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Sens de "gesture" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 32 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
gesture llamada [f]
gesture seña [f]
gesture gesticulación [f]
gesture gesticular [v]
gesture gesto [m]
gesture ademán [m]
gesture demostración [f]
gesture signo [m]
gesture acatadura [f] disused
gesture accionar [v]
gesture ademán [m]
gesture señal [f]
gesture mediana [f] SV
gesture musaraña [f] MX:Se rare
gesture musaraña [f] PA DO VE:W CL
gesture planta [f] GT
gesture gestual [adj]
gesture detalle [m]
gesture mate [m] GT HN SV NI
gesture mingo mingo [m] SV
gesture mates [m/pl] HN SV CR
gesture alcocarra [f]
gesture acción [f]
gesture mohín [m]
gesture hacer gestos [v]
gesture accionar [v]
gesture figura [f]
gesture catadura [f]
gesture coco [m]
gesture acto de cortesía
gesture rasgo [m]
gesture gesto [m]

Sens de "gesture" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 67 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
nice gesture detalle [m]
make a gesture agestarse [v] disused
gesture that gives one away amague [m] GT NI PR EC
rapid hand gesture batimán (francés) [m]
affected gesture caída [f] PA
gesture made before someone begins to cry cucharita [f] NI PA PR
challenging gesture or attitude of a fun or supporter fanaticada [f] EC
offensive hand gesture guatusa [f] NI
offensive hand gesture guatuza [f] NI
absurd gesture made with hands mariguanza [f] CL
funny gesture macacada [f] UY
angry action or gesture rebascada [f] PR rur.
rude gesture seña [f] MX
facial gesture showing nonchalance zafada [f] SV
gesture of disapproval made by hitting the palm of one hand with the fist of the other tapa [f] CL
gesture with hand hacer gestos con la mano [v]
gesture while talking manotear [v]
make a gesture like pulling out a gun from under the shirt camisearse [v] NI
rude gesture upon leaving arrendón [m] NI
gesture of thankfulness agradecimiento [m]
gesture involving wrinkling the nose and snorting that some children make when asked cusuquito [m] HN:W SV
gesture or attitude, usually of contempt or pride estilo [m] SV
gesture showing intent to do something mate [m] GT HN SV NI
funny gesture micura [m] SV
angry gesture a child makes piquito [m] DO
rude gesture respingo [m] HN
gesture of being in a bad mood truño [m] DO
middle finger (gesture used to insult someone) dedo malcriado [loc/nom] BO
lewd posture/gesture in women desenvoltura [f]
queer gesture contorsión [f]
expressiveness of face/gesture expresión [f]
affected gesture figurería [f]
gesture indicating scorn or contempt desgaire [m]
gesture of annoyance regaño [m]
angry gesture trompa de lechón de a peso [f] DO
show anger or a bad mood with a lip gesture estirar la bemba [v] PA CU
display anger with a gesture of the mouth estirar el hocico [v] CU
make a gesture with one's hands to mock hacer narices [v] BO
gesture a lot parecer mono haciendo muecas [v] NI
mocking gesture waving hand from one's nose pito catalán [m] PA AR UY
token gesture gesto simbólico
what a thoughtful gesture! ¡qué gesto considerado!
what a thoughtful gesture! ¡qué detallista eres!
gesture towards someone hacer gestos a alguien [v]
gesture to someone hacer gestos a alguien [v]
real or faked gesture made before someone begins to cry cuchara [f] HN PR
exaggerated gesture for laughs miquería [f] GT SV CO
display anger or a bad mood with a gesture of the mouth estirar trompa [v] NI CO
display anger with a gesture of the mouth estirar la bemba [v] PA CU
silence someone with a hand gesture pintar huevos [v] MX derog.
agreeable (behavior or gesture) comprador [adj] BO PY AR UY
captivating (behavior or gesture) comprador [adj] BO PY AR UY
hand gesture mate [m] SV
rude gesture roterío [m] CL derog.
a gesture of devotion un gesto de devoción
a gesture of submission un gesto de sumisión
as a gesture of goodwill como gesto de buena voluntad
as a goodwill gesture como gesto de buena voluntad
as a gesture of goodwill en señal de buena voluntad
pointing gesture gesto de señalar
gesture technology tecnología de gesto
suicide gesture gesto suicida
suicide gesture gesto suicida
suicide gesture gesto de suicidio
natural gesture gestos naturales
gesture of willingness respingo [m]
threatening gesture amago [m]