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Meanings of "carrerear" in English Spanish Dictionary : 18 result(s)

İspanyolca İngilizce
carrerear [v] bundle
carrerear [v] hustle
carrerear [v] dispatch quickly
carrerear [v] MX GT NI CR trip over oneself trying to get something done
carrerear [v] NI chase someone
carrerear [v] HN rur. chase someone
carrerear [v] MX GT NI CR make an effort to do something
carrerear [v] MX GT NI rush someone
carrerear [v] MX GT NI pressure someone to move more quickly
carrerear [v] MX GT NI CR get a move on
carrerear [v] NI pursue someone
carrerear [v] HN rur. pursue someone
carrerear [v] NI look for someone
carrerear [v] HN rur. look for someone
carrerear [v] AR:Nw move quickly
carrerear [v] AR:Nw race
carrerear [v] AR:Nw run
carrerear [v] CR shoo away a person or animal