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Meanings of "difficulty" in Spanish English Dictionary : 71 result(s)

English Spanish
difficulty dificultad [f]
difficulty turbación [f]
difficulty apuro [m]
difficulty pantano [m]
difficulty padrastro [m]
difficulty jamón [m] DO
difficulty barranco [m]
difficulty apretura [f]
difficulty atrenzo [m] PE AR
difficulty apretura [f]
difficulty tribulación [f]
difficulty arista [f]
difficulty penosidad [f]
difficulty adversidad [f]
difficulty rémora [f]
difficulty brega [f] PR
difficulty chelura [f] SV
difficulty chochada [f] NI
difficulty crujida [f] GT
difficulty pellejería [f] CL AR disused
difficulty rompida [f] SV
difficulty tángana [f] PR
difficulty intríngulis [m]
difficulty tope [m]
difficulty atrenzo [m] AR
difficulty deschongue [m] HN SV
difficulty friqui (inglés freak) [m] HN teen
difficulty contrabando [m] DO rur.
difficulty compendio [m] SV NI
difficulty embone [m] NI
difficulty pegón [m] NI
difficulty predicamento [m] MX NI PA
difficulty tusero [m] VE
difficulty tropiezo
difficulty barrera [f]
difficulty estrechez [f]
difficulty pena [f]
difficulty preñez [f]
difficulty aprieto [m]
difficulty atrenzo [m] AMER
difficulty compromiso [m]
difficulty brete [m]
difficulty inconveniente [m]
difficulty escollo [m]
difficulty laberinto [m]
difficulty nudo [m]
difficulty reparo [m]
difficulty monte [m]
difficulty tropezón [m]
difficulty tropiezo [m]
difficulty trabajo [m]
difficulty oposición [f]
difficulty objeción [f]
difficulty impedimento [m]
difficulty embarazo [m]
difficulty obstáculo [m]
difficulty pejiguera [f]
difficulty contra [f]
difficulty bronca [f] MX CR
difficulty pellejería [f] BO:S
difficulty busilis [m]
difficulty cazonal [m]
difficulty bemol [m] CL
difficulty mojón [m] CU
difficulty tanate [m] CR
difficulty atao [m] CL
difficulty aprieto [m]
difficulty apretón [m]
difficulty la dificultad
difficulty lío [m]
difficulty inconveniente [m]

Meanings of "difficulty" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 182 result(s)

English Spanish
with difficulty difícilmente [adv]
with great difficulty penosamente [adv]
with great difficulty laboriosamente [adv]
with great difficulty apuradamente [adv]
with difficulty fatigosamente [adv]
without difficulty buenamente [adv]
get out of a difficulty salir del paso [v]
igniting with difficulty apagadizo [adj]
igniting with difficulty apagón [adj] CU
with difficulty apenitas [adv] MX GT HN SV NI PA EC BO PY AR UY
spoken with difficulty (language) champurreado [adv] CL
difficulty breathing apretadera [f] CU
difficulty breathing apretazón [f] CU
difficulty breathing apretadera [f] CU
circumstance of private or public life of special difficulty and requirement candela [f] EC
avoid a difficulty gambeta [f] BO AR UY
confront a difficulty coger el toro por los cuernos [v]
have difficulty in doing something tener dificultad en hacer algo [v]
have difficulty in doing something tener dificultad para hacer algo [v]
have difficulty understanding tener dificultad para entender [v]
breathe with difficulty respirar con dificultad [v]
avoid a difficulty not to face it culipandear [v] CU VE
breath with difficulty and redden because of excessive heat or physical effort asorocharse (del quechua) [v] CL
remain stalled in a vehicle because of a difficulty with the land atracarse [v] VE PE UY
stop an activity because of a difficulty/impediment atracarse [v] VE PE
sail with difficulty barloventar [v] PR
astutely evade an expected difficulty in order to not have to deal with it culipandear algo [v] CU DO PR VE
evade a difficulty or responsibility with subterfuge culebrear [v] DO PR
speak a language with difficulty, hesitatingly and without clarity chapucear [v] CR VE BO
speak a language with difficulty, pronouncing words poorly and using strange expressions champurrear [v] NI PR CL AR
speak a language with difficulty, pronouncing words poorly and using strange expressions champurrear [v] HN rare
advance with difficulty or insecurity in an issue or question gatear [v] CL
face up to something with great difficulty machucarse [v] CL
experience difficulty parir [v] CR
obtain something with great difficulty pelechar [v] SV
breathing with difficulty and having a red face caused by excessive heat or physical effort asorochado [adj] CL
stopped by an obstacle/difficulty (vehicle) atracado [adj] VE
who has difficulty breathing due to laughing/crying (child) desmorecido [adj] CU
who walks with great difficulty desortijado [adj] UY rur.
