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Sens de "provoke" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 89 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
provoke desatar [v]
provoke armar [v]
provoke suscitar [v]
provoke provocar [v]
provoke ocasionar [v]
provoke revolver [v]
provoke hurgar [v]
provoke indignar [v]
provoke encolerizar [v]
provoke endemoniar [v]
provoke citar [v]
provoke arrancar [v]
provoke excitar [v]
provoke promover [v]
provoke abrasar [v]
provoke acalorar [v]
provoke agitar [v]
provoke azuzar [v]
provoke causarse [v]
provoke concitar [v]
provoke dar [v]
provoke desafiar [v]
provoke desolazar [v] disused
provoke encender [v]
provoke enrabiar [v]
provoke enrabietar [v]
provoke pinchar [v]
provoke abanicar [v]
provoke sucitar [v]
provoke exasperar [v]
provoke irritar [v]
provoke embromar [v]
provoke alborotar [v]
provoke incitar [v]
provoke alzaprimar [v]
provoke concitar contra [v]
provoke puyar [v] CO
provoke juchar [v] NI DO
provoke emburujarse [v] DO
provoke encamorrar [v] MX
provoke enguangarar [v] DO
provoke voracear [v] BO AR:N
provoke torear [v] NI CR BO CL AR UY
provoke torear [v] BO:S CL
provoke abochornar [v]
provoke abrasar [v]
provoke atacar [v]
provoke chocar [v]
provoke emborrascar [v]
provoke escandecer [v]
provoke infernar [v]
provoke escocer [v]
provoke encarnizar [v]
provoke instigar [v]
provoke enconar [v]
provoke espinar [v]
provoke excandecer [v]
provoke picar [v]
provoke sofocar [v]
provoke abochornarse [v]
provoke inducir [v]
provoke causar enojo [v]
provoke excitar la cólera [v]
provoke compadrear [v] PY AR UY
provoke encamorrar [v] MX
provoke alborotar el camoatí [v] UY
provoke alborotar el zompopero [v] GT
provoke alborotarse el panal [v] CU
provoke echar un vellón [v] PR
provoke pisar el poncho [v] PE BO CL
provoke pisar la huasca [v] CL rare
provoke ponerlo de las mechas [v] NI
provoke ponerse asado [v] GT
provoke sacar el tapón [v] MX
provoke tirar al choque [v] CL
provoke arrastrar el poncho [v] CL AR
provoke amostazar [v]
provoke alionar [v] SCN
provoke azuzar a los perros a alguien [v]
provoke compadrear [v] AR UY PY rare
provoke empuar [v] AR UY
provoke rofear (inglés rough) [v] PA
provoke rofiar (inglés rough) [v] PA
provoke armar [v]
provoke meter caña [v]
provoke instar [v]
provoke acicatear [v]
provoke causar [v]
provoke mover [v]

Sens de "provoke" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 69 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
group that tends to provoke, exceed and abuse in public tojpa [f] BO:W
provoke into rebellion sublevar [v]
provoke someone to do something provocar a alguien a que haga algo [v]
provoke someone meterse con alguien [v]
provoke someone ochar [v]
provoke an indisposition of a person/animal due to lack of oxygen in the atmosphere asorocharse (del quechua) [v] BO derog.
provoke dogs abijar [v] CO rur.
provoke someone bujar [v] NI
provoke someone cuquiar [v] DO
tease or provoke cucar [v] GT HN SV PR
provoke or annoy a person or animal cuquear [v] HN CU DO PR VE:W
provoke damage or harm, typically minor (someone or something) dañinear [v] AR:Nw
provoke a quarrel ajotar [v] SV PR
provoke a quarrel ajotar [v] HN rare
provoke a quarrel ajochar [v] NI
provoke someone golillear [v] HN
provoke someone golillar [v] HN
provoke great enthusiasm in someone copar [v] AR UY teen
provoke a conflict in something or someone conflictuar [v] MX SV EC BO PY AR UY CL
provoke the opposite sex with the intention of seducing jochear [v] BO:N,E
who can provoke a confrontation or conflict confrontacional [adj] CL cult
who can provoke a confrontation or conflict confrontacional [adj] PR
incite or provoke a person or an animal against somebody azuzamiento [m] HN NI
short story told to provoke laughs (generally with a racy theme) cacho [m] VE EC
rooster that is only used to provoke another that will fight careador [m] HN NI DO
desire to provoke jealousy piquete [m] GT
provoke (the bull) citar [v]
provoke enmity cizañar [v]
provoke to anger encolerizar [v]
provoke to anger causar ira [v]
provoke conflict conflictuar [v] MX EC BO PY AR UY
provoke someone buscar el bulto a alguien [v]
provoke a quarrel armar la podrida [v] SCN
provoke a quarrel armarse la de san quintín [v]
provoke a quarrel armarse la gorda [v]
provoke someone encalabrinar a alguien [v]
provoke someone meter alguien los perros en danza [v]
provoke someone to talk meterle a alguien los dedos [v]
provoke someone to talk meterle a alguien los dedos en la boca [v]
provoke someone to quarrel buscar la boca a alguien [v]
provoke someone to quarrel buscar la lengua a alguien [v]
provoke someone poner un par de banderillas a alguien [v]
provoke fear ser un ogro [v]
provoke someone to dar manija a alguien [v]
provoke someone to calentar la cabeza a alguien [v]
provoke someone to calentar los cascos a alguien [v]
provoke someone to fight buscar la boca [v] CU AR
intentionally provoke someone buscar gato [v] CL
provoke someone buscar julepe [v] PR
provoke someone to argue buscar la boca [v] CU AR
provoke someone dar sajiro [v] PE rare
provoke someone's envy dar carita [v] GT HN SV
provoke someone to argue with someone else dar casquillo [v] CO VE
provoke someone to argue with someone else meter casquillo [v] VE
provoke envy dar chile [v] HN
encourage or provoke someone cucar las ganas [v] PR
perform very slowly to provoke hacerla de emoción [v] MX
provoke insecurity or a sense of danger mover el piso [v] PA EC BO CL UY
provoke jealousy dar changüí [v] DO
provoke someone dar changüí [v] NI DO teen
provoke someone into something provocar a alguien para que haga algo [v]
woman who likes to provoke others cucadora [f] HN
provoke animosity carbonear [v] NI CR PE CL
provoke a loss of mental faculties tostar [v] CU
man who likes to provoke others cucador [m] HN
provoke bankruptcy fundir [v]
provoke bankruptcy quebrar [v]
provoke the bull citar [v]
provoke a bull to weaken it destroncar [v]