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Meanings of "comprendre" in English French Dictionary : 45 result(s)

French English
comprendre [v] include
comprendre [v] understand
comprendre [v] fathom out
comprendre [v] dig
comprendre [v] apprehend
comprendre [v] hold
comprendre [v] cover
comprendre [v] seize
comprendre [v] conceive
comprendre [v] make out
comprendre [v] realize
comprendre [v] construe
comprendre [v] perceive
comprendre [v] see
comprendre [v] realise
comprendre [v] include
comprendre [v] twig
comprendre [v] fathom
comprendre [v] embrace
comprendre [v] comprehend
comprendre [v] embody
comprendre [v] imply
comprendre [v] compass
comprendre [v] contain
comprendre [v] savvy
comprendre [v] encompass
comprendre [v] incorporate
comprendre [v] take
comprendre [v] apperceive
comprendre [v] figure out at
comprendre [v] catch on
comprendre [v] figure out
comprendre [v] make out
comprendre [v] catch on
comprendre [v] make out
comprendre [v] consist of
comprendre [v] realize
comprendre [v] understand
comprendre [v] include
comprendre [v] comprise
comprendre [v] realize
comprendre [v] incorporate
comprendre [v] understood
comprendre [v] understand
comprendre [v] understand

Meanings of "comprendre" with other terms in English French Dictionary : 42 result(s)

French English
sans comprendre [adv] blankly
comprendre à demimot [v] take the hint
être capable de comprendre [v] be able to understand
comprendre quelqu'un de travers [v] be at cross-purposes
être incapable de comprendre [v] be unable to comprehend
être incapable de comprendre [v] be unable to get
être incapable de comprendre [v] be unable to make head or tail of
être incapable de comprendre [v] be unable to understand
commencer à comprendre [v] begin to understand
ne pas pouvoir comprendre [v] can not understand
ne pas pouvoir comprendre [v] can't get one's head round something
ne pas comprendre [v] can not comprehend
ne pas pouvoir comprendre [v] can not perceive
comprendre clairement [v] clearly understand
commencer à comprendre [v] come to understand
mal comprendre [v] conveniently misunderstand
ne pas arriver à faire comprendre [v] fail to make oneself understood
ne pas comprendre la leçon [v] fail to understand the lesson
comprendre clairement [v] gain a clear understanding
mal comprendre [v] get hold the wrong end of the stick
mal comprendre [v] get one's wires
mal comprendre mistake
mal comprendre misunderstand
comprendre l'essentiel to get the gist
comprendre qqch get away with something
comprendre qqch figure something out
comprendre qqch get back into something
comprendre qqch get away
comprendre la plaisanterie be a good sport
comprendre comment faire quelque chose to get the hang of something.
on a mis du temps à comprendre the penny dropped
vouloir comprendre la situation to see how the land lies
comprendre la situation to know the score
ne rien y comprendre to lose one's marbles
ne pas comprendre tout de suite to wait for the penny to drop
comprendre la plaisanterie be able to take a joke
Social Security
mal comprendre misunderstanding
comme je crois comprendre as i see it
comprendre la question to meet the point
faire comprendre to bring home
comprendre une accusation [v] understand a charge
Governmental Terms
forme facile à comprendre readily understandable form