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Significados de "sloppy" en diccionario español inglés : 46 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
sloppy chapucero [adj]
sloppy perdulario [adj]
sloppy dejado [adj]
sloppy desgalichado [adj]
sloppy abandonado [adj]
sloppy descuidado [adj]
sloppy flojo [adj]
sloppy abandonado [adj]
sloppy desprolijo [adj]
sloppy descuidado [adj]
sloppy ñoño [adj]
sloppy zonzo [adj]
sloppy lodoso [adj]
sloppy aguoso [adj]
sloppy empalagoso [adj]
sloppy desaliñado [adj]
sloppy atenido [adj] HN SV
sloppy descharchado [adj] HN CR
sloppy desguarambilado [adj] CO
sloppy desprolijo [adj] BO PY AR UY
sloppy fresco [adj] NI
sloppy chapucera [adj/f]
sloppy perdularia [adj/f]
sloppy dejada [adj/f]
sloppy desgalichada [adj/f]
sloppy descuidada [adj/f]
sloppy zonza [adj/f]
sloppy ñoña [adj/f]
sloppy aguosa [adj/f]
sloppy lodosa [adj/f]
sloppy empalagosa [adj/f]
sloppy desaliñada [adj/f]
sloppy despreocupado [adj]
sloppy pelotudo [adj]
sloppy de brocha gorda [adj]
sloppy farfallón [adj]
sloppy fulero [adj]
sloppy lechón [adj]
sloppy ranfañoso [adj] SCN
sloppy fulastre [adj] CU
sloppy despreocupada [adj/f]
sloppy pelotuda [adj/f]
sloppy aguado [adj]
sloppy fangoso [adj]
sloppy cenagoso [adj]
sloppy sucio [adj]

Significados de "sloppy" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 75 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
sloppy brushstroke brochazo [m]
sloppy person descuidado [m]
get sloppy dejarse [v]
get sloppy descuidarse [v]
sloppy dress and personal hygiene desaliño [m]
sloppy person perdularia [f]
sloppy person descuidada [f]
sloppy worker chapucero [m/f]
sloppy job bodoque [m] NI
sloppy knot amarradijo [m] GT HN
sloppy knot amarradijo [m] MX GT HN CO
sloppy knot atadijo [m] HN
sloppy knot bulto [m] HN
sloppy thing chinchorro [m] SV
sloppy job manchancho [m] AR:Nw
sloppy application of something on a surface embarrijo [m] CR CU
sloppy roll of fabric, paper, or some material lulo [m] CL
sloppy work macheteo [m] CU PR
person with a sloppy appearance ñángaro [m] VE derog.
person who is amateur and sloppy in their trade parchero [m] GT HN SV
large sloppy package tutumuste [m] NI
large sloppy bundle tutumuste [m] NI
sloppy person volantuso [m] PE disused
sloppy worker fula [m] CU derog.
tall, lanky, sloppy, and useless man galavardo [m] disused
sloppy and poorly done thing chuecada [f] SV
sloppy job mandriedada [f] SV
woman with a sloppy appearance ñángara [f] VE derog.
person who is amateur and sloppy in their trade parchera [f] GT HN SV
sloppy woman zambumbia [f] VE:W
sloppy person volantusa [f] PE disused
sloppy and unkempt person cuchuqui [m/f] BO:E
relating to a sloppy kisser besuqueón [adj] CU VE
relating to a sloppy kisser besuquero [adj] PR AR UY
relating to a sloppy kisser besuqueón [adj] CU VE
sloppy (person) chacuaco [adj] PR
sloppy (worker) chulungo [adj] PR
sloppy (job) sin chiste [adj] NI BO
sloppy (thing) choco [adj] HN SV
sloppy and poorly done (thing) churuncullo [adj] HN
sloppy and poorly done (thing) churuncuyo [adj] HN
sloppy (work) chipichape [adj] PR
sloppy (thing) chueco [adj] GT HN SV NI CR DO
sloppy (person) esguabinado [adj] PR
sloppy (person) desguañangado [adj] PR
sloppy (person) desguabinado [adj] PR
get sloppy papearse [v] GT
get sloppy carabear [v] ES local
relating to a sloppy kisser besuquera [adj/f] PR AR UY
relating to a sloppy kisser besuqueona [adj/f] CU VE
get sloppy dormirse el pájaro [v] HN
get sloppy dormirse en la ceniza [v] GT HN SV
sloppy stitching culcusido [m]
sloppy worker farfallón [m]
sloppy worker farfallona [f]
sloppy person farfullón [m] MX rare
sloppy job enchastre [m] AR UY
sloppy way of doing things mateo [m] VE
sloppy and poorly done thing churuncullada [f] HN
sloppy person farfullona [f] MX rare
tousled and sloppy hair parraguera [f] VE:W
sloppy worker fulastre [m/f] CU derog.
sloppy worker mamarrachista [m/f] rare
sloppy (thing) choreto [adj] VE
poorly or sloppy made (thing) chingue [adj] AR:Nw
sloppy-looking escachalandrado [adj] CO VE
do sloppy work matear [v] VE
sloppy person machetero [m] CO derog.
person who does sloppy work machetero [m] CO derog.
sloppy woman machetera [f] CO derog.
person who does sloppy work machetera [f] CO derog.
a sloppy dresser fachento CR
sloppy concrete concreto aguado
sloppy person perdulario [m]
British Slang
sloppy seconds momentos de intercambio de fluidos corporales