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English Spanish
ruca novia

Meanings of "ruca" in English Spanish Dictionary : 18 result(s)

Spanish English
ruca [f] CL AR hut
ruca [f] CL AR cabin
ruca [f] MX CAM BO old maid
ruca [adj/f] exhausted
ruca [f] AR CL cabin
ruca [f] AR CL indian hut
ruca [adj/f] CAM worthless (especially norses)
ruca [adj/f] CAM old
ruca [adj/f] MX CAM aged
ruca [f] CL traditional indian hut
ruca [f] rocket
ruca [f] MX GT HN SV NI BO elderly woman
ruca [f] CL hut
ruca [f] CL hovel
ruca [f] derog. AMER old fogey
ruca [f] derog. AMER dodo
ruca [f] derog. AMER fuddy-duddy
ruca [f] CU hand

Meanings of "ruca" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 7 result(s)

Spanish English
ruca (mapuche) [f] HN SV NI derog. girlfriend
ruca (mapuche) [f] CL AR indigenous housing on the pampas and patagonia
ruca (mapuche) [f] PE prostitute
ruca (mapuche) [f] EC time to rest after a meal
ruca (mapuche) [f] HN SV NI derog. mother
ruca (mapuche) [f] HN SV NI derog. wife
ruca (mapuche) [m/f] CL provisional or rustic dwelling