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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "battered" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 49 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
battered desportillado [adj]
battered maltratado [adj]
battered maltrecho [adj]
battered baqueteado [adj]
battered desportillada [adj/f]
battered maltratada [adj/f]
battered maltrecha [adj/f]
battered baqueteada [adj/f]
battered desastrado [adj]
battered roto [adj]
battered rota [adj/f]
battered desastrada [adj/f]
battered abollado [adj]
battered deteriorado [adj]
battered desconflautado [adj] PA CU
battered desconchunflado [adj] PR
battered desguabilado [adj] CR
battered desflecado [adj] CU
battered gulembo [adj] PR
battered desquebrajado [adj] NI
battered desperolado [adj] VE
battered despetroncado [adj] CU
battered destoletado [adj] CU
battered macheteado [adj] PE
battered moloteado [adj] SV
battered mormoso [adj] AR
battered rebosado [adj] MX NI CU BO
battered abollada [adj/f]
battered mutilado [adj]
battered mutilada [adj/f]
battered batido en brecha [loc/adj]
battered desconchinflado [adj] CU PR
battered destimbalado [adj] CU
battered de cama [loc/adj] PR AR UY rare
battered a la virulé
battered hacerse de goma [v] AR
battered despingado [adj] CU
battered abusado [adj]
battered agredido [adj]
battered inclinado [adj]
battered golpeado [adj]
battered destrozado [adj]
battered rebosado [adj]
battered escarpado [adj]
battered en mal estado
battered en talud
battered a la romana
British Slang
battered muy borracho
battered muy drogado

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "battered" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 44 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
battered object escofieta [f] PA
battered (person) cacharreado [adj] CU
battered from blows received desmondingado [adj] CU
with battered legs from having walked a lot without horseshoes gafiado [adj] CR rur.
with battered legs from having walked a lot without horseshoes gafo [adj] GT HN SV NI CR PR rur.
battered fighter cock in poor appearance gallo mondado [m] PR
battered child niño golpeado
battered spouse esposa golpeada
battered child syndrome síndrome de agresión infantil
battered spouse waiver exención para la esposa golpeada
battered spouse/child relief reparación para la esposa
battered child niño maltratado
battered husband esposo maltratado
battered spouse cónyuge maltratado
battered wife esposa maltratada
battered child hijo maltratado
battered child menor maltratado
battered face paramento inclinado
battered baby bebé maltratado
battered woman syndrome (bws) síndrome de la mujer maltratada (smm)
battered child syndrome síndrome del niño apaleado
battered child syndrome síndrome del niño maltratado
battered spouse cónyuge golpeado
battered-woman syndrome síndrome de la mujer golpeada
battered women mujeres golpeadas
battered husband esposo golpeado
battered wife esposa golpeada
battered woman mujer golpeada
battered-husband syndrome síndrome del esposo golpeado
battered men hombres golpeados
battered-spouse syndrome síndrome del cónyuge golpeado
battered child niño golpeado
battered-child syndrome síndrome del niño golpeado
sweet bread with anise, raw cane sugar, and battered in flour sheca [f] GT
small egg bread battered in syrup and rum borrachito [m] CL
stew prepared with battered and fried shrimp cooked in milk with chili pepper, onion, and other ingredients cubierto de camarones [m] PE
dish made with egg-dried battered fish served with potatoes and spices pescado calzado [m] SV
dish made with egg-dried battered fish served with potatoes and spices pescado forrado [m] SV
fried battered and stuffed potato or banana relleno [m] BO:W
battered monkfish rape a la romana
battered cod bacalao con trampa
battered hake merluza a la romana
battered sole lenguado a la romana
battered monkfish fillets filetes de rape a la romana