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Meanings of "soldier" in Spanish English Dictionary : 35 result(s)

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soldier militar [m]
soldier soldado [m]
soldier guerrera [f]
soldier guerrero [m]
soldier soldado [m/f]
soldier combatiente [m]
soldier carabina [f] DO
soldier militar [v]
soldier milico [m] derog.
soldier cachaco [m] PE derog.
soldier cuernudo [m] SV
soldier cuque (inglés cook) [m] GT SV
soldier charpudo [m] SV derog.
soldier chirizo [m] HN SV
soldier guacho [m] MX:Se GT
soldier huacho [m] MX
soldier gorila [m] SV BO
soldier huacho [m] MX
soldier milico [m] PA CO EC PE BO CL PY AR UY derog.
soldier pelado [m] CL
soldier pelón [m] HN
soldier tigre [m] HN
soldier zompopo [m] SV
soldier milico [adj] CL UY derog.
soldier gurí [m]
soldier guripa [m]
soldier sorche [m]
soldier chiri [m] HN derog.
soldier chafarote [f] AR
soldier infante [m]
soldier sardinel [m]
soldier montante [m]
soldier montante [m]
soldier soldado [m]
soldier ganado [m] SV derog.

Meanings of "soldier" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 166 result(s)

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discharged (soldier) licenciado [adj]
foot soldier infante [m]
infantry soldier infante [m/f]
foot-soldier peón [m]
soldier of fortune aventurero [m]
induction (of a soldier) instalación [f]
be enrolled as a soldier filiarse [v]
enrol a soldier filiarse [v]
be a soldier militar [v]
be a sailor/soldier servir [v]
be enrolled as a soldier alistarse [v]
be enrolled as a soldier afiliarse [v]
soldier-like soldadesco [adj]
byzantine soldier bardiota [m]
soldier wearing a helmet almete [m]
highly trained soldier in raiding enemy's territory (an ancient commando force) almogárabe [m]
fellow-soldier comilitón [m]
soldier appointed to keep rooms clean cuartelero [m]
soldier who guards/sells booty botinero [m]
figure dressed as soldier placed in the bullring dominguillo [m] disused
fellow-soldier conmilitón [m]
infantry soldier infante [m]
soldier covered by a shield empavesado [m]
moorish soldier of granada gandul [m]
soldier belonging to the guards guardia [m]
foot soldier peón [m]
cunning soldier matrero [m]
soldier appointed to lombard guns lombardero [m]
discharged soldier rebajado [m]
foot-soldier mosquetero [m]
soldier bearing a buckler rodelero [m]
egyptian soldier mameluco [m]
highly trained soldier in raiding enemy's territory (an ancient commando force) almogávar [m]
soldier-like soldadesca [adj/f]
soldier on horseback in andalusia and castile aguisado de a caballo [m]
wife of a soldier chapula [f] EC disused
any type of difficult work in a barracks that should be carried out by a soldier as punishment fagina [f] EC rare
sandinista soldier piricuaca [f] HN NI
female soldier uniformada [f] MX HN SV NI PR CO EC PE BO CL AR UY CR PA DO VE PY
wife accompanying a soldier during army deployment soldadera [f] MX
being an individual, almost always a soldier, who takes control using force gorila [adj] BO CL derog.
intently seeking leave (soldier) huesero [adj] SV
bedding and clothes of a soldier or prisoner petate [m]
great soldier capitán [m]
regular soldier soldado de línea [m]
a resident soldier of the east indies cipayo [m]
soldier (andes/río de la plata) milico [m]
former soldier exsoldado [m]
sandinista soldier piricuaco [m]
plastic soldier (toy) soldadito [m]
air force soldier avionero [m] PE
soldier serving the air force avionero [m] PE
soldier of the guatemalan army caibil [m] GT
soldier or policeman botudo [m] BO derog.
soldier or policeman botudo [m] AR:Nw derog. rare
uruguayan cavalry soldier of the presidential guard and the court of justice blandengue [m] UY
soldier in charge of clean up and company formation cabo policía [m] SV BO PY
soldier starting military service cachorro [m] NI BO
soldier that stashes food buquero [m] SV
a soldier that evades his/her training or a mission camotero [m] HN
trumpet-playing soldier choreta [m] HN
soldier who plays the role of assistant in the different departments of a military unit estafeta [m] BO
soldier who acts as a bodyguard escoltero [m] MX disused
dead soldier casco de cadáver [m] SV
soldier or politician seeking to gain control through force rather than following established democratic order golpeador [m] BO
individual, almost always a soldier, who takes control using force gorila [m] MX CU DO VE UY BO CL derog.
police officer or soldier who violates human rights gorila [m] BO CL UY derog.
