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Significados de "clever" en diccionario español inglés : 158 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
clever ingenioso [adj]
clever listo [adj]
clever ocurrente [adj]
clever sagaz [adj]
clever amañado [adj]
clever apañado [adj]
clever condenado [adj] NI CR
clever tiñoso [adj] AMER
clever astuto [adj]
clever travieso [adj]
clever mañoso [adj]
clever avispado [adj]
clever bagre [adj] HN
clever vivo [adj]
clever ingeniosa [adj/f]
clever amañada [adj/f]
clever apañada [adj/f]
clever condenada [adj/f] NI CR
clever tiñosa [adj/f] AMER
clever ardilla [adj/f]
clever astuta [adj/f]
clever traviesa [adj/f]
clever mañosa [adj/f]
clever avispada [adj/f]
clever viva [adj/f]
clever agudo [adj]
clever aguzado [adj]
clever alambicado [adj]
clever ardil [adj] disused
clever ardiloso [adj] MX GT PE AL
clever arredomado [adj]
clever astucioso [adj]
clever astuto [adj]
clever avispón [adj] CO
clever bellaco [adj]
clever chispeante [adj]
clever delgado [adj]
clever delicado [adj]
clever diestro [adj]
clever engeñoso [adj] disused
clever escaldrido [adj] disused
clever espabilado [adj]
clever fino [adj]
clever hábil [adj]
clever habilidoso [adj]
clever pinto [adj] CAR
clever bravo [adj]
clever zorro [adj]
clever ágil [adj]
clever pillo [adj]
clever original [adj]
clever talentoso [adj]
clever agalludo [adj] PR
clever araña [adj] NI
clever caibil [adj] NI
clever saramagullón [adj] DO
clever amañado [adj] NI PR
clever bobina [adj] AR disused
clever abusadillo [adj] SV
clever abusado [adj] MX GT HN SV NI
clever buzo [adj] MX GT SV NI
clever buzo [adj] MX GT SV NI
clever aguzado [adj] DO PR VE BO US rare
clever agujón [adj] DO
clever cucañero [adj] PR
clever culebrino [adj] PR
clever culebrero [adj] PR CL
clever filudo [adj] GT
clever guachinango [adj] PR
clever güegüense [adj] NI
clever correncioso [adj] DO
clever jaibo [adj] DO PR
clever lebrel [adj] DO
clever limado [adj] BO
clever jobero [adj] NI
clever jodido [adj] SV NI
clever liso [adj] HN CO
clever lanza [adj] VE EC
clever encuetado [adj] NI
clever machucho [adj] MX rare
clever lobo [adj] PE
clever macuquero [adj] PR CL
clever malditazo [adj] NI
clever matrero [adj] GT NI BO:W PY
clever pelis [adj] HN
clever piola [adj] BO:W,C,S AR
clever piquichón [adj] PE rare
clever pilas [adj] GT EC PE
clever pilas [adj] VE teen
clever saramagullón [adj] DO
clever sabido [adj] PA EC PE BO:W
clever sabandija [adj] UY
clever trucho [adj] MX SV
clever vovi [adj] HN teen
clever vivián [adj] GT HN
clever liebre [m/f] GT HN SV
clever saramagullona [adj/f] DO
clever aguzada [adj/f] DO PR VE BO US rare
clever agujona [adj/f] DO
clever advertido [adj]
clever capaz [adj] fig.
clever dispuesto [adj]
clever hábil [adj]
clever habilidoso [adj]
clever inteligente [adj]
clever laborera [adj]
clever mañero [adj]
clever recocido [adj]
clever dispuesta [adj/f]
clever advertida [adj/f]
clever recocida [adj/f]
clever laborera [adj/f]
clever mañera [adj/f]
clever habilidosa [adj/f]
clever experto [adj]
clever diestro [adj]
clever complaciente [adj]
clever avisado [adj]
clever diestra [adj/f]
clever experta [adj/f]
clever avisada [adj/f]
clever brillante [adj]
clever cálido [adj] disused
clever carajo [adj] BO
clever colmilludo [adj] MX PR
clever fregado [adj] HN SV CO
clever guachinango [adj] PR
clever habiloso [adj] EC PE CL
clever aguda [adj/f]
clever delgada [adj/f]
clever lista [adj/f]
clever fino como un coral [adj]
clever más fino que un coral [adj]
clever virguero [adj]
clever lépero [adj] CR disused
clever lépero [adj] CU rare
clever lépero [adj] GT
clever letrado [adj] PY
clever levisa [adj] PR rur.
