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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "conceited" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 194 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
conceited hinchado [adj]
conceited hueco [adj]
conceited endiosado [adj]
conceited pedante [adj]
conceited envanecido [adj]
conceited apretado [adj] MX
conceited confiado [adj]
conceited tieso [adj]
conceited presumido [adj]
conceited presuntuoso [adj]
conceited facistol [adj]
conceited fantasioso [adj]
conceited fatuo [adj]
conceited crecido [adj]
conceited creído [adj]
conceited vanidoso [adj]
conceited hinchada [adj/f]
conceited hueca [adj/f]
conceited endiosada [adj/f]
conceited envanecida [adj/f]
conceited apretada [adj/f] MX
conceited confiada [adj/f]
conceited tiesa [adj/f]
conceited presumida [adj/f]
conceited presuntuosa [adj/f]
conceited fantasiosa [adj/f]
conceited fatua [adj/f]
conceited crecida [adj/f]
conceited creída [adj/f]
conceited vanidosa [adj/f]
conceited afectado [adj]
conceited crespo [adj]
conceited cuellierguido [adj] fig.
conceited facistol [adj] DO VE rare
conceited empinado [adj] fig.
conceited fantástico [adj]
conceited engreído [adj]
conceited pagado [adj]
conceited satisfecho [adj]
conceited soplado [adj]
conceited vanaglorioso [adj]
conceited vano [adj]
conceited afectada [adj/f]
conceited empinada [adj/f] fig.
conceited engreída [adj/f]
conceited satisfecha [adj/f]
conceited facistola [adj/f] DO VE rare
conceited fantástica [adj/f]
conceited soplada [adj/f]
conceited crespa [adj/f]
conceited cuellierguida [adj/f] fig.
conceited pagada [adj/f]
conceited vanagloriosa [adj/f]
conceited vana [adj/f]
conceited alzado [adj]
conceited petulante [adj]
conceited altanero [adj]
conceited arrogante [adj]
conceited estirado [adj]
conceited pituco [adj] CL
conceited siútico [adj] CL BO
conceited fresa [adj] MX
conceited pijo [adj]
conceited sobrador [adj] SCN
conceited alterado [adj] BO
conceited apretado [adj] MX HN NI derog.
conceited arriscado [adj] HN NI
conceited atorrante [adj] PE derog.
conceited atracado [adj] CU derog.
conceited agentado [adj] DO PR
conceited alucinado [adj] HN:N
conceited alzado [adj] MX HN NI CR PA DO CO VE EC BO CL PY AR
conceited empetacado [adj] HN
conceited fufurufo [adj] SV
conceited soplado [adj] HN VE
conceited subido [adj] HN
conceited tufoso [adj] HN SV
conceited zocado [adj] HN NI
conceited abombado [adj] VE:W
conceited culeco [adj] DO
conceited culón [adj] SV NI
conceited cucufate [adj] HN
conceited caquero [adj] GT
conceited farfullas [adj] EC
conceited farto [adj] PA CO:N
conceited farfulla [adj] EC
conceited farfullero [adj] PR EC derog.
conceited faceto [adj] MX
conceited fachento [adj] CR disused
conceited fachento [adj] HN SV NI
conceited fufis [adj] SV
conceited grave [adj] HN
conceited creyente [adj] CU
conceited hartado [adj] CR derog.
conceited guilloso [adj] PR derog.
conceited inflado [adj] MX GT PY
conceited lamido [adj] GT
conceited engallotado [adj] SV
conceited empachado [adj] CU
conceited engrupido [adj] CL PY AR UY BO rare
conceited luciaco [adj] HN
conceited empetacado [adj] HN rur.
conceited merecido [adj] SV
conceited místico [adj] CU child
conceited parado [adj] EC rare
conceited parado [adj] PR CL
conceited papagayo [adj] BO:W
conceited panudo [adj] PE
conceited peluche [adj] NI
conceited pintiparado [adj] PR CO:N EC CL
conceited plástico (inglés plastic) [adj] GT SV NI CR PA DO PR EC
conceited plasticón [adj] CU
conceited poseído [adj] PA
conceited privón [adj] DO
conceited prosudo [adj] EC BO:E
conceited puestudo [adj] PR
conceited ratonero [adj] UY
conceited ratonudo [adj] UY
conceited vitoqueado [adj] VE
conceited sobijado [adj] HN rur.