police officer or soldier who violates human rights gorila [m] GT NI EC
soldier doing his duty colimba [m] AR UY
lazy soldier humero [m] HN
sleepy soldier humero [m] HN
uneducated soldier machetero [m] VE disused
rookie soldier mostrenco [m] BO
inept soldier ñeco [m] HN derog.
young soldier miliquito [m] UY derog.
us soldier living at the palmerola air base in honduras palmerolo [m] HN
lazy soldier pajizo [m] HN
sandinista soldier piricuaco [m] HN NI
soldier who eats all day policero [m] HN
army soldier in his first months reclutón [m] HN derog.
soldier supervising surveillance posts recorrida [m] VE
soldier who begins his military service sarna [m] BO
male soldier uniformado [m] MX HN SV NI PR CO EC PE BO CL AR UY CR PA DO VE PY
army soldier verde [m] UY disused
soldier dressed as a civilian vestido de franco [m] GT HN
former soldier exmilitante [m/f]
mercenary (soldier) mercenario [m/f]
a trained soldier un soldado entrenado
a trained soldier un soldado instruido
soldier on al pie del cañón
child soldier niño soldado
tin soldier soldadito de plomo
soldier-like militar [adj]
soldier-like marcial [adj]
common soldier soldado raso [m]
straggling soldier soldado rezagado [m]
wife, widow or daughter of a soldier militara [f]
be a soldier ser de tropa [v]
invalided/retired soldier culón [m]
uruguayan cavalry soldier blandengue [m] UY
honduran army soldier chiricuto [m] HN derog.
soldier inclined to participate in military rebellions fragotero [m] AR rare
soldier who replaces a corporal in his absence dragoniante [m/f] BO
special forces soldier rambo [m/f] CL
dress in plainclothes (a soldier) andar de blanquillo [v] HN SV
be in plainclothes (a soldier) andar de yuca [v] DO
be in civilian clothes (soldier) andar de blanquillo [v] HN SV
be on leave (soldier) estar de franco [v] PE BO
soldier (article of clothing) de fatiga [adj] CR PR
on leave (soldier) de franco [loc/adj] HN
a soldier of fortune un mercenario
foot soldier soldado raso
he's a soldier now es un soldado ahora
i'm a soldier soy soldado
i am a soldier soy soldado
i am a soldier soy militar
i am a soldier soy un soldado
my father is a soldier in the army mi padre es soldado en el ejército
fallen gun fallen soldier machete caído, indio muerto GT
a soldier guacho [m] MX GT
pejorative way of calling a soldier milico [m] CL
buffalo soldier soldado de los regimientos afro-americanos del ejército estadounidense (siglo XIX)
buffalo soldier soldado negro del ejército estadounidense del siglo XIX
soldier beam montante [m]
soldier course hilada a sardinel
discharged soldier soldado licenciado
soldier arch falso dintel
soldier course ladrillos de testa
soldier course ladrillos parados MX
soldier molecule molécula soldado
Marine Biology
soldier of fortune mercenario [m]
striped soldier shrimp camarón soldado rayado
king soldier bream sargo real
soldier brush shrimp camarón soldado
soldier piles perfiles verticales
soldier beams vigas verticales
soldier assigned as a servant to an officer asistente [m/f]
soldier pile wall tablestacado [m]
man dressed as a roman soldier armado [m]
soldier fish pez soldado [m]
land given to a soldier peonía [f]
unjustified absence of a soldier/cadet chorreada [f] BO
be absent without notice (soldier/cadet) chorrearse [v] BO
private soldier el soldado [m]
soldier armed with a lance lancero [m]
discharged soldier licenciado [m]
soldier who carries a flag in his gun banderín [m]
air soldier aerostero [m]
billeted soldier alojado [m]
soldier having additional pay aventajado [m]
soldier that tends to be absent without notice chorreador [m] BO
soldier who resigns after combat disperso [m] MX
soldier who replaces a corporal in his absence dragoneante [m] CO
reenlisted soldier reenganchista [m] CU
soldier trained to survive in an inhospitable area satinador [m] BO
soldier just starting their service suchi [m] BO
amount due to a soldier alcance [m]
airborne soldier paracaidista [m/f]
soldier who replaces a corporal in his absence dragoneante [m/f] BO
soldier who fulfills an obligation without having the required title or rank to do so dragoneante [m/f] CL disused
airborne soldier cazador paracaidista
a soldier armed with a carbine carabinero [m]
german foot-soldier lansquenete [m]
gallant soldier estrellita [f] MX
gallant soldier jeguito [m] MX
popular dancer dressed like a horse soldier with a black mask wearing a rattle and a bull horn vessel gamonal [m] PE