clever limao [adj] DO
clever listéilor (de elizabeth liz taylor) [adj] CL
clever perro [adj] CO
clever pendejo [adj] PE BO
clever recorrido [adj] CO PE
clever uta [adj] PE
clever zorrongo [adj] CO derog.
clever vivanco [adj] AR UY
clever vivanco [adj] CL rare
clever cachicán [adj] rare
clever conchudo [adj] disused
clever cuco [adj]
clever diplomático [adj]
clever habilindroso [adj] EC
clever penderejil [m/f] BO
clever virguera [adj/f]
clever espabilado [adj]
Airport Terms
clever sesudo [adj]
clever peliagudo [adj]

Significados de "clever" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 183 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
bright (clever) listo [adj]
clever trick truco [m]
clever person bellaca [f]
clever person bellaco [m]
clever observation donaire [m]
clever person espabilado [m]
clever man fistol [m] rare
clever con marrajería [f]
clever person who takes advantage of somebody avispona [f] VE derog.
clever person avispa [f] HN NI CR VE
skilled and clever person camarona [f] DO
a clever person who avoids implicating or defining themselves in a situation or conversation culebrera [f] PR CL
clever or astute person culebra [f] CO rare
clever or astute person culebra [f] DO
bright and clever woman pava [f] GT HN CR derog.
clever person pijindrina [f] AR
wise and clever person rana [f] BO AR
wise and clever person rana [f] UY rare
clever person espabilada [f]
get clever abusar [v] GT
get clever espabilarse [v]
be funnily clever tener chispa [v]
get clever avivarse [v]
think oneself very clever presumir de listo [v]
be clever tener cabeza [v]
be clever aguzarse [v] DO PR BO
wary, clever and hard to scam marrajo [adj]
large, with childish manners and not very clever bambalán [adj] PR
bright, clever and restless (young person) birusco [adj] HN SV
clever (person) chispo [adj] SV
clever (person) chispolillo [adj] NI
clever (person) chispudo [adj] GT SV
clever (person) chispudo [adj] HN rur.
clever, smart (person) chicho [adj] MX
clever (explanation or reasoning) filoso [adj] AR UY
clever (person) espantado [adj] DO
cute (clever or witty) listo [adj]
pretty (clever; adroit) listo [adj]
sharp (mentally acute; clever; astute) listo [adj]
witty. clever delgado [adj]
someone that is not very smart or clever casquivano [m]
clever person who takes advantage of somebody avispón [m] VE derog.
clever person balín [m] PA
skilled and clever person camarón [m] DO
clever joke cabuleo [m] MX
a clever person who avoids implicating or defining themselves in a situation or conversation culebrero [m] PR CL
clever or astute person culebro [m] CO rare
clever or astute person culebro [m] DO
clever person liendre [m] AR
bright and clever man pavo [m] GT HN CR derog.
