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Significados de "calavera" en diccionario inglés español : 50 resultado(s)

Español Inglés
calavera [f] death's head
calavera [f] skull
calavera [f] death's-head moth
calavera [m] madcap
calavera [m] rake
calavera [m] cad
calavera [m] rotter
calavera [m] heel
calavera [m] libertine
calavera [f] skull
calavera [adj] dissolute
calavera [m] dissolute man
calavera [m] party animal
calavera [f] madcap
calavera [f] profligate
calavera [f] gay blade
calavera [f] back light
calavera [f] death's-head
calavera [f] skull and crossbones
calavera [f] MX taillight
calavera [f] libertine
calavera [f] party animal
calavera [f] playboy
calavera [f] MX sugar candy in the shape of a skull
calavera [f] MX money or gift asked for by children on the day of the dead
calavera [f] MX composition of verses dedicated to a live person on the day of the dead
calavera [f] MX tail light
calavera [f] MX hole in the back of old socks
calavera [f] SV lie
calavera [f] HN delco cover which distributes electricity to the spark plugs in an engine
calavera [f] HN SV NI multi gang socket
calavera [f] HN SV NI power strip
calavera [m] hot-brained fellow
calavera [f] blunderer
calavera [f] blunderhead
calavera [f] reveller
calavera [f] wrong-head
calavera [adj] gay
calavera [adj] mad-brain
calavera [m] mad-brain
calavera [f] SV power strip
calavera [f] MX taillight
calavera [f] MX rear light
calavera [adj] PE womanizing
calavera [m] CO:W person who squanders money
calavera PE man-about-town
calavera [f] MX taillight
calavera [f] CO an orchid with large, broad leaves and white flowers with brown pints grouped in clusters (acineta humboldtii)
calavera [f] acherontia
calavera [f] death's-head hawkmoth

Significados de "calavera" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 12 resultado(s)

Español Inglés
marcar calavera [v] CO receive death threats
marcar calavera [v] CO have no options
marcar calavera [v] EC die
poner cruz y calavera [v] GT give up as lost
marcar calavera [v] CO receive death threats
marcar calavera [v] CO have no choice
poner cruz y calavera [v] GT consider something lost
poner cruz y calavera [v] GT give up
sacar capul a una calavera [v] CO disused make a joke of everything
marcar calavera [v] EC teen die
calavera no chilla AR you get what you deserve
esfinge de la calavera death's-head hawk-moth