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Meanings of "divide" in Spanish English Dictionary : 78 result(s)

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divide apartar [v]
divide apartarse [v]
divide repartir [v]
divide separar [v]
divide dividir [v]
divide dividirse [v]
divide divisoria [f]
divide hacer una división [v]
divide escindir [v]
divide escindirse [v]
divide tazar [v]
divide compartir [v]
divide fraccionar [v]
divide desdoblarse [v]
divide desjuntar [v]
divide deshacer [v]
divide desmembrar [v]
divide despartir [v] disused
divide cortar [v]
divide desvencijar [v]
divide distribuir [v]
divide divorciar [v]
divide erogar [v]
divide prorratear [v]
divide despezonar [v]
divide rebanar [v]
divide partir [v]
divide abrir [v]
divide fraccionarse [v]
divide partirse [v]
divide frangir [v]
divide bifurcarse [v]
divide desunir [v]
divide bifurcarse (río/camino/pared) [v]
divide eccionar [v]
divide vertiente [f]
divide hendir [v]
divide desunirse [v]
divide campechaneársela [v] MX
divide campechanearse [v] MX
divide brecha [f]
divide hacer partes [v]
divide partir [v]
divide separar [v]
divide fraccionar [v]
divide desincorporar [v]
divide desincorporar [v]
divide separación [f]
divide cordillera divisoria
divide divisoria de las aguas
divide dividir [v]
divide dividir [v]
divide divisorio [f]
divide crestería [f]
divide división [f]
divide divisoria [f]
divide vertiente [f]
divide partir [v]
divide parteaguas [m]
divide filo [m]
divide parteaguas
divide parteaguas MX
Dam Terms
divide divisor de aguas
divide repanir [v]
divide ir a votar [v]
divide separarse [v]
divide bifurcar [v]
divide deslindar [v]
divide dividir [v]
divide reparto de las aguas CO
divide divisoria [f]
divide divorcio de aguas [m]
divide parteaguas [m]
divide fila divisoria
divide cuchilla separadora UY
divide divorcio de las aguas
divide divisoria [f]
divide divisoria de aguas

Meanings of "divide" in English Spanish Dictionary : 2 result(s)

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divide [v] second-person singular affirmative imperative of dividir
divide [v] third-person singular present indicative of dividir

Meanings of "divide" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 168 result(s)

