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Significados de "damaged" en diccionario español inglés : 75 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
damaged damnificado [adj]
damaged saltado [adj]
damaged siniestrado [adj]
damaged amolado [adj] MX
damaged estropeado [adj]
damaged averiado [adj]
damaged cuto [adj] GT HN SV
damaged debilitado [adj]
damaged saltada [adj/f]
damaged siniestrada [adj/f]
damaged amolada [adj/f] MX
damaged estropeada [adj/f]
damaged averiada [adj/f]
damaged cuta [adj/f] GT HN SV
damaged debilitada [adj/f]
damaged deteriorado [adj]
damaged aporreado [adj] MX NI VE CL UY
damaged aployado [adj] DO
damaged desconchiflado [adj] PR
damaged desconchunflao [adj] PR
damaged descachalandrado [adj] PE
damaged descachalandrado [adj] NI CR rare
damaged descarranchado [adj] PR
damaged descocherado [adj] CR
damaged chacado [adj] AR rare
damaged escarranchao [adj] PR
damaged escarranchado [adj] PR
damaged esguañingado [adj] PR
damaged esguañangado [adj] PR
damaged desguañingado [adj] PR
damaged esperolado [adj] VE
damaged catreco [adj] HN
damaged fututo [adj] GT
damaged desperolado [adj] VE
damaged desturcado [adj] NI
damaged enclochado [adj] HN
damaged destelengado [adj] DO
damaged detelengao [adj] DO
damaged malmatado [adj] NI
damaged moloteado [adj] SV
damaged ñanglado [adj] PR
damaged ruin [adj] HN SV
damaged zamaqueado [adj] DO PE
damaged dado al catre [adj] MX
damaged dado al cuas [adj] MX
damaged tiznado [m] MX
damaged dañado [adj]
damaged endeñado [adj]
damaged leso [adj]
damaged maltrecho [adj]
damaged endeñada [adj/f]
damaged lesa [adj/f]
damaged maltrecha [adj/f]
damaged damnificada [adj/f]
damaged dañada [adj/f]
damaged listo [adj] NI
damaged cachuzo [adj] AR
damaged trasquilado [adj]
damaged desconchinflado [adj] MX GT SV CU DO PR
damaged desfaratado [adj] VE
damaged descachimbado [adj] HN NI CU
damaged a la virulé
damaged focop [adj] PA
damaged dañado [adj]
damaged perjudicado [adj]
damaged lastimado [adj]
damaged con averías
damaged lesionado [adj]
damaged malparado [adj]
damaged averiado [adj]
damaged deteriorado [adj]
damaged accidentado [adj]
damaged deteriorado [adj]
damaged dañado [adj]
damaged estropeado (cabello)

Significados de "damaged" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 124 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
be damaged dañarse [v]
get damaged deteriorarse [v]
get damaged averiarse [v]
become damaged by hail apedrearse [v]
be damaged averiarse [v]
convert damaged tissue into a soft cheesy substance caseificar [v]
become damaged comalecerse [v] disused
with a damaged ring shake acebollado [adj]
set of small or damaged coffee beans garmasa [f] HN
rotten or damaged wood congolá [f] PR
object or device damaged due to use kacharpa [f] BO:W
person who sells worn out or damaged objects kacharpera [f] BO
disposal of damaged and smaller vegetables and fruits that are not exported and sold in the domestic market pirracha [f] HN
be damaged averiarse [v]
become damaged or spoiled deteriorarse [v]
get damaged sufrir menoscabo [v]
get damaged desvirtuarse [v]
(plants) to be damaged due to lack of water aguachinarse [v] SV
be damaged amolarse [v] MX
become damaged cachicambiarse [v] CU
be non-damaged estar sin daño (inmaterial/moral) [v]
be not damaged no estar dañado [v]
become damaged desconchiflarse [v] PR
become damaged desflecarse [v] CU DO
become damaged desguabinarse [v] PA CU
become damaged descachalandrase [v] NI
become damaged decunchunflarse [v] PR
become damaged decricajarse [v] DO
become damaged escriquillarse [v] PR
the become damaged esperolarse [v] VE
become damaged (thing) fregarse [v] MX GT NI PA VE EC BO
be damaged (thing) fregar [v] GT HN NI CR BO
become damaged (thing) fregarse [v] GT HN NI CR BO
become damaged (relationship between two people) fregarse [v] VE
become damaged escriquillarse [v] PR
become damaged espolearse (inglés spoil) [v] US
become damaged (clutch of a vehicle) esclocharse [v] PR
become damaged fuñirse [v] VE
become damaged desperolarse [v] VE
become damaged (clutch) enclocharse (inglés clutch) [v] MX
separate damaged or poor quality leaves rastrojear [v] CU
replace missing or damaged fence posts repostear [v] HN NI rur.
