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Meanings of "worker" in Spanish English Dictionary : 43 result(s)

English Spanish
worker trabajadora [f]
worker obrera [f]
worker trabajador [m]
worker obrero [m]
worker operaria [f]
worker proletaria [f]
worker operario [m]
worker proletario [m]
worker laborador [m]
worker callapera [f] VE
worker laburadora [f] BO
worker peón [m]
worker empleado [m]
worker labrador [m] rare
worker callapero [m] VE
worker laburador [m] BO
worker microbrigadista [m] CU
worker pordiyero [m] GT
worker currante [m/f]
worker obrero [m/f]
worker trabajador [m/f]
worker negro [m] VE
worker currante [m/f] ES
worker labrador [m]
worker trabajador [m]
worker obrero [m]
worker obrador [m]
worker empleado [m]
worker operario [m]
worker obrero [m]
worker trabajador [m] MX
worker persona que trabaja
worker cilindro cardador
worker trabajador [m]
worker obrador [m]
International Law
worker asalariado [m]
worker brosiri (indio minga) [m]
worker laborador [m]
worker labrador [m]
worker obrero [m]
worker peón [m]
worker trabajador [m]
worker trabajador [m]

Meanings of "worker" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

English Spanish
sanitary worker sanitaria [f]
foundry worker fundidora [f]
public health worker sanitaria [f]
salaried worker asalariado [adj]
manual worker obrero [m]
sanitary worker sanitario [m]
construction worker maestro [m]
brass worker latonero [m]
foundry worker fundidor [m]
office worker oficial [m/f]
office worker oficinista [m/f]
skilled worker oficial [m/f]
co-worker compañera del trabajo
hourly worker jornalera (por hora)
hourly worker jornalero (por hora)
migrant worker trabajador migratorio
farm worker obrero agrícola
migrant worker trabajador migratoria
co-worker (male) compañero del trabajo
farm worker obrera agrícola
skilled worker oficiala [f]
office worker administrativa [f]
office worker empleada [f]
co-worker colaboradora [f]
casual worker temporera [f]
seasonal worker temporera [f]
co-worker cooperadora [f]
railway worker ferroviaria [f]
railroad worker [us] ferroviaria [f]
skilled worker oficial [m]
office worker administrativo [m]
office worker empleado [m]
construction worker albañil [m]
research worker investigador [m]
co-worker colaborador [m]
miracle worker taumaturgo [m]
casual worker temporero [m]
seasonal worker temporero [m]
co-worker cooperador [m]
railway worker ferroviario [m]
railroad worker [us] ferroviario [m]
temporary worker eventual [m/f]
casual worker eventual [m/f]
voluntary worker cooperante [m/f]
lace-worker randera [f]
hemstitch worker vainiquera [f]
worker/dealer in corals coralera [f]
tapestry-worker tapicera [f]
worker in a sugar mill trapichera [f]
worker in a borate mine boratera [f] CL
velvet worker vellutera [f]
plate-worker platera [f]
worker in buckskin antero [m]
zinc-worker cinquero [m]
worker/dealer in corals coralero [m]
cloth-worker batanero [m]
sheet-metal-worker batihoja [m]
worker in a sugar mill bojotero [m] CO
worker in a borate mine boratero [m] CL
railway worker carrilano [m] BO CL
worker in bronze broncista [m]
worker in brass buyador [m] rur. rare
worker in wood ensamblador [m]
pewter-worker peltrero [m]
worker in brass latonero [m]
worker employed fulling cloth pilatero [m]
gold-foil-worker oropelero [m]
plate-worker platero [m]
unlawful worker of abandoned mines macuquero [m]
worker in a sugar mill prensero [m] CO
tapestry-worker tapicero [m]
worker in a sugar mill trapichero [m]
velvet worker vellutero [m]
stucco-worker estuquista [m/f]
worker in marble marmolista [m/f]
moonshine still worker alambiquera [f] MX SV NI AN VE BO AR
sewer worker albañalera [f]
worker who loads sugar cane alzadora [f] CU
government worker amarilla [f]
bakery worker amasandera [f] CO CL
moonshine still worker alambiquero [m] MX SV NI AN VE BO AR
construction worker alarife (árabe) [m]
sewer worker albañalero [m]
construction worker albañí [m] disused
construction worker albañir [m] disused
farm worker albarrán [m] disused
sewer worker alcantarillero [m]
worker who loads sugar cane alzador [m] CU
dock worker amantero [m]
cargo worker amantero [m]
government worker amarillo [m]
bakery worker amasandero [m] CO CL
construction worker albañil (árabe) [m/f]
unskilled worker peona [f]
packer (worker) empacadora [f]
box-office worker taquillera [f]
abaca worker abacalera [f]
construction worker maestra [f]
worker assigned to another department adscripta [f] AR
domestic worker asesora del hogar [f] CL
worker who collects sugar cane and loads it into a truck alzadora [f] CU
sugarcane collector (worker) braceadora [f] BO:E,S
immigrant worker bracera [f] MX NI
hard worker bibijagua [f] CU
active worker biónica (inglés) [f] CL
active worker biónica (inglés) [f] HN PA
a hard worker camelladora [f] EC
bakery worker canastera [f] CL
female worker in charge of measuring and calculating volumes, especially in metallic structures cubicadora [f] DO CL
female worker responsible for varnishing furniture charoladora [f] EC PE
small portion of a harvest that a worker takes without express permission from the land owner he/she works for chala (del quechua) [f] EC:S
hard worker chambeadora [f] MX GT HN SV NI
domestic worker china [f] EC rare
domestic worker cholina [f] SV
domestic worker chopa [f] DO derog.
