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Meanings of "arch" in Spanish English Dictionary : 77 result(s)

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arch arco [m]
arch arcada [f]
arch corvadura [f]
arch abovedar [v]
arch embovedar [v]
arch enarcar [v]
arch arquear [v]
arch arquearse [v]
arch abovedar [v]
arch arcar [v]
arch arquear [v]
arch embovedar [v]
arch enarcar [v]
arch pícaro [adj]
arch puente [m]
arch bóveda [f]
arch arcar [v]
arch recorvar [v]
arch cascarón (arquitectura) [m]
arch curvatura [f]
arch formar bóveda [v]
arch insigne [adj]
arch picaresco [adj]
arch astuto [adj]
arch socarrón [adj]
arch malicioso [adj]
arch travieso [adj]
arch de primer orden [adj]
arch traviesa [adj/f]
arch maliciosa [adj/f]
arch picaresca [adj/f]
arch astuta [adj/f]
arch cambar [v] CI
arch principal [adj]
arch curva [f]
arch carquesa [f]
arch portada [f]
arch bóveda [f]
arch retorcer [v]
arch enarcar [v] ES
arch abovedar [v]
arch montear [v]
arch abombar [v]
arch arquear [v]
arch anticlinal [m]
arch arco [m]
arch arco [m]
arch arco [m]
arch arco
arch bóveda [f]
arch arquear [v]
arch poroso [adj]
arch arco [m]
arch anticlinal en arco
arch arco [m]
Nursing Terms
arch encorvar [v]
arch bóveda [f]
arch curvar [v]
arch arquear [v]
arch arco [m]
arch arco [m]
arch abocinadura [f]
arch corvadura [f]
arch montear [v]
arch voltear [v]
arch abocinamiento [m]
arch arco [m]
arch segmento del arco
arch abovedarse [v]
arch bóveda [f]
arch portada [f]
arch bóveda [f]
arch abovedarse [v]
arch curvar [v]
arch arquear [v]
arch bóveda [f]
arch arco [m]

Meanings of "arch" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

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arch enemy archienemiga [f]
arch enemy archienemigo [m]
arch- archi- [pref]
yoke arch camella [f]
arch one's back enarcarse [v]
arch its back (horse) enlomarse [v]
bend into an arch escarzar [v]
arch panel alfiz [m]
triumphal arch arco de triunfo [m]
arch of the foot arco del pie [m]
triumphal arch arco triunfal [m]
arch or prominence of a nose caballete [m]
iron arch behind a metal plate in the front shaft of cars cogotillo [m]
pointed arch ojiva [f]
arch smile sonrisa malévola [f]
arch dams presa de arco [f]
basket arch asa de cesta [f]
barrel arch bóveda de cañón [f]
antitwilight arch faja de venus (fenómeno atmosférico del amanecer) [f]
barrel arch bóveda de cañón [f]
arch smile sonrisa picarona [f]
bay of an arch bóveda desde la clave de un arco [f]
build an arch voltear [v]
form into arch arquear [v]
arch the back encorvar (la espalda) [v]
arch one's eyebrows enarcar las cejas [v]
arch the back arquear la espalda [v]
arch above arquear hacia arriba [v]
arch over arquearse sobre [v]
arch over arquear sobre [v]
arch above arquearse hacia arriba [v]
arch its back in order to throw off the rider corcovear [v] CU DO PR VE UY
arch its back in order to throw off the rider corcoviar [v] DO
arch above arquearse [v]
arch above formar un arco [v]
arch one's eyebrows arquear las cejas [v]
arch over abovedar [v]
arch over formar un arco [v]
arch the back arquear la espalda [v]
arch above abovedar [v]
arch-like arqueado [adj]
arch-shaped arqueado [adj]
that tends to arch its back in order to knock the rider off (horse) corcoveador [adj] MX GT NI CR CU CO BO AR UY rur.
