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Espagnol Anglais
babosa [f] slug
babosa [f] AMER fool
babosa [f] AMER idiot
babosa [adj/f] drooling
babosa [adj/f] slobbering
babosa [adj/f] dribbling
babosa [adj/f] slimy
babosa [adj/f] mushy
babosa [adj/f] slushy
babosa [adj/f] fawning
babosa [adj/f] snivelling
babosa [adj/f] dirty
babosa [adj/f] silly
babosa [f] creep
babosa [f] slobbering person
babosa [f] suck up
babosa [f] fool
babosa [f] stupid person
babosa [f] CU a parasitic worm that lives in the organs of farm animals
babosa [f] CU a disease caused by a parasitic worm
babosa [adj/f] PR VE slippery (surface)
babosa [f] rur. rare young onion
babosa [f] slaverer
babosa [adj/f] spoony
babosa [adj/f] drivelling
babosa [adj/f] slavering
babosa [f] limax
babosa [m] snail
babosa [f] drip
babosa [f] dimwit
babosa [f] twit
babosa [f] driveller
babosa [f] DO a liar
babosa [f] NI someone who talks too much rubbish
babosa [f] PR a nonsense conversation
babosa [f] MX an embarrassing action
babosa [f] PR an unimportant thing or matter
babosa [f] fool
babosa [adj/f] impudent (child)
babosa [adj/f] over-affectionate
babosa [adj/f] CU DO PR VE speaking in a sickeningly sweet way
babosa [adj/f] VE CL PY in love or delighted with somebody else
babosa [adj/f] AR UY disgusting
babosa [adj/f] NI having a poor judgment and lacking personality
babosa [adj/f] AR UY despicable
babosa [f] MX asshole
babosa [f] GT a silly person
babosa [adj/f] AR UY rotten
babosa [adj/f] AR UY caddish
babosa [f] blenny
babosa [f] CU a mollusk
babosa [f] vine which produces malmsey wine
babosa [f] MX GT HN SV NI CR DO bean slug
babosa [f] MX GT HN SV NI CR DO a species of air-breathing land slug, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family veronicellidae, the leatherleaf slugs (sarasinula plebeia)
babosa [f] MX GT HN SV NI CR DO caribbean leatherleaf slug
babosa [f] gastropod
babosa [f] snail
babosa [f] slug
babosa [f] silk

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Espagnol Anglais
babosa  [f] AR a skirt-chaser
Marine Biology
almeja babosa pullet carpet shell
British Slang
persona babosa slobberchops