domestic worker famuya [f] MX
sugar cane worker cañera [f] DO AR:Nw
number of pieces a worker receives to assemble in a day carga [f] HN
profession of rubber plantation worker cauchería [f] CO
worker, typically a rural laborer, who moves periodically from one region to another golondrina [f] AR PE CL rare
domestic worker coima [f] CO:C rare derog.
brothel worker copetinera [f] PE BO
telecommunications worker comunicadora [f] CU DO CL
poll worker junta receptora [f] EC PY
poll worker junta receptora de votos [f] SV NI CR PY
poll worker junta receptora del voto [f] EC PY
domestic worker maid (inglés) [f] PR
public worker who asks for a bribe matraquera [f] VE
monthly worker mesera [f] GT HN NI rur.
worker in charge of moving products or merchandise in an area movilizadora [f] CL
domestic worker muchacha de adentro [f] CO rare
domestic worker muchacha de adentro [f] GT
domestic worker niña de mano [f] CL
worker specialized in making clothing samples muestrera [f] CL
community worker minguera [f] CL AR:Nw rur.
community worker minguera [f] EC
community worker minguera [f] PE rur.
agricultural worker in charge of stacking piles parvera [f] MX EC
correctional food services worker pailera [f] PE
sugar cane worker in northwest uruguay peluda [f] UY
domestic worker queca [f] CO:Ne
weekly worker semanera [f] PE rur.
scaffold worker silletera [f] AR
textile worker textilera [f] EC BO
boards placed on the sides of the scaffolding to protect the worker tabla de capellada [f] PR
fruit and vegetable market worker veguina [f] CL
dish that a field worker eats at noon, made of rice, meat or fish, wrapped in banana leaves tonga [f] EC:W rur.
work as a worker peonar [v] SCN
fire a worker/employee desgomar [v] DO
dismiss a worker/employee desgomar [v] DO
win the love of a domestic worker chopear (inglés chop) [v] DO
active (worker) biónico (inglés) [adj] CL
active (worker) biónico (inglés) [adj] HN PA
careless (worker) chasquilla [adj] CL
hard worker chambero [adj] MX GT HN SV NI PE
careless (worker) chambón [adj] PE CU derog.
careless (worker) chambón [adj] EC rare
careless (worker) chambón [adj] MX HN PA CO VE BO AR UY
sloppy (worker) chulungo [adj] PR
low-paid (worker) chupe [adj] PE
low wage (worker) cholero [adj] HN SV
being a miracle worker milagriento [adj] MX GT HN NI
state worker funcionario [m]
farm worker agricultor [m]
manual worker hired by the day jornalero [m]
white-collar worker empleado [m]
lead worker plomero [m]
road worker peón caminero [m] disused
road worker obrero de carretera [m]
aid worker cooperante [m]
volunteer worker cooperante [m]
sex worker trabajador sexual [m]
guest worker trabajador invitado [m]
guest worker trabajador extranjero [m]
guest worker gastarbeiter [m]
itinerant worker trabajador migratorio [m]
box-office worker taquillero [m]
farm worker faenero [m] AND CL
quarry worker cantero [m]
abaca worker abacalero [m]
a cemetery worker responsible for digging a grave prior to a funeral service sepulturero [m]
worker assigned to another department adscripto [m] AR
brain worker trabajador cuya labor requiere el uso del cerebro [m]
domestic worker asesor del hogar [m] CL
blue-colored worker obrero [m]
blue-colored worker trabajador obrero [m]
campaign worker trabajador de campaña [m]
shipping agents association worker caletero [m] VE
itinerant worker ayuda [m] EC
worker who collects sugar cane and loads it into a truck alzador [m] CU
quantity of pieces that a worker receives to produce in a day (factories) bojote [m] HN
rural worker who takes care of minor tasks boyero [m] AR rur.