arch-shaped arqueado [adj]
arch-shaped en forma de arco [adj]
arch-shaped curvado [adj]
arch-shaped en forma de arco [adj]
arch buttress arbotante [m]
triumphal arch arco de triunfo [m]
arch of a foot puente [m]
arch-fiend demonio [m]
arch rival archirrival [m]
broken arch arco quebrado [m]
basket arch arco de cesta [m]
a large metal pot with an arch-shaped wire serving as a handle canari [m] VE
drop arch arco ojival [m]
antitwilight arch cinturón de venus (fenómeno atmosférico del amanecer) [m]
arch-fiend satanás [m]
arch rival archienemigo [m]
arch-fiend diablo [m]
arch-fiend satán [m]
arch-fiend demonio [m]
competition disputed during carnival in which some horse riders try to take possession of a basket hanging from an arch in which there is a duck or in other cases to pluck the head of the bird jalapato [m] PE
corbel arch kabah [m] MX GT
arch bridges puentes de arco [m/pl]
arch bridges puentes en arco [m/pl]
arch dams presas de bóveda [f/pl]
arch dams presas de arco [f/pl]
arch- arqui- [pref]
arch- arzo- [pref]
-arch -arca [suf]
tudor arch arco tudor
stilted arch bóveda peraltada
stilted arch arco realzado
tudor arch arco conopial
stilted arch arco peraltado
rampant arch arco por tranquil
stilted arch arco escarzano
tudor arch arco de cuatro centros
rampant arch bóveda rampante
triumphal arch arco de triunfo
arch enemy peor enemigo
arch enemy enemigo acérrimo
inclination of an arch bajada [f]
voussoir of an arch dovela [f]
versed sine of an arch montea [f]
projecting arch from a wall trompa [f]
turn of an arch vuelta [f]
hew a stone in curves for an arch dovelar [v]
strengthen the back of an arch trasdosear [v]
division of the celestial arch into twelve parts atacir [m]
vault supporting arch arbotante [m]
arch of a bit (horse) desveno [m]
rear-arch capialzado [m]
voussoirs for an arch dovelaje [m]
tympan of an arch témpano [m]
rib of a gothic arch terciario [m]
the arch of heaven la bóveda celeste [f]
arch villainy gran bellaquería [f]
segmental arch arco abocinado [m]
gothic arch arco ojival [m]
gothic arch arco gótico [m]
pointed arch arco gótico [m]
semicircular arch arco de medio punto [m]
pointed arch arco ojival [m]
relieving arch sobrearco [m] AR
arch one's eyebrows arquear las cejas [v]
Work Safety Terms
arch formation formación de bóvedas
depressed arch arco carenado
arch dam presa de bóveda
roof arch bóveda [f]
arch ring rosca [f]
lancet-arch ojiva [f]
arch-stone dovela [f]
spandrel (arch) enjuta [f]
groined arch rib ojiva [f]
arch center rib cercha [f]
arch centering cimbra [f]
arch centering cintra [f]
arch template directriz [f]
rise (arch) flecha [f]
arch crown cumbrera [f]
groined arch esquifada [f]
flat arch platabanda [f]
inverted arch contrabóveda [f]
arch between steel floor beams bovedilla [f]
arch rise montea [f]
spandrel (arch) embecadura [f]
center (arch) cimbrar [v]
center (arch) cintrar [v]
spring (arch) arrancar [v]
strike centers (arch) descimbrar [v]
cut arch stones dovelar [v]
arch-like abovedado [adj]
segmental (arch) escarzano [adj]
semicircular (arch) de medio punto [adj]
elliptical (arch) apainelado [adj]
spring of an arch arranque [m]
inverted arch zampeado [m]
arch crown empino [m]
three-centered arch carpanel [m]
arch centering cerchón [m]
barrel arch crown espinazo [m] CO
arch rise peralte [m]
template for an arch cintrel [m]
barrel arch esquife [m]
arch barrel cañón [m]
arch stone next to the skewback contrasalmer [m]
centering (arch) galápago [m]
rise (arch) peralto [m]
set of arch stones dovelaje [m]
elliptical arch carpanel [m]
arch truss viga reticulada de arco
segmental arch arco rebajado
doorway arch arco de puerta
flattened arch arco rebajado
drop-arch arco ojival rebajado
center arch arco central
imperfect arch arco rebajado
chancel arch arco del presbiterio
