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Significados de "drunkenness" en diccionario español inglés : 198 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
drunkenness mona (coloquial) [f]
drunkenness borrachera [f]
drunkenness ebriedad [f]
drunkenness embriaguez [f]
drunkenness chispa [f]
drunkenness beodez [f]
drunkenness beodera [f] disused
drunkenness beodez [f]
drunkenness beudez [f] disused
drunkenness bolencia [f] HN
drunkenness borrachada [f]
drunkenness borrachera [f]
drunkenness borrachez [f]
drunkenness ebriedad [f]
drunkenness embriaguez [f]
drunkenness emborrachamiento [m]
drunkenness castaña (coloquial) [f]
drunkenness zorra [f]
drunkenness cogorza [f]
drunkenness borrachez [f]
drunkenness mamada [f] AR BO NI PY ES UY
drunkenness crápula [f]
drunkenness mona [f]
drunkenness alza [f] CU DO PR
drunkenness juma  [f] CAM ANT CO
drunkenness bebendurria [f] DO PE
drunkenness bebiata [f] NI
drunkenness bebiata [f] NI
drunkenness amanecida [f] VE
drunkenness amanecida [f] CO:N
drunkenness bolina [f] GT SV
drunkenness bomba [f] EC derog.
drunkenness bomba [f] GT HN SV
drunkenness bufa [f] MX CU
drunkenness cachimba [f] GT
drunkenness curadera [f] CL
drunkenness cirindanga [f] SV
drunkenness chunga [f] PR
drunkenness chupa [f] GT HN SV DO EC BO AR
drunkenness chonguenga [f] HN rur.
drunkenness farra [f] BO
drunkenness farra [f] PE disused
drunkenness fondeada [f] HN
drunkenness caña [f] CU CL
drunkenness carga [f] CU
drunkenness huarapeta [f] MX
drunkenness guarapeta [f] HN CU
drunkenness hartera [f] NI CU PR
drunkenness jartera [f] CO
drunkenness huarapeta [f] MX
drunkenness jaladera [f] CU
drunkenness juma [f] GT HN SV NI CR CU DO PR CO
drunkenness jumadera [f] DO
drunkenness jumeta [f] PR
drunkenness jáquima [f] GT HN
drunkenness mama [f] AR
drunkenness mamadera [f] BO
drunkenness enfuegada [f] PA
drunkenness mamúa [f] AR UY
drunkenness duraznera [f] BO
drunkenness embolada [f] MX
drunkenness emborrachada [f] HN DO EC
drunkenness macha [f] AR
drunkenness molonca reculona [f] HN child
drunkenness montera [f] HN
drunkenness mostaza [f] GT
drunkenness mica [f] HN CR
drunkenness pachanga [f] HN DO
drunkenness papalina [f] GT HN SV NI UY
drunkenness pea [f] VE
drunkenness pedera [f] HN SV child
drunkenness pinta [f] VE
drunkenness plutera [f] EC teen
drunkenness pendejera [f] SV
drunkenness pichinga [f] GT HN SV
drunkenness reata [f] GT HN NI
drunkenness reculona [f] HN NI
drunkenness rasca [f] PA VE CL CR PR CO BO:S
drunkenness rasqueta [f] PR
drunkenness riata [f] HN SV
drunkenness tuerca [f] PR
drunkenness tuesca [f] PR
drunkenness sirindanga [f] HN SV NI rur.
drunkenness tuna [f] GT EC
drunkenness soca [f] GT HN SV
drunkenness tustuma [f] HN rur.