conceited sofis [adj] HN
conceited sobrador [adj] PE PY BO:W AR UY
conceited tapudo [adj] HN SV NI
conceited ufanoso [adj] SV
conceited fifí [m/f] HN
conceited agentada [adj/f] DO PR
conceited alucinada [adj/f] HN:N
conceited empetacada [adj/f] HN
conceited fufurufa [adj/f] SV
conceited soplada [adj/f] HN VE
conceited subida [adj/f] HN
conceited tufosa [adj/f] HN SV
conceited zocada [adj/f] HN NI
conceited infatuado [adj]
conceited caprichoso [adj]
conceited infatuada [adj/f]
conceited caprichosa [adj/f]
conceited patitieso [adj]
conceited postinero [adj]
conceited finchado [adj]
conceited cachimbón [adj] SV
conceited fufurufo [adj] SV
conceited engrupido [adj]
conceited fachento [adj] AMER
conceited fafarechero [adj]
conceited faramallero [adj] SCN
conceited gilí [adj]
conceited fachendista [adj]
conceited fachoso [adj] CL EC
conceited farolero [adj]
conceited cogotudo [adj]
conceited engolletado [adj]
conceited crestudo [adj]
conceited fachendón [adj]
conceited fachendoso [adj]
conceited lijoso [adj] CAR
conceited paquetudo [adj]
conceited botado [adj] PE
conceited faruscas [adj] CR disused derog.
conceited frontú [adj] PR teen
conceited inflado [adj] CL
conceited empretinado [adj] AR:Nw
conceited mierdero [adj] PA
conceited pantorrilludo [adj] PE rare
conceited pesado [adj] GT CR CU DO PR
conceited picoda [adj] CO derog.
conceited postalita [adj] CU
conceited posudo [adj] MX CO
conceited rajón [adj] HN NI CR
conceited visajoso [adj] CO:W,Sw,C derog.
conceited vitrinero [adj] CO disused derog.
conceited votado [adj] PE teen
conceited sobrador [adj] BO:W cult
conceited sobrador [adj] CO AR UY derog.
conceited sobrador [adj] PE PY
conceited tarrero [adj] CL
conceited tufoso [adj] HN SV
conceited patitiesa [adj/f]
conceited postinera [adj/f]
conceited finchada [adj/f]
conceited engolletada [adj/f]
conceited cogotuda [adj/f]
conceited fachendona [adj/f]
conceited fachosa [adj/f] CL EC
conceited farolera [adj/f]
conceited crestuda [adj/f]
conceited frontúa [adj/f] PR teen
conceited huele mierda [loc/adj] PA
conceited echado para adelante [adj] VE
conceited pecho de paloma [adj] CL
conceited pagado de su suerte [adj] PE BO
conceited mamón [adj] MX
conceited quebrao CL
conceited ufano [adj]

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "conceited" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 146 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
get conceited engreírse [v]
be conceited presumir [v]
conceited fellow follona [f] rare
become conceited envanecerse [v]
become conceited infatuarse [v]
become conceited encopetarse [v] fig.
make someone vain/conceited engreír [v]
become conceited engreírse [v]
foolishly conceited casquivano [adj]
foolishly conceited tontivano [adj]
vain, conceited person fantasma [m]
a conceited, pretentious person escuderón [m] derog.
conceited fellow follón [m] rare
a conceited, careless person monicaco [m] derog.
a conceited, careless person monicongo [m/f] derog.
foolishly conceited casquivana [adj/f]
foolishly conceited tontivana [adj/f]
conceited person alterada [f] BO
conceited person atorranta [f] PE derog.
conceited person due to a favorable social/economic position alzada [f] MX EC PE BO
conceited person figurita [f] SV
conceited person mamila [f] MX
conceited or superficial person payasa [f] CU
conceited person parejera [f] PR VE
conceited person postinuda [f] VE
conceited person vacana [f] DO
be vain or conceited presumir [v]
make vain or conceited engreír [v]
become vain or conceited engreírse [v]
be proud or conceited pagarse [v]
become conceited infatuarse [v]
become vain or conceited envanecerse [v]
be conceited arriscarse [v]
become conceited ventearse [v]
get conceited infatuarse con [v]
get conceited engrillarse [v] VE
be conceited engreírse [v]
get conceited engrillarse [v]
become conceited ensoberbecerse [v]
become conceited alzarse [v] MX HN NI PA
become conceited ancharse [v] GT
become conceited engallotarse [v] SV
become conceited engallarse [v] HN
become conceited engrandecerse [v] HN NI BO PY
become conceited engrillarse [v] PR
become conceited ensimismarse [v] EC BO
become conceited agrandarse [v] HN SV NI CO BO PY AR
become conceited pillarse [v] AR UY
become conceited sobrarse [v] EC PE
conceited (due to a favorable social/economic position) alzado [adj] MX EC PE BO
conceited (person) chinchoso [adj] EC
conceited (person) chusco [adj] AR:Nw
conceited and very happy with him or herself forondo [adj] HN NI VE:W CL BO rare
conceited and proud faramallero [adj] VE
pretentious and conceited firulístico [adj] DO PR
pretentious and conceited facistol [adj] DO VE rare
conceited (person) cotofo [adj] NI
conceited person alterado [m] BO
conceited person atorrante [m] PE derog.