sugarcane collector (worker) braceador [m] BO:E,S
immigrant worker bracero [m] MX NI
rural worker who opens roads brechero [m] BO rur.
active worker biónico (inglés) [m] HN PA
active worker biónico (inglés) [m] CL
lower ranking assistant or worker borriguero [m] PA
field worker who hauls sugar cane in a mill burro [m] SV rur.
worker who places bunches of bananas on the transport cable cablero [m] HN
a hard worker camellador [m] EC
farm worker campeño [m] HN SV
bakery worker canastero [m] CL
male worker in charge of measuring and calculating volumes, especially in metallic structures cubicador [m] DO CL
male worker responsible for varnishing furniture charolador [m] EC PE
corn farm worker chacarero [m] EC PE BO CL AR UY
hard worker chambeador [m] MX GT HN SV NI
worker in charge of controlling the moisture of the soil (sugar industry) capataz de riego [m] PR
truant (worker/student) capeador [m] GT
truant (worker/student) capeador [m] CL rare
construction worker apprentice chunero [m] GT SV:W
lover of a domestic worker chopero [m] DO
inexperienced young worker (especially a sailor) chiporro [m] CL
railroad worker ferrocarrilero [m] MX GT HN NI CR PA CU CO VE EC PE BO CL AR UY PY rare
iron worker fierrero [m] PE
iron worker fierrero [m] CL
construction worker specializing in finishing facades frentista [m] AR
construction worker specializing in finishing facades finishero (inglés finish) [m] US
worker who finishes palm hats cañamazo [m] EC:S
sugar cane worker cañero [m] DO AR:Nw
worker engaged in occasional or casual low-pay work canchador [m] PE
railroad track worker carrilano [m] BO CL disused
railroad track worker carrilano [m] PE
worker in charge of carrying the yerba mate leaves to the drying room guaino [m] AR:Nw rur.
domestic worker concertado [m] VE:W
domestic worker conchabado [m] VE:W PY
telecommunications worker comunicador [m] CU DO CL
worker in charge of spreading cement or concrete concretero [m] CL
worker of two back-to-back shifts kutinta [m] BO
worker hired for mining or agricultural work in risky conditions enganchado [m] PE CL
occasional worker maquipura [m] BO:Sw
textile worker who places bobbins on spooling machines madejero [m] PE
worker in charge of livestock branding marquero [m] AR rur.
public worker who asks for a bribe matraquero [m] VE
abusive exploitation of a worker negreo [m] MX CL PY AR UY derog.
worker who loads or unloads goods from boats muellero [m] DO PR
worker in charge of moving products or merchandise in an area movilizador [m] CL
domestic worker muchacho [m] GT HN SV NI PA BO
worker in a yerba mate mine minero [m] AR:Ne rur.
community worker minguero [m] CL AR:Nw rur.
community worker minguero [m] EC
community worker minguero [m] PE rur.
agricultural worker in charge of stacking piles parvero [m] MX EC
agricultural worker parcelero [m] CO CL
saw mill worker palillero [m] HN
correctional food services worker pailero [m] PE
worker who removes the sheet metal from the body of a vehicle planchador [m] PE
sugar cane worker in northwest uruguay peludo [m] UY
worker who collects the sugar cane cut from a cane-cutting machine recogedor [m] PR rur.
sugar cane worker who declares the honey ready to make sugar or raw cane sugar punteador [m] HN
worker gathering tobacco leaves or coffee beans recogedor [m] PR rur.
weekly worker semanero [m] PE rur.
railroad worker rielero [m] MX
worker who watches livestock on horseback rodeador [m] PE rur.
worker who watches livestock on horseback rodeante [m] PE
sanitation worker sanitario [m] UY
worker indicating to public bus drivers the times separate from others doing the same route sapo [m] CL
worker who removes branches from tree trunks rollicero [m] AR:Ne
construction worker ruso [m] CO derog.