off (damaged) tocado [adj]
that can be washed without being damaged lavable [adj]
brain-damaged con lesiones cerebrales [adj]
damaged (food) avanado [adj] PR rur.
damaged due to lack of water aguachinado [adj] SV
damaged (object) amolado [adj] MX HN SV NI
worn or damaged (blade) amellado [adj] HN SV NI CR DO VE
damaged from a blow deschoretado [adj] VE
damaged (thing) chueco [adj] NI CR EC
having one or both ears mutilated or damaged sorejo [adj] PR
having one or both ears mutilated or damaged gacho [adj] DO PR
tasteless and damaged due to water jojoto [adj] PR
damaged by use rabincho [adj] PY
damaged cashew nut bisuit [m] PA rur.
disorganized set of furniture, utensils and personal belongings damaged or of little value calachero [m] HN SV NI
damaged cashew seed bisuit [m] PA rur.
very old and damaged shoe chanclo [m] MX PR rur. derog.
blurry image that appears on a tv screen that is either damaged or has poor reception fantasma [m] MX CU BO AR
person who sells worn out or damaged objects kacharpero [m] BO
damaged due to lack of water aguachinada [adj/f] SV
become damaged averiarse [v]
become damaged dañarse [v]
be damaged picarse [v]
be damaged at sea marearse [v]
become damaged estropearse [v]
damaged by ants hormigoso [adj]
damaged object cangallo [m] rur. SLM
sheepskin damaged by a wolf zaleo [m]
damaged by ants hormigosa [adj/f]
badly damaged acabado [adj]
damaged or expired artifact carraca [f] derog.
old and damaged hat perra [f] CO:C,W rur.
circulate fake or damaged currency pasar [v] GT
damaged item cangallo [m] ES local
become damaged dar el cachimbazo [v] HN NI
become damaged cargarse la pelona [v] GT
become damaged cargarse el diablo [v] GT
become damaged cargarse el cadejo [v] GT
badly damaged hacerse de goma [v] AR
become damaged irse a la goma [v] MX
be gravely damaged from a car accident quedar como estampilla en el pavimento [v] NI
become damaged volverse chicha [v] VE
be very damaged estar hecho árganas [v] GT
become damaged fututearse [v] PA
become damaged irse en la tira [v] CR
get damaged cascarse [v]
damaged furniture and household utensils calache [m] HN SV NI
become damaged despingarse [v] CU
a damaged goods desquiciado
a damaged goods tarado
fire-damaged goods mercancías dañadas por un incendio
damaged goods bienes dañados
damaged goods mercaderías averiadas
damaged article avería [f]
be spoiled or damaged perderse [v]
damaged goods mercancía averiada
damaged skin piel dañada
damaged conditions malas condiciones
damaged vessel buque averiado
damaged goods mercancía deteriorada
badly damaged muy averiado
damaged fuel assembly elemento de combustible dañado [m]
damaged skin piel dañada
local multiply-damaged sites (lmds) regiones de daño local múltiple
damaged hoof casco atronado [m]
damaged shoe zapata dañada
damaged web nervio dañado
damaged platform pista dañada
damaged web alma/nervio dañado
damaged cargo cargamento averiado
damaged compartment compartimiento con averías
damaged goods mercancías deterioradas
bomb damaged averiado por bombas
damaged goods mercaderías averiadas
damaged car [us] vagón averiado [m]
damaged wagon [uk] vagón averiado [m]
damaged wagon [uk] vagón averiado
that has had certain impurities, such as garbage, lumps, or damaged grains escogido [adj] NI CR BO
damaged fuel assembly elemento combustible dañado
(damaged) equipment collecting post puesto de recolección de la técnica
damaged yarn fibra dañada [f]
damaged hair pelo maltratado