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Meanings of "affect" in Spanish English Dictionary : 46 result(s)

English Spanish
affect conmover [v]
affect fingir [v]
affect emocionar [v]
affect afectar [v]
affect nublar [v]
affect impactar en [v]
affect impresionar [v]
affect castigar [v]
affect incidir en [v]
affect interesar [v]
affect enternecer [v]
affect repercutir en [v]
affect alcanzar [v]
affect afectar [v]
affect amanerar [v]
affect amellar [v]
affect aparentar [v]
affect acondicionar [v]
affect herir [v]
affect ir [v]
affect asumir [v]
affect obrar [v]
affect aspirar [v]
affect causar efecto (en el ánimo) [v]
affect anhelar [v]
affect tener afición [v]
affect dañar [v]
affect mover [v]
affect habitar [v]
affect simular [v]
affect frecuentar [v]
affect atacar [v]
affect perjudicar [v]
affect golpear [v] NI CU BO
affect hacer mellas [v]
affect afectar [v]
affect influir [v]
affect corresponded to
affect afecto [m]
affect impactar [v]
affect afectar [v]
affect afecto [m]
affect hipotecar [v]
affect pignorar [v]
affect influenciar [v]
affect contaminar [v]

Meanings of "affect" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 115 result(s)

English Spanish
woman whose demeanor is such that criticism does not affect them (person) cueruda [f] BO derog.
affect adversely perjudicar [v]
affect deeply conmocionar [v]
affect with drugs dopar [v]
adversely affect causar efectos negativos en [v]
affect emotionally causar emoción a alguien [v]
free oneself from the daily anxieties and problems that affect one's mood desatorarse [v] CL
affect each other ejercer influencia entre sí [v]
affect in a negative way influenciar negativamente [v]
affect each other influenciarse mutuamente [v]
affect each other influenciarse el uno al otro [v]
affect in a negative way afectar de manera negativa [v]
affect in a negative way afectar negativamente [v]
affect in a negative way afectar desfavorablemente [v]
affect one's honour afectar el honor propio [v]
affect one's quality afectar la propia calidad [v]
affect positively afectar positivamente [v]
affect positively afectar de manera positiva [v]
affect positively afectar favorablemente [v]
affect positively afectar de manera favorable [v]
affect unfavorably afectar desfavorablemente [v]
affect unfavorably afectar de manera desfavorable [v]
affect with panic infundir pánico [v]
affect one's honour repercutir en el honor de uno [v]
have an internal conflict or worry that may affect one's behavior conflictuarse [v] MX EC BO PY AR UY CL
not affect anyone else ensolverse [v] DO
of such a demeanor that criticism does not affect them cuerudo [adj] GT SV NI BO derog.
man whose demeanor is such that criticism does not affect them (person) cuerudo [m] BO derog.
circumstances that affect a process/person/thing asegunes [m/pl] MX
affect gravity of the voice ahuecar [v]
affect discretion discretear [v] derog.
affect modesty and composure fruncirse [v]
affect importance fungir [v]
affect an air of dignity and grandeur garbear [v]
affect the nobleman ahidalgarse [v] rare
affect the head with some unpleasant smell or vapour encalabrinar [v]
affect a lofty gongorizar [v]
affect dignity engallarse [v]
affect gravity formalizarse [v]
affect with melancholy melancolizar [v]
affect ostentation and pomp lozanear [v]
affect distress/poverty llorar [v]
affect the politician politiquear [v] AMER
affect with emotion mover [v]
affect the cripple manquear [v]
affect (negatively) perjudicar [v]
affect (To have or show a liking for) amar [v]
affect grief llorar con un ojo [loc/v]
affect deeply afectar en lo más vivo [v]
affect someone so strongly that he or she cries mover a alguien a las lágrimas [v]
affect negatively meter el dedo [v] HN NI
not affect someone pelar los dientes [v] MX
affect deeply entrar algo muy adentro [v]
affect deeply llegar algo muy adentro [v]
affect ignorance fingir ignorancia
affect ignorance aparentar ignorancia
affect ignorance hacerse el sueco
how does it affect me? ¿en qué me afecta?
how does it affect me? ¿cómo me perjudica?
affect one deeply llegar al alma [v]
affect one greatly llegar al alma [v]
affect gravity mirlarse [v]
mince' or affect a peculiar delicacy alfeñicarse [v] disused
(according to popular belief) man who has supernatural and evil powers that affect the life and health of others paye [m] BO:E
have no affect on caer por defuera [loc/v]
others cannot affect us ande yo caliente y ríase la gente
adversely affect afectar adversamente [v]
affect adversely afectar adversamente
International Law
adversely affect tener un efecto negativo [v]
adversely affect a right atentar contra un derecho [v]
adversely affect trade tener un efecto negativo sobre el comercio [v]
adversely affect afectar adversamente [v]
adversely affect trade afectar negativamente el comercio [v]
affect memory memoria afectiva
flat affect afecto plano
flat affect afecto aplanado
affect displacement desplazamiento del afecto
constricted affect afecto constreñido
positive affect afecto positivo
negative affect afecto negativo
blunted affect afecto embotado
inappropiate affect afecto inapropiado
restricted affect afecto restringido
flat affect afecto plano
inappropriate affect afecto inapropiado
labile affect afecto lábil
affect display manifestaciones del afecto
affect displacement desplazamiento del afecto
affect hunger hambre de afecto
affect memory memoria afectiva
affect spasms espasmo afectivos
affect favourably beneficiar [v]
affect negatively perjudicar [v]
affect favorably beneficiar [v]
affect memory memoria afectiva
blunted affect afecto aplanado
affect intensity intensidad de afecto
affect hunger hambre de afecto
expression of affect expresión de afecto
inappropriate affect afecto inapropiado
constricted affect afecto restringido
flat affect afecto insulso
positive affect afecto positivo
flattening of affect aplanamiento de afecto
restricted affect afecto restringido
affect negatively afectar negativamente
flattened affect afecto aplanado
labile affect afecto lábil
negative affect afecto negativo
quota of affect cuota de afecto
blunt affect afecto disminuido
sad affect afecto triste o deprimido
propeller gyroscopic affect efecto giroscópico de la hélice
affect ignorance desentenderse [v]
flat affect inexpresivo [adj]