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Meanings of "organize" in Spanish English Dictionary : 23 result(s)

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organize organizar [v]
organize acotejar [v] CI CU DO CO
organize apellidar [v] rare
organize dar [v]
organize enhilar [v]
organize armar [v]
organize acotejar [v] LAM
organize prolijar [v] AR:Nw
organize disponer [v]
organize organizarse [v]
organize arreglar [v]
organize juntarse [v]
organize unirse [v]
organize emprolijar [v] AR UY
organize emprolijar [v] AR UY
organize sindicar [v]
organize sindicalizar [v]
organize establecer [v]
organize organizar [v]
organize sindicalizar [v] CO CL AR
organize preparar [v]
organize sindicar [v] SV HN CO VE BO EC
organize disponer [v]

Meanings of "organize" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 53 result(s)

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organize [us] organizar [v]
organize [us] arreglar [v]
organize into groups abanderar [v] AR CL
organize into teams abanderar [v] AR CL
organize into groups abanderizar [v]
organize into teams abanderizar [v]
organize in a convenient manner acomodar [v]
organize into groups banderizar [v]
organize into teams banderizar [v]
organize an exhibit comisariar [v]
organize precisely milimetrar [v]
organize down to the smallest detail milimetrar [v]
woman who likes to organize and enliven parties for close friends carnavalera [f] BO
person who likes to organize or attend popular religious festivals prestera [f] BO:W
organize oneself organizarse [v]
organize [us] ordenar [v]
organize again reorganizar [v]
organize an engagement ceremony cruzar los aros [v]
organize a meeting convocar una junta [v]
organize a meeting celebrar una junta [v]
organize a fair organizar una feria [v]
organize public acts of protest against organizations or persons in front of their headquarters or domicile funar [v] CL
organize documents into files legajar [v] PA CO EC
organize people to participate in a political activity encolumnar [v] AR
person selected to organize and pay expenses for a folkloric festival cabecilla [m] BO rur.
rotating responsibility to organize the patronal feast cargo [m] PE
man who likes to organize and enliven parties for close friends carnavalero [m] BO
person who likes to organize or attend popular religious festivals prestero [m] BO:W
organize in bands abanderizar [v]
organize into a regiment several battalions or companies regimentar [v]
organize a disturbance hacer demencia [v] PA teen
round up livestock to organize to sell parar rodeo [v] PY AR UY rur.
group of people of low social and educational level who organize fights and turmoil patio limoso [m] PA
couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery es incapaz de organizar nada
organize a conspiracy armar un tinglado [v]
organize a conspiracy against armar un tinglado [v]
organize properly montárselo bien [v]
organize improperly montárselo mal [v]
couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery no tiene ni pajolera idea de cómo organizar algo (familiar)
organize in to a trade union sindicar [v]
organize into a trade union sindicalizar [v]
organize [us] compaginar [v]
organize in to a syndicate sindicar [v]
organize a sit-in hacer una sentada [v]
re-organize reorganizar [v]
right to organize libertad sindical ES
organize efficiently racionalizar [v]
right to organize a professional association derecho de agremiación
International Law
right to organize derecho a organizarse
right to organize derecho de organización
self-organize [us] autoorganizar [v]
re-organize [us] reorganizar [v]
organize [us] constituir [v]