drunkenness zafra [f] SV NI
drunkenness tiradera [f] CU
drunkenness zoca [f] GT HN CR
drunkenness zurumba [f] GT
drunkenness pedo [m]
drunkenness arrebato [m] PR
drunkenness barbasco [m] VE
drunkenness aparato [m] SV
drunkenness cohete [m] MX UY
drunkenness embole [m] SV
drunkenness embolle [m] PR
drunkenness patín [m] GT HN SV
drunkenness pedernal [m] MX
drunkenness peludo [m] MX AR UY
drunkenness peludo [m] PY rare
drunkenness pijín [m] HN
drunkenness vuele [m] CU
drunkenness yucazo [m] BO:W
drunkenness suape [m] DO
drunkenness tiroteo [m] CU
drunkenness chinga [f] VE
drunkenness bomba [f] GT
drunkenness curda [f]
drunkenness fuerza [f] GT
drunkenness agua [f] CU
drunkenness chupeta [f] PE
drunkenness curadera [f] CL
drunkenness en fuego [adv] PA
drunkenness tronco de muca [m] NI
drunkenness juma [f]
drunkenness pea [f]
drunkenness pítima [f]
drunkenness jumera [f]
drunkenness trompa [f]
drunkenness papalina [f]
drunkenness jáquima [f] MX
drunkenness jumadera [f] MX
drunkenness filoxera [f]
drunkenness moña [f]
drunkenness tranca [f]
drunkenness perra [f]
drunkenness humera [f]
drunkenness borrachería [f]
drunkenness alegrura [f] VE
drunkenness bolencia [f] GT HN SV
drunkenness bolenca [f] NI
drunkenness bolina [f] GT SV
drunkenness cucuruca [f] HN
drunkenness cura [f] BO
drunkenness chuma [f] CO EC AR
drunkenness chuma [f] PE teen
drunkenness esbornia (italiano) [f] AR disused
drunkenness guasca [f] PE
drunkenness contentura [f] VE
drunkenness huasca [f] PE
drunkenness guasca [f] PE
drunkenness jala [f] CO
drunkenness juerga [f] BO
drunkenness jartera [f] CO
drunkenness jendía [f] PR
drunkenness hartera [f] NI CU PR
drunkenness marimonda [f] CO:N VE:W
drunkenness emboladera [f] NI
drunkenness macana [f] GT
drunkenness matraca [f] GT
drunkenness moronga [f] GT
drunkenness michera [f] VE:W
drunkenness peda [f] MX
drunkenness pintonera [f] VE
drunkenness penca [f] SV
drunkenness piruquiadera [f] NI
drunkenness trona [f] VE
drunkenness verguera [f] SV
drunkenness vergueta [f] SV
drunkenness bebiata [f] NI
drunkenness bomba [f] GT HN EC PE AL
drunkenness castaña [f]
drunkenness chispa [f]
drunkenness cogorza [f]
drunkenness cucuruca [f] HN
drunkenness cura [f] BO CL
drunkenness curda (francés) [f]
drunkenness curdela [f]
drunkenness filoxera [f]
drunkenness guarapeta [f] MX CU
drunkenness huarapeta [f] MX
drunkenness humera [f]
drunkenness emborrachamiento [m]
drunkenness lobo [m]
drunkenness cuete [m] MX GT AR UY
drunkenness gorgoleta [m] SV
drunkenness mambo [m] BO AR UY teen
drunkenness prende [m] DO
drunkenness satélite [m] SV
drunkenness bebercio [m]
drunkenness cohete [m] MX UY
drunkenness cuete [m] MX
drunkenness intoxicación etílica
drunkenness pea [f]
drunkenness huasca [f] PE
drunkenness mamada [f] MX NI BO PY AR
drunkenness pija [f] GT HN SV
drunkenness verga [f] GT HN SV BO
drunkenness pedo [m] ES MX
drunkenness jumo [m] DO CR
drunkenness pedo azul [m] AR UY
drunkenness alcoholismo [m]
drunkenness embriaguez [m]
drunkenness ebriedad consuetudinaria
drunkenness alcoholismo agudo
drunkenness melopea [f]
drunkenness borrachería [f]

Significados de "drunkenness" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 42 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
habitual drunkenness bebedera [f] MX CO
the qualityof drunkenness borrachera [f]
incipient drunkenness changuería [f] PR
physical discomfort due to drunkenness or being drunk cisca [f] GT
incipient drunkenness chunguería [f] PR
drunkenness, typically from moonshine guarada [f] HN
intense drunkenness jienda [f] PR
drunkenness from ayahuasca mareación [f] PE:E
prolonged drunkenness pata [f] HN
intense drunkenness zumba [f] GT HN SV BO
produce drunkenness very fast (drink) agarrar [v] CO
run out of strength from tiredness/dizziness/drunkenness apalastrarse [v] PR
vomit due to drunkenness chonquear [v] PR teen
show the first symptoms of drunkenness entonarse [v] CU
cause drunkenness machar [v] BO AR:Nw
drink to the point of drunkenness drinkear [v] CL
in an altered state due to drunkenness (person) chamicado [adj] PE
recover from drunkenness desembriagarse [v]
suffering from after-effects of drunkenness chamicado [adj]
suffering from after-effects of drunkenness chamicada [adj/f]
prolonged drunkenness avión [m] SV
stagger from drunkenness andar cóndor [v] BO
be in an advanced state of drunkenness estar peo [v] VE
simulate drunkenness to leave without paying hacer la leonesa [v] NI
stumble due to drunkenness hacer zetas [v] BO
stumble due to drunkenness ir en high [v] PR
walk in a zigzag due to drunkenness hacer zetas [v] BO
walk in a zigzag due to drunkenness ir en high [v] PR
die from drunkenness morir como chompipe [v] NI
stop and fall asleep due to tiredness, fatigue, or drunkenness plantar el pico [v] PE
prolonged drunkenness zumbeta [f] SV
zigzag (because of drunkenness) hacer caracoles [v]
reel (because of drunkenness) hacer caracoles [v]
drunk to the point of drunkenness huasquear [v] PE BO
pink elephants (hallucinations caused by drunkenness) diablos azules LAM
a drunkenness juma CR
excessive drunkenness embriaguez total
habitual drunkenness ebriedad habitual
public drunkenness embriaguez pública
sleep drunkenness ebriedad de sueño
habitual drunkenness ebriedad habitual
sleep drunkenness embriaguez del sueño