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Meanings of "loquear" in English Spanish Dictionary : 19 result(s)

İspanyolca İngilizce
loquear [v] act the fool
loquear [v] talk nonsense
loquear [v] revel
loquear [v] exult
loquear [v] rejoice
loquear [v] frolic
loquear [v] act foolishly
loquear [v] HN BO court
loquear [v] PA DO date around
loquear [v] PA DO date many people
loquear [v] HN BO flirt with
loquear [v] PA DO constantly change partners
loquear [v] US lock
loquear [v] US lock with a key
loquear [v] HN BO woo
loquear [v] have fun
loquear [v] play the fool
loquear [v] do crazy things
loquear [v] fool around