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Sens de "sprout" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 87 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
sprout brotar [v]
sprout ahijar [v]
sprout retoñar [v]
sprout brote [m]
sprout acogollar [v]
sprout echar [v]
sprout entallecer [v]
sprout apitonar [v]
sprout apuntar [v]
sprout botonar [v]
sprout nacer [v]
sprout cogollo [m]
sprout abollonar [v] ARA
sprout abrotoñar [v]
sprout acogollar [v]
sprout aflorar [v]
sprout agarbanzar [v] ES local
sprout agrillarse [v]
sprout avivar [v]
sprout avivarse [v]
sprout rebrotar [v]
sprout germinar [v]
sprout crecer (plantas/vegetales) [v]
sprout brotar (hojas/brotes) [v]
sprout surtir [v]
sprout bejuquear [v] GT HN rur.
sprout broyar [v] HN
sprout nacerse [v] HN SV NI VE
sprout pimpollar [v] VE
sprout pitiar [v] GT rur.
sprout puyonear [v] HN NI rur.
sprout bretón [m] PR rur.
sprout grelo [m] VE:W rur.
sprout matón [m] HN NI
sprout pelillo [m] GT HN
sprout retollo [m] PR
sprout retoyo [m] PR
sprout lleta [f]
sprout abrotoñar [v]
sprout despuntar [v]
sprout grillar [v]
sprout pimpollecer [v]
sprout reventar [v]
sprout mover [v]
sprout romper [v]
sprout tallecer [v]
sprout serpollar [v]
sprout crecer [v]
sprout germen [m]
sprout renuevo [m]
sprout pimpollejo [m]
sprout pimpollo [m]
sprout pitón [m]
sprout plantón [m]
sprout retoño [m]
sprout reveno [m]
sprout tallo [m]
sprout serpollo [m]
sprout pimpollito [m]
sprout quitar los vástagos [v]
sprout quitar los botones [v]
sprout echar renuevos [v]
sprout echar botones [v]
sprout extenderse en ramificaciones [v]
sprout grillarse [v]
sprout virar tallos [v] PA
sprout chupón [adj]
sprout vástago [m]
sprout nacerse [v]
sprout grillo [m]
sprout tromba marina
sprout brote [m]
sprout hacer germinar [v]
sprout hacer brotar [v]
sprout salpicar [v]
sprout ramificarse [v]
sprout gallear [v]
sprout salpicadura [f]
sprout agarbanzar [v]
sprout arrojar [v]
sprout ahijar [v]
sprout gallear [v]
sprout galleo [m]
sprout sierpe [f]
sprout apitonar [v]
sprout botón [m]
sprout vástago [m]

Sens de "sprout" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 108 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
bud or sprout brotar [v]
sprout leaves rather than grow acaguasarse [v] CU
sprout up acogollarse [v]
sprout like an artichoke alcachofar [v] disused
sprout like an artichoke alcarchofar [v] disused
sprout buds apimpollarse [v]
not sprout azurronarse [v]
fail to sprout azurronarse [v]
sprout-like acogollado [adj]
brussels sprout brusela [f] CL
seed or sprout of the sugar cane plant (sugar cane industry) cepa [f] PR
edible sprout of the prickly palm tree güiscoyol [f] SV CR
coffee sprout mariposa [f] HN
moment in which corn kernes sprout eloteada [f] MX
corn cob beginning to sprout navajuela [f] HN:E
banana sprout ñanga [f] PA
cluster sprout parición [f] EC
sprout of the mocambo tree pepa [f] HN rur.
last sprout of sugar cane soca [f] BO:Ne rur.
last sprout of sugar cane soca [f] MX GT HN SV CU CO EC
tobacco sprout after flowering soca [f] CO
sprout that comes after the rice harvest soca [f] BO:S rur.
last sprout of sugar cane zoca [f] MX CO VE
last sprout of sugar cane soca [f] MX GT HN SV CU CO EC BO:Ne
sprout (of plants) guiar [v]
sprout buds germinar [v]
grow or sprout vegetar [v]
(sugar cane shoot or bud) to sprout agüinar [v] CU
(vines) to sprout bejuquear [v] HN CR rur.
