively chispoleto [adj]
lively chistoso [adj]
lively despabilado [adj] fig.
lively despierto [adj]
lively boruquiento [adj] MX
lively brioso [adj]
lively bullicioso [adj]
lively bullidor [adj]
lively galano [adj]
lively faceto [adj] MX
lively gallardo [adj]
lively intensivo [adj]
lively espirituoso [adj]
lively enérgico [adj]
lively fogoso [adj]
lively telendo [adj]
lively intenso [adj]
lively intensiva [adj/f]
lively enérgica [adj/f]
lively airosa [adj/f]
lively espirituosa [adj/f]
lively faceta [adj/f] MX
lively fogosa [adj/f]
lively telenda [adj/f]
lively galana [adj/f]
lively gallarda [adj/f]
lively chispoleta [adj/f]
lively chistosa [adj/f]
lively boruquienta [adj/f] MX
lively intensa [adj/f]
lively briosa [adj/f]
lively bulliciosa [adj/f]
lively bullidora [adj/f]
lively despabilada [adj/f] fig.
lively despierta [adj/f]
lively vigorosamente [adv]
lively aprisa [adv]
lively vivamente [adv]
lively a lo vivo [adv]
lively eficaz [adj]
lively galán [adj]
lively brillante [adj]
lively chillante [adj] NI
lively chirote [adj] CR
lively de punta y taco [adj] CL
lively de porra [adj] MX
lively vivaracho [adj]
lively aniñado [adj] CL
lively remango [adj]
lively resalado [adj]
lively biyaya [adj] CU
lively bochinchero [adj] VE
lively lirumba [adj] NI teen
lively locancio [adj] CO
lively pispicho [adj] PE:S rare
lively rajado [adj] CL
lively ritalínico [adj] CL
lively sabrosón [adj] MX NI CR PA DO CO PE:W
lively atarantado [adj]
lively aniñada [adj/f] CL
lively marchosa [adj/f]
lively remanga [adj/f]
lively resalada [adj/f]
lively avispada [adj/f]
lively bochinchera [adj/f] VE
lively apresurado [adj]
lively saleroso [adj]
lively enérgicamente [adv]
lively movido [adj]
lively afectuoso [adj]

Meanings of "lively" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 137 result(s)

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in a lively way animadamente [adv]
be lively moverse [v]
become lively avivarse [v]
be lively bailar [v]
grow lively desavaharse [v]
with lively colors alegre [adj]
the state of being lively vivacidad [f]
continuous and lively dragging arrastradera [f] NI CL
ring or play lively repiquetear [v]
make more lively avivar [v]
make lively animarse [v]
smart and lively birusco [adj] HN SV rur.
lively and flirtatious bisbirindo [adj] MX GT SV
lively and flirtatious bisbiringo [adj] SV
very lively (music/dance) chilena [adj] EC
lively, very cheerful, charming and romantic (person) chivirico [adj] DO
lively (person) chiribico [adj] SV
lively and bustling (party) guapachoso [adj] SV
lively (wit) agudo [adj]
dance to lively music where the couples are joined only by the arms, which are extended and intertwined in order to form elegant and provocative poses alza que te han visto [m] EC
lively-colored plush skirt used by indigenous women from cuenca, ecuador bolsicón [m] EC:S
very lively and energetic street dance amorfino [m] EC:W
lively and flirtatious person (usually young) bizbirindo [m] MX
lively and flirtatious person (usually young) bizbiringo [m] GT
lively person chinche [m] PA
lively cheer guapido [m] PE:N
lively party destrabe [m] SV
aire de mejorana, lively song and dance zapatero [m] PA
lively person who explodes frequently polvorita [m/f] CL PY AR UY
smart and lively birusca [adj/f] HN SV rur.
lively conversation animada conversación
in a lively manner avivadamente [adv]
in a lively way briosamente [adv]
lively description pintura [f]
lively fancy travesura [f]
grow lively animarse [v]
become lively avisparse [v]
grow lively/sprightly desavaharse [v]
become lively desentorpecerse [v]
be lively pulular [v]
walk lively triscar [v]
talk in a lively way trastear [v]
lively interpretation (painting) afecto [m]
lively and continued striking golpeteo [m]
brilliant/lively genius rayo [m]
lively march pasacalle [m]
lively manner trapío [m]
lively, bold, and sharp (child) chivato [adj] CO:C rare
very lively cachimbón [adj] HN
lively person alma nacida [f]
lively person alma viviente [f]
look sharp/lively ponerse vivo [v]
feel lively and energetic sentirse en la cumbre [v]
be very lively sentirse en la cumbre [v]
be very lively or energetic person ser puro nervio [v]
be very lively and bustling ser un azogue [v]
be lively tener mucha pimienta [v]
be a lively sort tener mucha chispa [v]
be lively estar chicho [v] MX
lively chat hacer chorcha [v] MX
feel very lively desires hacer cominillo las manos [v] CL
have a lively conversation echar la talla [v] CL
as lively as a cricket tan viva como un grillo
as lively as a cricket muy vivaz
as lively as a cricket muy alegre
very lively con mucha marcha
look lively! ¡apúrate!
