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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "pavear" im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch : 24 Ergebniss(e)

Spanisch Englisch
pavear [v] SCN play a joke on
pavear [v] SCN mess around
pavear [v] SCN mess about
pavear [v] SCN play the fool
pavear [v] DO AR laze around
pavear [v] DO AR idle
pavear [v] DO AR hang out without doing anything
pavear [v] PA stud. play hookie
pavear [v] CL be distracted
pavear [v] PA stud. play hooky
pavear [v] PA stud. skip class
pavear [v] PA stud. unjustifiably not attend class or something mandatory
pavear [v] SV NI sit out a dance
pavear [v] BO:Se deceive
pavear [v] DO BO:C,E,Se AR UY say nonsense
pavear [v] DO BO:C,E,Se AR UY say ridiculous things
pavear [v] DO BO:C,E,Se AR UY do ridiculous things
pavear [v] BO:Se mislead
pavear [v] DO BO:C,E,Se AR UY say crazy things
pavear [v] BO:Se cheat
pavear [v] BO:Se con
pavear [v] BO:Se trick
pavear [v] BO:Se fool
pavear [v] putz around