conceited person due to a favorable social/economic position alzado [m] MX EC PE BO
pretentious and conceited facistor [m] VE
pretentious and conceited facistolero [m] VE rare
conceited person hartado [m] CR derog.
young conceited man not very dedicated to study or work, but who enjoys dressing neatly and courting women patiquín [m] VE disused
conceited or superficial person payaso [m] CU
conceited person parejero [m] PR VE
conceited person postinudo [m] VE
conceited person vacano [m] DO
conceited person aeropajita [m/f] PE
pretentious and conceited person culis-soquis [m/f] HN derog.
conceited person mandaparte [m/f] BO AR
conceited (women) alegrona [adj/f] CO:C
foolishly conceited sesivana [adj/f] PR
self-conceited presuntuoso [adj]
self-conceited arrogante [adj]
self-conceited presumido [adj]
self-conceited presuntuosa [adj/f]
self-conceited presumida [adj/f]
conceited and boastful person hechona [f] PR VE
conceited person lijosa [f] CU
conceited woman reina [f] MX NI derog.
conceited woman reinita [f] MX NI derog.
be conceited endiosarse [v]
get conceited fincharse [v]
be conceited/haughty engolletarse [v]
become conceited alzarse [v] MX
get conceited atufarse [v] CAM
be highly conceited creerse la muerte [v] CL
be self-conceited creérsela [v] AR
be conceited tener muchos humos [v]
become conceited pincharse [v] CO:C,Sw
be conceited agrandar [v] HN NI AR
supremely conceited (person) fantasmón [adj]
puny and conceited youth sietemesino [adj] rare
vain or conceited and tends to dress in a flashy or showy manner currupantioso [adj] PE rare derog.
conceited and very happy with him or herself forongo [adj] CL
conceited person matero [adj] GT
a vain and conceited fellow fachenda [m]
conceited fellow farol [m]
conceited stiff man tragavirotes [m]
conceited youth boquirrubio [m]
conceited and arrogant person bollo [m] CO
conceited and boastful person hechón [m] PR VE
conceited person lijoso [m] CU
puny and conceited youth sietemesina [adj/f] rare
supremely conceited (person) fantasmona [adj/f]
conceited air aire de suficiencia
conceited person la divina pomada [f] EC
(fame/money) make someone conceited subirse a la cabeza [v]
be conceited erguir el cuello [v]
be as conceited as a barber's cat erguir el cuello [v]
be conceited as a barber's cat ser más chulo que un ocho [v]
be conceited no caber en si [v]
be conceited pagarse de uno mismo [v]
get conceited ponerse ancho [v]
be a very conceited person ser más picado que muela de gamín [v]
be very conceited and vain ser como narciso [v]
be very conceited and vain ser un narciso [v]
become very conceited subírsele a alguien los humos a la cabeza [v]
become very conceited subírsele el humo a la cabeza [v]
become very conceited subírsele a alguien una cosa a la cabeza [v]
become very conceited subírsele los humos [v]
become very conceited subírsele los humos a la cabeza a alguien [v]
be very conceited about something estar muy poseído de algo [v]
be very conceited tener muchas ínfulas [v]
be very conceited tener ínfulas [v]
be conceited tener tufos [v]
be very conceited tener muchos tufos [v]
be conceited tener mucho gallo [v]
be conceited tener mucho copete [v]
be conceited ponerse los chongos [v] HN
be conceited creerse cosas [v] CU
be conceited creerse el arroz con pollo [v] HN NI
be conceited creerse el gran culo [v] HN
be conceited creerse que inventó la orilla azul de la bacinica [v] HN SV
be conceited creerse el conde quirico [v] PR
become conceited echar para atrás [v] PR
be conceited ponerse los chongos [v] HN
be conceited ponerse los colochos [v] HN
proud, arrogant, or conceited behavior pecho de paloma [m] CL
as conceited as a barber's cat muy presumido/a
conceited as a barber's cat más chulo que un ocho
a conceited woman culo de tres nalgas CR
a conceited person bombeta CR
General Medicine
make conceited envanecer [v]
become conceited or vain envanecerse [v]