worker who regulates the amount of sugar cane entering the mill retranquero [m] PR
farm worker sacapín [m] SV
worker who extracts rubber shiringuero [m] PE BO
scaffold worker silletero [m] AR
mechanical industrial worker who makes and places tubes tubero [m] CO PE
worker who extracts rubber siringuero [m] CO:E,S PE BO
textile worker textilero [m] EC BO
worker during sheep shearing time zafral [m] UY
fruit and vegetable market worker veguino [m] CL
junior worker taparrotos [m] PR
railroad worker trabajador del riel [m] UY disused
summer worker viudo de verano [m] CL
summer worker viuda de verano [m] CL
marble worker marmolista [m/f]
itinerant worker itinerante [m/f]
former worker extrabajador [m/f]
railroad worker ferroviario [m/f]
sanitary worker sanitario [m/f]
dismissed worker cesante [m/f]
sloppy worker chapucero [m/f]
ex-worker extrabajadora [m/f]
a worker/operator in a crystallization plant ayudante de tacho [m/f] PR
worker from china culí (inglés) [m/f] PE UY
low-paid worker chupe [m/f] PE
lab worker laborante [m/f] CL
lab worker laboratorista [m/f] MX HN SV NI CR PA CU DO CO VE EC PE BO CL PY AR UY
rescue worker rescatista [m/f] MX HN SV NI CR CU PR EC PE BO CL AR UY
expert worker in using a sewing machine singerista (de singer®) [m/f] CL
textile worker textil [m/f] PE BO CL
railway worker trenista [m/f] MX
theater worker teatrista [m/f] DO PR EC CL
a worker camisa de mochila [loc/nom] VE
domestic worker empleada múltiple [loc/nom] BO
knowledge-worker trabajador intelectual
farm worker trabajador agrícola
port worker trabajador portuario
a social worker un trabajador de los servicios sociales
itinerant worker trabajador itinerante
worker bee abeja machiega
worker bee abeja neutra
worker bee abeja obrera
sex worker trabajadora sexual
sex worker trabajadores sexuales
sex worker trabajadoras sexuales
social worker asistente social
health worker auxiliar sanitario
health worker auxiliar sanitaria
health care worker auxiliar sanitario
health care worker auxiliar sanitaria
construction worker trabajador de la construcción
undocumented worker trabajador indocumentado
welfare worker trabajador de beneficencia pública
school cafeteria worker trabajador de cafetería escolar
political campaign worker trabajador de campaña política
senate case worker trabajador de caso del senado
homeless rights worker trabajador de derechos de indigentes
eligibility worker trabajador de elegibilidad
seniors' community worker trabajador de la comunidad de personas mayores
patient resource worker trabajador de recursos de paciente
human relations worker trabajador de relaciones humanas
labor union worker trabajador de sindicato laboral
poll worker trabajador electoral
youth worker trabajador en pro de la juventud
railroad worker trabajador ferroviario
social worker trabajador social
ornamental iron worker herrero ornamental
oil worker obrero de petróleo
oil refinery worker obrero de refinería de petróleo
injured worker consultant consultor de trabajadores lesionados
co-worker coadjutora [f]
miracle worker impostora [f]
miracle worker embustera [f]
co-worker coadjutor [m]
metal worker metalario [m] rare
miracle worker milagrero [m]
miracle worker impostor [m]
miracle worker embustero [m]
wonder-worker hechicero [m]
wonder-worker fabricador de milagros [m]
stucco plasterer/worker estucador [m]
metal worker metalero [m]
stucco plasterer/worker estuquista [m/f]
hard-worker bibijagua [f] CU
domestic worker chola [f] EC disused
young domestic worker with long braids pichicuda [f] BO:C,W,S
domestic worker servilleta [f] PE
hard-worker talachera [f] MX
be a miracle worker hacer virguerías [v]
pay a worker a weekly salary rayar [v] MX
construction worker obrero de construcción [m]
casual worker changarín [m] AR
a worker performing labor tasks changarín [m] AR
domestic worker cholo [m] EC disused
dismissal of a worker by the employer espiante [m] AR UY
worker hired for mining or agricultural work in risky conditions enganchado [m] BO
worker who takes another's job but earns only half the salary as the other half goes to the registered worker medio pollo [m] CL
daily wage of a medio pollo worker medio pollo [m] CL
man who has sex with the domestic worker tirador [m] BO
hard-worker talachero [m] MX
construction worker (américa latina) maestro [m/f]
co-worker colega [m/f]
office worker chupatinta [m/f] BO CL rare
low-wage worker laburante [m/f] CL AR UY
hard worker berraquera (puerto rico/colombia) [m/f]
worker who leaves work punctually zapatilla de clavo [m/f] CL
road worker peón caminero
be a miracle worker hacer filigranas [v]
be a hard worker ser una hormiga [v]
be a hard worker ser una hormiguita [v]
be a hard worker ser un esclavo del trabajo [v]
be an unskilled worker who is responsible for the less grateful work ser un/el machaca [v]
make somebody worker harder sacar el bofe [v] EC
fire a worker/employee dar cran [v] MX
dismiss a worker/employee dar cran [v] MX
be a miracle worker hacer maromas [v] SV CO CL
worker bees abejas obreras
everyone starts out a diligent worker! escoba nueva MX NI CR CU VE PE BO CL PY AR
everyone starts out a diligent worker! escobita nueva CU DO CO PE BO
everyone starts out a diligent worker! escobita nueva barre bien CU DO CO PE BO
domestic worker manteca [f] CO derog.