sprout new buds or flowers botonear [v] HN CU
sprout (seed) brollar [v] HN NI rur.
sprout corn silk cabellar [v] CR rur.
sprout leaves rather than growing taller (sugar cane) acaguasarse [v] CU rur.
sprout the first leaves on rice or corn plants agujear [v] CR
sprout (cacao) chilear [v] GT
sprout (corn grain) choclear [v] PA rur.
sprout (first three leaves of a coffee plant) cruzar [v] HN rur.
finish forming (cabbage sprout) compactar [v] HN
sprout from plants (leaves) hojear [v] BO:N,E
being to sprout (first two stems of a coffee planting) horquetear [v] NI CR rur.
sprout the central leaves from which the earn will later develop lancear [v] MX rur.
being to sprout enseñoritar [v] EC rur.
begin to sprout a green corn cob navajuelear [v] HN:E rur.
sprout ears of corn mazorcar [v] CU
sprout ears of corn mazorquear [v] SV
sprout the shaft and bud containing the banana flower parir [v] HN rur.
sprout the first leaves platear [v] HN rur.
make incisions in the syringa trunk to sprout latex rayar [v] BO
sprout again repollar [v] HN DO
sprout again retollar [v] PR
sprout again retoyar [v] PR
bean sprout brote [m]
slight break of a tree branch allowing it to sprout before the fold agobio [m] rur.
germinal corn sprout that first emerges on the surface clavito [m] GT rur.
tobacco sprout capón [m] CR CU
vine sprout chimpilo [m] CL rare rur.
edible sprout of the prickly palm tree huiscoyol [m] HN SV CR
shoot or sprout of any plant hijo ladrón [m] SV
edible sprout of the prickly palm tree biscoyol [m] CR
edible sprout of the prickly palm tree viscoyol [m] CR
edible sprout of the prickly palm tree vizcoyol [m] CR
tobacco plant sprout mamón (portugués) [m] CU
side sprout used to propagate agave mecuate [m] MX
sprout or shoot of some trees that are edible in the dry season quilete [m] HN SV
new sprout puyón [m] GT HN NI rur.
pineapple sprout tocón [m] PR rur.
alfalfa sprout retoños de alfalfa [m/pl]
brussels sprout col de bruselas
bean sprout brotes de soja
bean sprout dientes de dragón
bean sprout frijolitos chinos
seeds sprout semillas germinan
sprout in the open air (seeds) apuntar [v] MX
sprout (plants) engrillarse [v]
shoot/sprout anew retallar [v]
re-sprout retallecer [v]
sprout again retoñar [v]
sprout (plants/trees) revenar [v]
sprout again reverdecer [v]
sprout again retoñecer [v]
lettuce sprout lechuguino [m]
large sprout, shoot/sucker pimpollón [m]
myrtle sprout mirtídano [m]
new sprout retallo [m]
not sprout wings no comportarse bien [v]
not sprout wings no ser un ángel [v]
sprout leaves but no flowers or fruits irse en vicio [v] CL UY
sprout leaves but no flowers or fruits irse en vicio [v] GT PA CU DO CO rur.
(flower) to sprout apuntar [v]
sprout of the coca plant at two months after harvest llullu muti [m] BO:C
brussels sprout colecita de bruselas
syncytial sprout brote sincitial
syncytial sprout brote sincitial
begin to sprout corn silk chilotear [v] NI CR:N
begin to sprout corn silk jilotear [v] MX GT HN SV
malt sprout brote de cebada germinada [m]
sugar cane seed or sprout hijo [m] PR
malt sprout brote de cebada germinada
malt sprout brotes de maltería
brussels sprout lechuga de bruselas
bean sprout salad ensalada de soja
sprout field retoña [f]
fir-tree sprout abetuna [f]
sprout flowers amacollar [v]
sprout of the cuban royal palm palmillo [m] PR
brussel sprout (brassica oleracea) repollita [f] CO
brussel sprout repollita [f] CO
brussel sprout (brassica oleracea) repollito de bruselas [m] AR