arch board escudo de popa
rising arch arco rampante
arch limb flanco superior
multiple arch dam presa de arcos múltiples
elliptical arch bóveda elíptica
trimmer arch arco rebajado
fluing arch arco capialzado
jack arch bovedilla de piso
arch lid cubierta de bóveda
longitudinal arch arco longitudinal
round arch arco de medio punto
three-pinned arch arco triarticulado
composite arch arco compuesto
arch span vano del arco
four-centered arch arco conopial
foiled arch arco angrelado
single-arch dam presa de arco
wire arch arco de alambre
gauged arch arco aparejado
arch girder viga arqueada
gothic arch arco gótico
oblique arch arco oblicuo
arch rib nervadura de arco
pier arch arco sobre pilares
flat arch arco de descarga
skew arch arco oblicuo
arch bridge puente en arco
curtain arch bóveda del altar
circular arch arco circular
engine support arch arco de apoyo del motor
metal arch arco metálico
jack arch arco de descarga
elliptical arch arco elíptico
geostatic arch arco geostático
splayed arch arco capialzado
catenary arch arco en catenaria
roman arch arco de medio punto
ogival arch arco conopial
chief arch arco maestro
arch rear bóveda de descarga
flat arch bóveda rebajada
camber arch arco de trasdós horizontal
arch rib nervio fajón
camber arch arco peraltado
articulated arch arco articulado
segment-arch arco rebajado
ogee arch arco flamígero
trumpet arch arco abocinado
arch-vault arco de bóveda
segmental arch arco escarzano
diminished arch arco rebajado
concentric arch arco concéntrico
arch span luz del arco
height of arch flecha del arco
round arch arco apuntado
arch grappling anclaje del arco
scheme arch bóveda rebajada
arch brace riostra en arco
discharging arch arco de descarga
arch brick ladrillo abovedado
transverse arch arco toral
cantilever arch arco de ménsula
discharging arch arco de aligeramiento
blind arch arco falso
diminished arch bóveda rebajada
jack arch arco provisional
arch depth espesor del arco
flat arch bóveda plana
foiled arch arco lobulado
visceral arch arco visceral
ogee arch arco conopial
semicircular arch arco de medio punto
tied arch arco atirantado
segmental arch arco abocinado
jack arch arco adintelado
arch bridge puente abovedado
round arch bóveda de medio punto
arch brick ladrillo de cuña
ashlar arch arco de sillería
multiple arch dam presa de bóvedas múltiples
arch rib arco fajón
keel arch arco flamígero
safety arch arco de descarga
concrete arch arco de hormigón
arch core núcleo de pliegue
hydrostatic arch arco hidrostático
flat arch arco adintelado
segmental arch bóveda rebajada
hingeless arch arco empotrado
horseshoe arch arco de herradura
scheme arch arco escarzano
reversed arch arco invertido
aortic arch arco aórtico
round arch bóveda de cañón
french arch arco adintelado
false arch arco falso
arch bar pletina de arco
friller arch arco festoneado
trussed arch arco de celosía
aerial arch anticlinal aéreo
arch brick ladrillo de arco
soldier arch falso dintel
entire arch bóveda de medio punto
keel arch arco conopial
arch effect efecto arco
drop-arch arco apuntado
blind arch arco simulado
skew arch arco esviajado
rough arch arco rústico
rear-arch arco interior
aurora arch arco de la aurora
rubble arch arco rústico
ogival arch arco flamígero
arch brick ladrillo de bóveda
hinged arch arco articulado
arch-burned brick ladrillo alabeado
skew arch arco en esviaje
longitudinal arch arco formero
fluing arch arco abocinado
arch culvert alcantarilla arqueada
arch dam dique en arco
flat arch arco a regla
logging arch arco acarreador de trozas MX
flat arch arco adintelado
hinged arch arco articulado
elliptical arch arco apainelado
arch behind a lintel arco capialzado
two-hinged arch arco birrotulado
three-centered arch arco carpanel
arch intersection rib arco crucero