with difficulty expressing oneself and understanding what is being said chapetón [adj] EC disused
walking with a limp or with difficulty (person or animal) chapín [adj] HN
spoken with difficulty (language) champurreado [adj] CL
having difficulty breathing due to asthma or a bad cold ajoguillado [adj] PR
walking with difficulty patuleto [adj] HN
have difficulty walking due to leg problems patulenco [adj] CR disused
walking with difficulty terebeco [adj] HN
added difficulty/irritation agravante [m]
breathing with difficulty and having a red face caused by excessive heat or physical effort asorochamiento [m] CL
difficulty in breathing ahoguillo [m] PR
evasion of a difficulty or a responsibility culebreo [m] DO PR
difficulty speaking a language champurreo [m] CL
difficulty breathing gargajuelo [m] DO
person with difficulty speaking lengüetrapo [m] NI
ingenious solution to solve a difficulty rebusque [m] NI CO VE PY AR UY
with great difficulty a puras cachas [loc/adv] HN SV
difficulty level nivel de dificultad
with difficulty apenas [adv]
with difficulty dificultosamente [adv]
without difficulty fácilmente [adv]
with difficulty escasamente [adv]
with difficulty fatigadamente [adv]
with difficulty estiradamente [adv]
difficulty in rising from a seat pereza [f]
explanation of a difficulty llave [f]
breathe with difficulty anhelar [v]
drive into a position of difficulty arrinconar [v]
disengage from a difficulty desempeñarse [v]
overcome a difficulty enristrar [v]
evade a difficulty evadir [v]
overcome (a difficulty) solucionar [v]
sidestep (a difficulty) soslayar [v]
disengage from a difficulty librarse de [v]
causing difficulty dificultador [adj]
breathing with difficulty suspiroso [adj]
great difficulty barranco [m] fig.
dragging out of ditch or difficulty desabarrancamiento [m] rare
difficulty of breathing in beasts huélfago [m]
causing difficulty dificultadora [adj/f]
breathing with difficulty suspirosa [adj/f]
with difficulty de malas [adv] PA
with great difficulty a rascas [adv] HN
face any difficulty no ponérsele a alguien nada por delante [v]
endure a difficulty aguantar el tirón [v]
endure a difficulty aguantar mecha [v]
endure a difficulty aguantar (la) marea [v]
face a danger or difficulty hacer pata ancha [v] AR UY
be in difficulty estar en problemas [v]
be in difficulty estar en dificultades [v]
be in a great difficulty estar con el dogal al cuello [v]
be in a great difficulty estar con la soga al cuello [v]
overcome the difficulty llevarse el gato al agua [v]
face difficulty llevarlo claro [v]
get around a problem/difficulty obviar un problema [v]
manage or survive with difficulty sacar un cinco pelado [v]
succeed in with difficulty or by a narrow margin sacar un cinco pelado [v]
overcome a problem or a difficulty remontar el vuelo [v]
be in difficulty soplar malos vientos [v]
have difficulty in making a decision estar dudoso [v]
overcome a very great difficulty brincar la talanquera [v] VE:C,W
be in difficulty estar bien remangado [v] NI
be in difficulty estar color de hormiga [v] HN SV NI
successfully overcome difficulty or show that one can hacer la fuerza [v] NI rare
for a majority of the students in a class to fail an exam due to its difficulty hacer tronadera [v] GT teen
face a danger or difficulty hacer la pata ancha [v] AR UY
face a danger or difficulty hacer pata ancha [v] AR UY
create some impediment or difficulty hacer problema [v] CL
get past some difficulty librarla [v] MX PY
get over some difficulty librarla [v] MX PY
be stunned by a difficulty enredarse en las cuartas [v] AR
