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Spanish English
¡arribar! [interj] down with the helm!

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Spanish English
arribar [v] arrive
arribar a [v] reach
arribar [v] drift
arribar [v] recover
arribar [v] improve
arribar [v] dock
arribar [v] arrive
arribar [v] land
arribar [v] disused drive
arribar [v] disused carry
arribar [v] disused bring
arribar [v] put into port
arribar [v] arrive in
arribar [v] GT HN SV NI CU PR CO VE UY arrive at a place (typically by plane)
arribar [v] CU DO PR reach a conclusion
arribar [v] GT HN SV derog. have a birthday
arribar [v] HN SV NI arrive at a place
arribar [v] DO rur. improve in health
arribar a la escuela [v] arrive at school
arribar (nave) [v] arrive the harbour
arribar [v] reach
arribar [v] fall off to leeward
arribar a [v] set foot on
arribar light on
arribar [v] recover from an illness or financial calamity
arribar [v] accomplish one's desire
arribar [v] convalesce
arribar [v] recover
arribar [v] obtain
arribar [v] win
arribar [v] get
arribar [v] put in
arribar a puerto [v] enter port
arribar [v] enter harbour
arribar [v] veer
arribar [v] fetch
arribar [v] bear away
arribar [v] be carried away by the wind
arribar [v] tack with the wind
tendencia a arribar lee helm
arribar [v] bear off
arribar [v] put into a harbor
arribar todo [v] bear away
tendencia a arribar lee helm
arribar [v] cast off
arribar [v] bear away