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Meanings of "sacudirse" in English Spanish Dictionary : 14 result(s)

İspanyolca İngilizce
sacudirse [v] shake
sacudirse [v] shake off
sacudirse [v] flail
sacudirse [v] swing vigorously
sacudirse [v] HN dismiss someone
sacudirse [v] HN fire someone
sacudirse [v] PA shake off
sacudirse [v] HN remove someone
sacudirse [v] flap
sacudirse [v] jump
sacudirse [v] slat
sacudirse [v] jounce
sacudirse [v] VE teen leave
sacudirse [v] CR EC be clever, smarter, or more confident

Meanings of "sacudirse" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 17 result(s)

İspanyolca İngilizce
acción de sacudirse flapping
sacudirse el polvo [v] dust oneself off
sacudirse las moscas [v] get rid of a troublemaker
sacudirse las telarañas [v] blow the cobwebs out
sacudirse las telarañas [v] blow away the cobwebs
sacudirse la modorra [v] become active or energetic
sacudirse las pulgas [v] wash one’s hands of it
sacudirse las telarañas [v] blow the cobwebs away
sacudirse el yugo [v] set oneself free
sacudirse las moscas [v] get rid of someone who is cumbersome or annoying
sacudirse el yugo [v] get rid of someone's oppression or domination
sacudirse las telarañas [v] blow the cobwebs off
sacudirse el yugo [v] rebel
sacudirse las pulgas [v] shake off the crumbs/fleas
sacudirse las telarañas [v] clear one's mind
sacudirse la polilla [v] MX shake off the cobwebs
American Football
sacudirse la derrota/la lesión shake off (a loss/an injury)