get over a difficulty without any lasting damage llevársela de arriba [v] AR
face up to something with great difficulty machucárselas [v] CL
overcome with no difficulty pasar cholo [v] NI
get out of an unpleasant situation or difficulty pasar el taco [v] PR
walk with difficulty quebrar el cuerpo [v] UY
alleviate someone of a commitment or difficulty sacar de paso [v] NI
get out of a difficulty sacarse el pillo [v] CL
person who walks with difficulty patas de lora en cumba [f/pl] HN
with great difficulty a gatas [loc/adv] PE BO PY AR UY
have difficulty finishing a task on time (person) dañarse el caminado [loc/v] CO
without difficulty como quien no quiere la cosa AR CL ES MX VE
with difficulty al tran tran [adv]
with great difficulty a nado [adv]
with great difficulty a duras penas [adj]
only with difficulty solo con dificultad
with difficulty a duras penas
with difficulty con apuros
with great difficulty a duras penas
with great difficulty a malas penas
without difficulty sin reparo
with great difficulty a trancas y barrancas
with difficulty a trompicones [adv]
in difficulty bajo mínimos [adv]
with great difficulty agatas [adv] DO UY PE disused
avoid a difficulty gambeteada [f] BO AR
difficulty breathing apretazón [f] CU
masticate with difficulty mascujar [v]
pronounce with difficulty mascujar [v]
masticate with difficulty mascullar [v]
face difficulty pasar crujía [v]
having difficulty in speaking (usually because of being nervous) ser parado [v]
move or relocate somewhere, typically with considerable effort and difficulty costear [v] AR
evade a problem, difficulty, or responsibility correrse [v] NI PE BO CL
(a person) with a difficulty to avoid an embarrassing situation abacorado (de abacorar) [adj] CU
having difficulty in breathing ahoguillado [adj] PR
having difficulty in breathing ajoguillado [adj] PR
great doubt/difficulty reparón [m]
root of a difficulty busilis [m]
difficulty breathing ajogo [m] DO PR rur.
flaw, error or difficulty on the course of doing something trompezón [m] DO CL
difficulty breathing apretadero [m] CU
means of avoiding a difficulty desenfadaderas [f/pl]
(a person) with a difficulty to avoid an embarrassing situation abacorada (de abacorar) [adj/f] CU
having difficulty in breathing ahoguillada [adj/f] PR
having difficulty in breathing ajoguillada [adj/f] PR
face difficulty before someone or something cagar pelo [loc/v] PR
with great difficulty a trancas y barrancas
financial difficulty dificultad financiera
added difficulty agravante [m]
task difficulty dificultad de la tarea
difficulty sleeping dificultad para dormir
ringing difficulty dificultad de la llamada
learning difficulty la dificultad de aprendizaje
difficulty in swallowing disfagia [f]
difficulty inhaling dificultad al aspirar
swallowing difficulty dificultad al pasar
difficulty breathing dificultad al respirar
difficulty articulating dificultad articulatoria
difficulty articulating dificultad para articular
difficulty scale escala de dificultad
concentration difficulty dificultad de concentración
difficulty index índice de dificultad
difficulty value valor de dificultad
learning difficulty dificultad de aprendizaje
index of difficulty índice de dificultad
item difficulty dificultad de artículo
difficulty of breathing in animals huérfago [m]
dyslexia (specific learning difficulty) dislexia [f]
separation difficulty dificultad de separación
crowding phenomenon (separation difficulty) fenómeno de aglomeración
crowding phenomenon (separation difficulty) dificuldad de la separación
aircraft in difficulty avión con problemas
With difficulty abés [adv]