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Sens de "embarrassing" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 33 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
embarrassing embarazoso [adj]
embarrassing empachoso [adj]
embarrassing sonrojante [adj]
embarrassing comprometido [adj]
embarrassing turbador [adj]
embarrassing molesto [adj]
embarrassing embarazosa [adj/f]
embarrassing empachosa [adj/f]
embarrassing comprometida [adj/f]
embarrassing turbadora [adj/f]
embarrassing molesta [adj/f]
embarrassing abochornado [adj] disused
embarrassing abochornante [adj]
embarrassing contumelioso [adj]
embarrassing embargoso [adj] disused
embarrassing vergonzante [adj]
embarrassing violento [adj]
embarrassing penoso [adj] HN SV NI CR CU PR CO BO PY
embarrassing violenta [adj/f]
embarrassing bochornoso [adj]
embarrassing embarazador [adj]
embarrassing comprometedor [adj]
embarrassing incómodo [adj]
embarrassing penoso [adj]
embarrassing vergonzoso [adj]
embarrassing embarazadora [adj/f]
embarrassing comprometedora [adj/f]
embarrassing bochornosa [adj/f]
embarrassing incómoda [adj/f]
embarrassing penosa [adj/f]
embarrassing vergonzosa [adj/f]
embarrassing desconcertante [adj]
embarrassing en pindingas [adj] EC PE

Sens de "embarrassing" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 48 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
embarrassing person abatimiento [m] disused
embarrassing mistake plancha [f]
embarrassing moment of time deshora [f]
an embarrassing scold to somebody azareada [f] NI
reprehensible or embarrassing alliance between public servants or employees in order to obtain economic or political benefit conchupancia [f] VE
embarrassing error perlita [f] PY
put somebody in an embarrassing situation to obtain a response/reaction atrincar [v] CL
surprise a person doing something embarrassing ampayar [v] PE
cope with a demanding or embarrassing situation campechanearse [v] MX
embarrassing (person/thing) atacante [adj] CU
an embarrassing display papelón [m]
embarrassing situation embrollo [m]
serious and embarrassing blunder condoro [m] CL
embarrassing situation pachó [m] PR
embarrassing situation quemo [m] AR UY
embarrassing situation situación embarazosa
embarrassing situation situación violenta
embarrassing situation situación bochornosa
embarrassing question pregunta incómoda
embarrassing moment momento embarazoso
embarrassing moment momento bochornoso
embarrassing clumsiness condoro [m] CL
in a difficult or embarrassing situation en figurillas [adv] BO PY AR
admit or confess to having done something wrong or embarrassing confesar de piano [v]
leave someone in an embarrassing situation dejar como chaleco de mono [v] CL
look bad from an embarrassing situation hacer el oso [v] CO
go through a hard or embarrassing situation sudar tacacos [v] CR
am i embarrassing you? ¿te estoy avergonzando?
it's rather embarrassing to say me da vergüenza decirlo
you're embarrassing me me estás avergonzando
how embarrassing! ¡qué vergüenza!
how embarrassing! ¡qué bochorno!
how embarrassing! ¡qué quemo!
how embarrassing! ¡qué corte!
how embarrassing qué vergüenza
this is embarrassing esto es vergonzoso
an embarrassing action babosa [f] MX
embarrassing situation lucida [f] MX
embarrassing situation pelada [f] PY teen
be embarrassing quedar a la altura del betún [v]
(a person) with a difficulty to avoid an embarrassing situation abacorado (de abacorar) [adj] CU
embarrassing situation roche [m] PE
(a person) with a difficulty to avoid an embarrassing situation abacorada (de abacorar) [adj/f] CU
how embarrassing! ¡qué apuro!
embarrassing action bajada de pantalones
how embarrassing! que plancha! CL
how embarrassing! ¡qué boleta! [expr] CO
doing something embarrassing hacer algo vergonzoso