clever and witty person pizote [m] HN
clever person pijindrín [m] AR
clever person bobina [m/f] AR disused
clever person chinchita [m/f] GT
cunning and clever person gavilán [m/f] NI
clever person lámpara [m/f] HN SV NI CU
clever person lámpara [m/f] HN
wary, clever and hard to scam marraja [adj/f]
skilful and clever person camarón DO
clever at listo en
clever deception astuto engaño
grow clever desasnarse [v]
get clever desasnar [v]
get clever soltarse [v]
clever man cachicán [m]
clever fellow diablillo [m]
clever person cauque [m] fig. CL
clever knave galopín [m]
clever person perillán [m]
slim (somewhat crafty: clever, adroit) agudo [adj]
clever young fellow muchacho listo [m]
small clever girl caracoleta [f] ES local
fine (brilliant, quick, keen, alert, clever) agudo [adj]
clever person camarón [m] DO
clever person caribe [m] VE
clever, smart person pierna [m/f] AR
be clever saber cuántas púas tiene un peine [v]
be quite clever tener mucha gramática parda [v]
be very clever saber más que calepino [v]
consider someone clever reputar a alguien de inteligente [v]
consider someone clever reputar a alguien por inteligente [v]
be clever ser despejado [v]
be very clever ser más listo que einstein [v]
be very clever ser un águila [v]
be clever in a showy manner ser un sieteciencias [v]
be very clever ser un lince [v]
be clever and mischievous ser un perillán [v]
very clever ser una ardilla [v]
be clever tener fósforo [v] SCN
be very clever tener pestaña [v]
be clever tener mucho mate [v]
be too clever by half pasarse de listo [v]
be very clever saber dónde ponen las garzas [v] CO
have a clever idea echarse una pensada [v] GT
be really smart and clever ser la candela [v] CU VE
be clever saber más que las arañas [v] PR
be clever tener espuelas [v] PR
be clever ser alguien la changa [v] PR
be clever ponerse avión [v] MX
a clever clogs una persona muy ingeniosa
a clever boots una persona muy inteligente
a clever dick un sabihondo
a clever clogs una persona muy inteligente
box clever pelear con astucia
box clever tratar con inteligencia
clever clever sabelotodo
clever clever sabihondo
clever clogs pedante
clever dick pedante
clever clogs pretencioso
clever clogs presumido
clever clogs engreído
clever dick presumido
clever dick pretencioso
clever dick engolado
clever dick engreído
clever pants engreído
clever pants engolado
clever dick sabihondo
very clever más listo que cardona
too clever by half pasarse de listo
too clever by half pasarse de vivo
no matter how clever we think we are no importa cuán importantes creamos que somos
you're clever eres inteligente
clever one muy vivo
clever one muy pícaro
clever, dangerous and cruel person cuaima [f]
clever person laucha [f] AR rare
clever resource marramucia [f] CO:N VE
aware, lively, and clever woman sapa [f] EC PE BO
clever and mischievous person sota [f] PE disused
clever person cachicana [f] rare
clever person cuca [f]
be very clever tener mano izquierda [v]
be a clever dick saber más que siete [v]
be a clever and handy fellow ser alguien un estuche [v]
be pretty clever saber mucho latín [v]
be very clever and unscrupulous person ser un buen pájaro [v]
be very clever and unscrupulous person ser un pájaro [v]
be clever tener cachativa [v] SCN
be clever tener buena mollera [v]
be clever, smarter, or more confident sacudirse [v] CR EC
be clever and handy ser alguien un estuche [v]
clever humorous papo [adj] EC
clever clogs galopín [m]
clever dick galopín [m]
clever knack of doing things garbo [m]
aware, lively, and clever man sapo [m] EC PE BO
clever person cachicán [m] rare
clever person cuco [m]
clever and skillful person piraña [m/f] CR PR
a fiendishly clever diabólicamente inteligente
so clever muy inteligente
very clever muy inteligente
clever dick pájaro bravo VE
a clever person aviona [f] CO VE
a clever person avión [m] CO VE
a clever boots sabihondo
a clever clogs sabihondo
a clever boots listillo
a clever clogs un cerebrito
a clever dick sabelotodo
a clever boots un cerebrito
a clever clogs sabelotodo
a clever clogs listillo
a clever boots sabelotodo
a clever dick sabihondo
a clever dick sabiondo
a clever clogs sabiondo
a clever dick (brit) un pedante
a clever dick (brit) un engreído
a clever dick (brit) un sabelotodo
a clever dick un sabelotodo
a clever dick (brit) pagado de sí mismo
clever clogs sabelotodo
clever clogs sabihondo
clever clogs pedante
someone who is clever or sly bandido CR
British Slang
box clever actuar con picardía
clever-clogs tipo engreído
clever-dick tipo engreído
clever-clogs tipo inteligente
clever-dick tipo inteligente