clerical office worker cagatintas [m]
person who has sex with a domestic worker manteco [m] CO derog.
nonpermanent worker trabajador temporario
manual worker obrera [f]
pay off (worker) despedir [v]
(worker) skilled calificado [adj]
(worker) skilled capacitado [adj]
(worker) skilled especializado [adj]
scab worker esquirol [m]
farm worker labrador [m]
tin worker hojalatero [m]
clerical worker administrativo [m]
white-collar worker administrativo [m]
posted worker trabajador desplazado [m]
salaried worker asalariado [m]
temporary worker temporero [m]
worker on a weekly basis semanero [m]
remote worker teletrabajador [m]
seasonal worker temporero [m]
white collar worker oficinista [m/f]
white-collar worker oficinista [m/f]
clerical worker oficinista [m/f]
office worker oficinista [m/f]
employee worker dependiente [m/f]
profit per worker ganancias por trabajador
profit per worker utilidades por trabajador
white-collar worker trabajador de oficina
worker director delegado del personal
skilled worker trabajador especializado
self employed worker trabajador autónomo
casual worker trabajadora eventual
white collar worker trabajador de oficina
welfare worker asistenta social
welfare worker asistente social
welfare worker trabajador social
casual worker obrero eventual
qualified worker obrero cualificado
migrant worker trabajador migrante
worker director delegada del personal
office worker empleado de oficina
worker status estatuto del trabajador
factory worker obrero de fábrica
regular worker trabajador de planta
hand worker obrero manual
production worker obrero manual
specialised worker trabajador especializado
hand worker trabajador manual
casual worker obrero migratorio
qualified worker trabajador cualificado
seasonal worker trabajador de temporada
office worker empleada de oficina
social worker trabajador social
migratory worker trabajador emigrante
farm worker trabajador agrícola
industrial worker trabajador de la industria
blue-collar worker trabajador manual
migrant worker obrero migrante
social worker asistente social
blue collar worker trabajador manual
casual worker obrero no de plantilla
foreign worker trabajador foráneo
clerical worker empleado de oficina
manual worker trabajador manual
manual worker obrero manual
migrant worker trabajador itinerante
migrant worker trabajador extranjero
guest worker trabajador extranjero
unskilled worker trabajador no cualificado
unskilled worker obrero no especializado
skilled worker obrero especializado
white-collar worker empleado de oficina
worker participation participación obrera
casual worker trabajador eventual
itinerant worker trabajador itinerante
itinerant worker trabajador ambulante
part-time worker trabajador a tiempo parcial
full-time worker trabajador a tiempo completo
production worker trabajador de producción
migrant worker trabajador migratorio
household worker empleado doméstico
industrial worker trabajador industrial
blue-collar worker trabajador de cuello azul
blue-collar worker trabajador de cuello blanco
warehouse worker empleado de almacén
retired government worker empleado de gobierno jubilado
greenhouse worker empleado de invernadero
garment worker empleado de prendas de vestir
refinery worker empleado de refinería
utility worker empleado de servicios públicos
union worker empleado de sindicato
retail worker empleado de venta minorista
precinct worker empleado del distrito electoral
self-employed worker empleado autónomo
semi-skilled worker trabajador semicualificado
office worker empleado de oficina
semiskilled worker trabajador semicalificado
blue-collar worker obrero manual
blue-collar worker trabajador manual
border worker obrero fronterizo
border worker trabajador fronterizo
casual worker obrero temporal
casual worker obrero temporario
casual worker obrero temporero
casual worker trabajador temporal
casual worker trabajador temporario
casual worker trabajador temporero
household worker empleado doméstico
agrarian worker trabajador agrícola
assembly-line worker trabajador en línea de montaje
temporary worker empleado temporal
farm worker obrero agrícola
piece worker trabajador a destajo
transient worker trabajador transitorio
salaried worker obrero a sueldo
full-time worker obrero a tiempo completo
part-time worker obrero a tiempo parcial
agricultural worker obrero agrícola
transient worker obrero ambulante
self-employed worker obrero autónomo
qualified worker obrero calificado
key worker obrero clave