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Significados de "obligatory" en diccionario español inglés : 19 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
obligatory obligatorio [adj]
obligatory preceptivo [adj]
obligatory obligatoria [adj/f]
obligatory preceptiva [adj/f]
obligatory de precepto [adj]
obligatory precisado [adj] MX
obligatory de cajón [adj] MX SV EC UY
obligatory forzoso [adj]
obligatory válido [adj]
obligatory forzosa [adj/f]
obligatory válida [adj/f]
obligatory de ene [adj] rare
obligatory valido [adj]
obligatory obligativo [adj]
obligatory obligatorio [adj]
obligatory fatal [adj]
obligatory obligativo [adj]
obligatory mandatorio [adj]
obligatory obligado [adj]

Significados de "obligatory" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 110 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
obligatory nature obligatoriedad [f]
obligatory communal work azofra (árabe) [f]
obligatory military service performed by male citizens colimba [f] AR
barracks in which the conscripted fulfill their obligatory military service conscripción (francés) [f] VE
become obligatory convertirse en obligatorio [v]
be made obligatory hacerse obligatorio [v]
be obligatory ser obligatorio [v]
half-obligatory semiobligatorio [adj]
obligatory (person or thing) compulsorio (del inglés) [adj] PR
obligatory military service servicio militar obligatorio [m]
obligatory military service cupo [m] GT
obligatory procedure that must be followed when requesting a document or record, or making an application conducto regular [m] PE BO CL UY
obligatory savings for workers that is returned to them in january of each year salario escolar [m] CR
student who attends school to receive obligatory education escuelante [m/f] MX CO AR UY rare
obligatory question pregunta obligada
obligatory and unpaid domestic service for the spaniards tanoría [f] PH
be behind on several obligatory payments, like rent estar en moro [v] PA
obligatory participation of people in a political activity acarreo [m] MX derog.
person fulfilling their obligatory military service congrio [m] CL disused
non-obligatory no obligatorio [adj]
obligatory saving ahorro obligatorio
obligatory insurance seguro obligatorio
obligatory reinsurance reaseguro obligatorio
obligatory arbitration arbitraje obligatorio
obligatory automobile liability insurance seguro de responsabilidad pública de automóvil obligatorio
obligatory licence licencia obligatoria
obligatory pact convenio obligatorio
obligatory reserves reserva obligatoria
obligatory retirement retiro obligatorio
obligatory wages salario obligatorio
obligatory amount importe obligado
obligatory amount importe obligatorio
obligatory reinsurance reaseguro obligatorio
obligatory cost coste obligado
obligatory cost coste obligatorio
obligatory cost costo obligado
obligatory cost costo obligatorio
obligatory remuneration remuneración obligada
obligatory remuneration remuneración obligatoria
obligatory expenditures desembolsos obligatorios
obligatory expenses desembolsos obligatorios
obligatory repairs reparaciones obligadas
obligatory repairs reparaciones obligatorias
obligatory payment abono obligado
obligatory payment abono obligatorio
obligatory reserve reserva obligada
obligatory reserve reserva obligatoria
obligatory license licencia obligada
obligatory license licencia obligatoria
obligatory remuneration retribución obligada
obligatory remuneration retribución obligatoria
obligatory salary salario obligatorio
obligatory acquisition adquisición obligada
obligatory acquisition adquisición obligatoria
obligatory expense desembolso obligado
obligatory expense desembolso obligatorio
obligatory insurance seguro obligado
obligatory insurance seguro obligatorio
obligatory unionization sindicación obligatoria
bill obligatory pagaré sellado
obligatory amount monto obligado
obligatory amount monto obligatorio
obligatory expenditure desembolso obligado
obligatory expenditure desembolso obligatorio
obligatory expenditures gastos obligados
obligatory expenditures gastos obligatorios
obligatory disclosure divulgación obligatoria
obligatory amount suma obligada
obligatory amount suma obligatoria
obligatory level nivel obligado
obligatory level nivel obligatorio
obligatory pay paga obligada
obligatory pay paga obligatoria
obligatory payment pago obligado
obligatory payment pago obligatorio
obligatory total total obligado
obligatory total total obligatorio
obligatory amount cantidad obligada
obligatory amount cantidad obligatoria
obligatory covenant estipulación obligatoria
obligatory agreement convenio obligado
obligatory agreement convenio obligatorio
obligatory coverage cobertura obligada
obligatory coverage cobertura obligatoria
obligatory maturity vencimiento obligatorio
obligatory expenses gastos obligados
obligatory expenses gastos obligatorios
obligatory compensation compensación obligada
obligatory compensation compensación obligatoria
writing obligatory fianza [f]
obligatory for a fixed period on pain of forfeiture comisorio [adj]
mutually obligatory sinalagmático [adj]
non-obligatory no obligatorio [adj]
mutually obligatory sinalagmática [adj/f]
obligatory for a fixed period on pain of forfeiture comisoria [adj/f]
legally obligatory legalmente obligatorio
obligatory payment abono obligatorio
obligatory vote voto obligatorio
bill obligatory pagaré sellado
International Law
obligatory conformity assessment evaluación de la conformidad de carácter obligatorio
obligatory social insurance seguro social obligatorio
obligatory insurance seguro obligatorio
obligatory inspection inspección obligatoria
obligatory presence presencia obligatoria [f]
obligatory parameter parámetro obligatorio
obligatory disclosure divulgación obligatoria
obligatory care cuidado obligatorio
obligatory water loss pérdida de agua obligatoria
obligatory disclosure divulgación obligatoria
obligatory lapse of time between the reception of two orders in the priestly office intersticio [m]