constant-angle arch arco de ángulo constante
relieving arch arco de aligeramiento
three-centered arch arco de asa de canasta MX
semicircular arch arco de centre pleno
four-centered arch arco de cuatro centros
relieving arch arco de descarga
open-spandrel arch arco de enjuto abierto
fillet arch arco de filete
groined arch arco de encuentro
two-hinged arch arco de dos articulaciones
semicircular arch arco de medio punto
segmental arch arco de segmento
constant-radius arch arco de radio constante
rowlock arch arco de sardinel
three-centered arch arco de tres centros
three-hinged arch arco de tres articulaciones
skew arch arco en esviaje
segmental arch arco escarzano
ribbed arch arco nervado
multiple arch arco múltiple
rampant arch arco rampante
flat arch arco rectilíneo
framed arch arco reticulado
hinged arch arco rotulado
skew arch arco sesgado
three-centered arch arco tricéntrico
inverted arch arco vuelto
three-hinged arch arco trirrotulado
arch truss armadura en arco
arch crown corona de arco
multiple-arch dam cortina de arcos múltiples MX
logging arch grúa transportadora de troncos
arch ring cuerpo de arco
elliptical arch arco carpanel
full-centered arch arco de medio punto
full-centered arch arco de centre pleno
guastavino arch bóveda de panderete ES
semicircular arch bóveda de medio cañón
groined arch bóveda de aristas
relieving arch bóveda de aligeramiento
semicircular arch bóveda de centro pleno
barrel arch bóveda corrida
relieving arch bóveda de descarga
semicircular arch bóveda de medio punto
barrel arch bóveda de medio cañón
fire arch bóveda del hogar
timbrel arch bóveda de panderete ES
segmental arch bóveda escarzana
segmental arch bóveda de segmento
barrel arch bóveda en cañón
arch of brick laid on the flat bóveda tabicada CO
flat arch bóveda rebajada
single-arch dam presa de arco
logging arch cabria transportadora de troncos
three-hinged arch arco de triple charnela
segmental arch arco rebajado
three-centered arch arco zarpanel
multiple-arch dam dique de arco múltiple
single-arch dam dique en arco
arch brick dovela de ladrillo
arch dam presa de arco
multiple-arch dam presa de arcos múltiples
single-arch dam presa de bóveda simple
multiple-arch dam presa de tramos abovedados
single-arch dam presa en arco
single-arch dam presa-bóveda
arch-burned brick ladrillo alabeado
arch brick ladrillo de arco
arch bridge puente arqueado
arch bridge puente de arco
arch bridge puente de bóvedas
three-hinged arch arco de triple rótula
smoke arch bóveda colectora de humos [f]
smoke arch arco de humo [m]
reversed arch arco invertido
smoke arch bóveda colectora de humos
smoke arch arco de humo
aortic arch arco aórtico
polygonal arch arco poligonal
rise (arch) flecha [f]
complementary arch arco complementario [m]
supplementary arch arco suplementario [m]
Marine Biology
gill arch agalla [f]
a river fish with a robust body with a pronounced arch on the back, trapezoidal fins, and a silvery color guavina [f] PE
gill arch arco branquial
twilight arch arco crepuscular
flood arch arco de descarga para las crecidas [m]
division of the celestial arch into twelve parts atacir (árabe) [m]
arch dam dique de arco [m]
natural arch arco natural [m]
rock arch portal [m]
fore arch antearco [m]
natural arch arco natural
insular arch arco insular
arch pressure empuje de bóveda
arch pressure empuje de arco
faulted arch arco fallado
twilight arch arco crepuscular
arch of the aorta cayado de la aorta [m]
arch wire alambre de la arcada
zygomatic arch arco cigomático
costal arch arco costal
trapezoidal arch arcada trapezoidal
deep palmar arch arco palmar profundo
carotid arch arco carotídeo
dental arch arco alveolar
byzantine arch palate paladar en arco bizantino
fallen arch arco caído
arch of the aorta cayado de la aorta
u-shaped arch arcada en u