lively person bolera [f] VE:C
aware, lively, and clever woman sapa [f] EC PE BO
be lively tener marcha [v]
make lively desamorrar [v]
be lively ser vivo como una cendra [v]
be lively ser una cendra [v]
be lively ser alguien una ardilla [v]
make lively desamorrar [v]
lively, bold, and sharp (child) chivato [adj] BO AR:Nw,W
lively and hustling person torbellino [m]
lively person torbellino [m]
lively person bolero [m] VE:C
lively party, typically with alcohol desturque [m] NI teen
aware, lively, and clever man sapo [m] EC PE BO
lively (woman) pizpereta [adj/f]
lively (woman) pizpireta [adj/f]
look lively! ¡anímate!
look lively! ¡vamos!
look lively! ¡date prisa!
look lively! ¡ándale! MX
look lively! ¡deprisa! PE
look lively! ¡apúrate! PE
look lively! ¡apresúrate!
look lively! ¡dale! AR
look lively! ¡ándale pues! MX
look lively! ¡rápido, vamos!
in a lively way con ganas
lively trade movimiento [m]
Work Safety Terms
lively playing repique [m]
lively handle tacto vivo [m]
lively remark arranque [m]
lively person bullanguero [m]
lively person rayo [m]
lively steel acero líquido vivo
lively steel acero no calmado
more lively than andante movement andantino (italiano) [adv]
lively musical composition with a two by four rhythm chobena [f] BO:E
lively musical rhythm from eastern bolivia carnaval [m] BO:E
more lively andante movement andantino (italiano) [m]
lively wine vino vivo
lively and rhythmical folk dance similar to taquirari, it is danced with a chobena time chobena [f] BO:E
open position folk dance, with a lively rhythm and picaresque character firmeza [f] AR UY
couples dance, typical of the yucatan peninsula, set to lively tapping jarana [f] MX
musical composition with a lively and happy rhythm that accompanies this dance llamerada [f] BO:C,W
open position folk dance to a lively rhythm, and danced with castanets and waltz steps jota cordobesa [f] AR
open position folk courtship dance to a lively rhythm by dancers spaced diagonally dancing from corner to corner lorencita [f] AR
popular closed position dance to a lively rhythm similar to the tango milonga [f] NI AR UY
traditional dance performed by couples moving handkerchiefs to the beat of lively music pampeña [f] PE:S
open position folk courtship dance to a lively beat using a handkerchief remesura [f] AR
lively song to the rhythm of the tundiqui dance tuntuna [f] BO:Nw
dance the jarana, yucatencan dance with lively stomping guachapear [v] MX:Se
musical composition with a lively rhythm played at a three by four beat, and generally interpreted on guitar and accordion or harmonica, very popular in towns in the northeast of argentina, particularly in corrientes chamamé [m] PY AR
lively two-by-four country dance with a military style (the compere marks the rhythm with his baton) carabiné [m] DO
traditional open position dance set to a lively rhythm escondido [m] AR
open-position folk dance set to a lively rhythm caramba [m] AR
lively music that accompanies this dance gato [m] AR UY
musical composition with a lively and happy rhythm that accompanies this dance llamero [m] BO:W
open position folk dance set to a slow beat and a second lively beat, with minuet, waltz, and simple steps minué federal [m] AR UY rare
open position folk dance set to a slow beat and a second lively beat, with minuet, waltz, and simple steps minué montonero [m] AR UY
song and music of african origin with either a slow or lively beat and themes of oppression and slave exploitation panalivio [m] PE
folk dance depicting courtship to a lively beat pollito [m] AR
open position folk dance depicting courtship to a lively rhythm prado [m] AR
lively joropo llanero and narrative lyrics seis [m] VE
open position courtship dance to a lively beat using a handkerchief similar to the lorencita remedio [m] AR
lively song to the rhythm of the tundiqui dance tundiqui [m] BO:Nw
folk courtship dance to a lively rhythm, including greetings and other figures made with a hat, danced in córdoba, mendoza, santiago del estero and tucumán sombrerito [m] AR
dance to a lively beat taquirari [m] PE BO
folk dance to a lively rhythm where dancers start at the corners triunfo [m] BO AR
lively flamenco from aragonese and yalencian dance and tune alegrías [f/pl]
buxom (lively; vivacious) fresco [adj]