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Meanings of "baquetear" in English Spanish Dictionary : 16 result(s)

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baquetear [v] annoy
baquetear [v] bother
baquetear [v] inflict the punishment of the gauntlet
baquetear [v] vex
baquetear [v] flog with leather thongs
baquetear [v] batter
baquetear [v] beat up
baquetear [v] pester
baquetear [v] AR make something undergo an excessive effort (such as the engine of a vehicle)
baquetear [v] AR UY force someone to do difficult/heavy work
baquetear [v] AR use something frequently in order to wear it down or soften it
baquetear [v] AR:Nw scold someone
baquetear [v] HN NI CR DO clean the sediments of a radiator with a stick
baquetear [v] HN adjust valves of an engine with a stick
baquetear [v] AR:Nw treat someone with contempt
baquetear [v] EC disused load the cartridge in a gun with a stick