stationary lingual arch arco lingual inmóvil
partially edentulous arch arcada parcialmente desdentada
plantar arch arco plantar
dentulous dental arch arcada dental dentada
neural arch arco neural
ovoid arch arco oval
palatine arch pilares del istmo de las fauces
dental arch arco dental
hyoid arch arco hiodeo
arch length deficiency deficiencia de longitud de arcada
tapering arch arcada cónica
mandibular arch arco mandibular
passive lingual arch arco lingual pasivo
removable lingual arch arco lingual extraíble
high labial arch arco labial alto
arch width anchura de la arcada
available arch length longitud de arcada disponible
basal arch arco basal
maxillary arch arco del paladar
required arch length longitud necesaria de arcada
abdominotoracic arch arco abdominotorácico
arch length longitud de la arcada
painful arch syndrome síndrome del arco doloroso
first arch syndrome síndrome del primer arco
full-arch wire alambre de arcada completa
pharyngeal arch arco faríngeo
costal arch reflex reflejo del arco costal
aortic arch syndrome síndrome del cayado aórtico
arch bar barra de la arcada
arch bar barra en arco
arch bar barra de arco
arch form forma arqueada
arch form forma de arco
arch wire alambre de arco
arch length longitud de arco
available arch length longitud de arco disponible
reflex arch arco reflejo
ribbon arch appliance dispositivo de arco de cinta
ribbon arch appliance aparato de arco de goma
erich arch bar barra de erich
expansion of the arch expansión del arco
sectional arch wire alambre de arcada regional
arch insert plantilla para el zapato
arch support sostén del arco
arch of foot arco del pie
ribbon arch appliance aparato de arco de goma
abdominothoracic arch arco abdominotorácico
alveolar arch of mandible arco alveolar de la mandíbula
alveolar arch of maxilla arco alveolar del maxilar superior
anterior arch of atlas arco anterior del atlas
anterior palatine arch arco palatino anterior
aortic arch arco aórtico
arch of the aorta arco de la aorta
arterial arch of lower eyelid arco arterial del párpado inferior
arterial arch of upper eyelid arco arterial del párpado superior
axillary arch arco axilar
corti's arch arco de corti
costal arch arco costal
arch of cricoid cartilage arco del cartílago cricoides
crural arch arco crural
deep palmar arch arco palmar profundo
deep palmar venous arch arco venoso palmar profundo
dental arch arco dental
dorsal venous arch of foot arco venoso dorsal del pie
expansion arch arco de expansión
fallopian arch arco de falopio
femoral arch arco femoral
glossopalatine arch arco glosopalatino
gothic arch arco gótico
hyoid arch arco hioideo
iliopectineal arch arco iliopectíneo
inferior dental arch arco dental inferior
jugular venous arch arco venoso yugular
labial arch arco labial
langer's arch arco de langer
lateral longitudinal arch arco longitudinal lateral
lateral lumbocostal arch arco lumbocostal lateral
lingual arch arco lingual
longitudinal arch of foot arco longitudinal del pie
malar arch arco malar
mandibular arch arco mandibular
medial longitudinal arch arco longitudinal medial
medial lumbocostal arch arco lumbocostal medial
nasal venous arch arco venoso nasal
neural arch arco neural
arch of thoracic duct arco del conducto torácico
palatoglossal arch arco palatogloso
palatopharyngeal arch arco palatofaríngeo
pharyngopalatine arch arco faringopalatino
plantar arch arco plantar
plantar venous arch arco venoso plantar
posterior arch of atlas arco posterior del atlas
posterior palatine arch arco palatino posterior
pubic arch arco púbico
ribbon arch arco acintado
superciliary arch arco superciliar
superficial palmar arch arco palmar superficial
superficial palmar venous arch arco venoso palmar superficial
superior dental arch arco dental superior
supraorbital arch arco supraorbital