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divide into thirds terciar [v]
separate or divide apartar [v]
divide up dividir [v]
divide by dividir entre [v]
divide by dividir por [v]
divide into dividir por [v]
divide up dividirse [v]
divide up segmentar [v]
divide up compartir [v]
divide up repartir [v]
divide up resolver [v]
divide into pieces trocear [v]
divide an area into squares so that each side faces a street amanzanar [v] BO AR UY
divide/separate by partitions atajar [v]
divide for cultivation alijarar [v]
divide a plank in two lengthwise by a saw or axe cachar [v]
divide into bands/parties banderizar [v]
divide into imperceptible parts desvanecer [v]
divide into bits/mouthfuls bocadear [v]
divide into equal shares comediar [v] disused
divide into halves dimidiar [v] rare
divide into four parts cuartear [v]
divide into small parts desbriznar [v]
divide cattle into flocks/herds hatajar [v]
divide into degrees graduar [v]
divide into fractions fraccionar [v]
divide into equal parts promediar [v]
divide up in parts resuelto [v]
divide proportionally ratear [v]
divide into small parts reducir [v]
divide into three parts tripartir [v]
divide a garden into beds tablear [v]
divide into three parts terciar [v]
divide into halves demediar [v]
divide proportionally prorratear [v]
divide into factions abanderar [v] AR CL
divide into factions abanderizar [v]
divide by the dozen adecenar [v]
divide by dozens adecenar [v]
divide for cultivation alijarar [v]
divide a lot into street blocks amanzanar [v] BO AR UY
order or divide by the dozen adecenamiento [m]
(in a supermarket) a group of shelves that divide aisles bahía [f] HN rare
stone and mud used to divide pastures, fields, or properties pilca [f] AR:Nw
divide into pieces descuartizar [v]
divide up repartirse [v]
divide into three terciar [v]
divide into plots parcelar [v]
divide up the bill a escote [v]
divide into factions abanderizarse [v]
divide into two bifurcar [v]
divide in two partir [v]
divide in two repartir [v]
divide something by dividir algo por [v]
divide something up hacer el reparto de algo [v]
divide something repartir algo [v]
divide the cake repartirse el pastel [v]
divide the cake repartirse la tarta [v]
divide a field into pastures apotrerar [v] AR UY rur.
divide a lot into blocks for building amanzanar [v] BO AR UY
divide into lots aparcelar [v] HN SV NI
divide into plots aparcelar [v] HN SV NI
put a median strip in the middle of an avenue to divide traffic acamellonar [v] MX
divide into bands/parties banderizarse [v]
divide into hands a bunch of bananas desmanar [v] HN CR PA CU VE
divide a quantity among several people, based on what is proportionally due to each person cuotear [v] BO CL
divide or separate a country, political party, society or administration cisionar [v] PE cult
divide a paddock into several parts with fences gavetear [v] HN
divide up information on a matter among the interested parties compartimentar [v] CU PE
divide a farm into shares hijuelar [v] CL
divide a farm into smaller plots hijuelar [v] CL
divide land into smaller plots lotear [v] MX CR CO EC BO CL PY
divide up plots of land or distribute portions of something among several people lotear [v] GT CO BO CL PY
divide land into smaller plots lotificar (inglés lot) [v] MX GT HN SV NI PA DO PR
divide land into smaller plots lotizar [v] EC PE
stone and mud fence used to divide pastures and fields pircado [m] AR:Nw
stone and mud fence used to divide pastures and fields pircado [m] PE rur.
divide and conquer divide y reinarás
continental divide divisoria continental
divide up discutir [v] SV teen
divide into dividir en [v]
divide something among dividir algo entre [v]
divide something between dividir algo entre [v]
divide something by dividir algo entre [v]
divide something into dividir algo en [v]
divide the kids into smaller groups separar a los niños en grupos más pequeños [v]
divide and conquer divide y conquista
divide and conquer divide y vencerás
divide something fifty-fifty repartir algo a partes iguales [v]
divide something fifty-fifty repartir algo cincuenta y cincuenta [v]
divide the wheat from the chaff apartar el grano de la paja [v]
divide the cake repartir la tarta [v]
divide the bill evenly pagar a la alemana [v] PA
divide up campechaneársela [v] MX
divide equally partir la vaca [v] GT
divide up among many repartirse la marrana [v] CO
divide up loot repartirse la torta [v] PE BO CL PY AR UY
divide up the pie repartirse el pastel
divide and rule divide y reinarás
divide and conquer divide y vencerás
divide and rule divide y vencerás
divide and conquer divide y vencerás [old-fashioned]
divide equally promediar [v]
sub-divide subdividir [v]
account to divide cuenta particional
digital divide brecha digital
social divide fractura social
social divide fractura de la sociedad
digital divide brecha informática
divide into articles articular [v]
divide into plots parcelar [v]
divide an estate hijuelar [v] CL
divide costs among distribuir costes entre [v]
divide costs among distribuir costos entre [v]
action to divide property acción de división
probate proceeding brought to divide an estate acción de partición de herencia
International Law
digital divide brecha digital
digital divide división digital
digital divide brecha digital
zero divide división por cero
divide down a frequency reducir una frecuencia por división [v]
divide into parts fraccionar [v]
divide into lots parcelar [v]
divide into blocks cuartear [v]
phreatic divide divisoria freática
topographic divide divisoria topográfica
groundwater divide divisoria de aguas subterráneas
divide check comprobador de divisiones
divide and conquer sorting clasificación de logro por la división
divide-by-n counter contador divisor por n
zero divide división por cero
watershed divide arista hidrográfica VE
continental divide parteaguas continental
continental divide división continental
continental divide divisoria continental
ground-water divide divisoria de las aguas freáticas
divide into syllables dividir en sílabas
watershed divide parteaguas [m]
divide in squares cuadrar [v]
divide (by) dividir (por) [v]
divide into squares cuadricular [v]
divide a circle into quarters dividir un círculo en cuatro partes [v]
divide a figure into two equal parts bisecar [v]
divide a space into equal cubes dividir un espacio en cubos iguales [v]
divide both sides of the equation by three dividir ambos lados de la ecuación por tres [v]
divide by the short method dividir por el método corto [v]
topographic divide separación topográfica [f]
drainage divide vertiente de captación [f]
drainage divide crestería [f]
drainage divide división de aguas [f]
drainage divide parteaguas [f]
drainage divide parte aguas [f]
drainage divide vertiente de drenaje [m]
drainage divide divorcio de aguas [m]
groundwater divide vertiente del agua subterránea
water divide line divisoria de aguas
water divide divisoria de aguas
divide land in baulks tablonear [v] MX rur.
divide-line divisoria [f]
drainage divide divorcio de aguas
drainage divide línea divisoria de aguas
groundwater divide divisoria de las aguas freáticas
drainage divide línea divisoria de aguas
continental divide divisoria continental
divide a musical composition into bars compasar [v]
divide a score into equal parts acompasar [v]
divide circle círculo divisorio [m]
divide gently peinar [v]