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Meanings of "chat" in Spanish English Dictionary : 76 result(s)

English Spanish
chat plática [f]
chat charla [f]
chat charlar [v]
chat plática (más usado en américa) [f]
chat patullar [v]
chat comentar [v]
chat platicar [v]
chat conversar [v]
chat chatero [adj]
chat chatera [adj/f]
chat chatear [v]
chat chirlería [f]
chat conversada  [f] CR CU DO CO VE BO CL
chat talla [f] DO
chat rajar [v]
chat hablar [v]
chat cascar [v]
chat chatear [v] HN
chat dar boca [v]
chat hablar de trivialidades [v]
chat charlear [v] PR rur.
chat copuchar [v] CL
chat compartir [v] CU PE
chat palabrear [v] SV NI
chat romancear [v] CL rare
chat charolar [v]
chat dar la boca [v]
chat párrafo [m]
chat chat [m]
chat abejorreo [m] DO
chat comadreo [m] DO CL UY
chat proseo [m] UY rur.
chat chirlería [f]
chat conversación [f]
chat parola [f]
chat charlotear [v]
chat departir [v]
chat careo [m] rur. rare
chat cháchara [f]
chat parlotear [v]
chat pájaro cantor [m]
chat pájaro de ambos hemisferios
chat dar la boca [v] CU
chat hablar barro [v] CO
chat dar sánsara [v] CU
chat dar su salpique [v] CU
chat tirar cinta [v] PA teen
chat parrafada [f]
chat camulla [f] SV
chat chamullar [v] PE CL AR
chat chamullar [v] ES
chat darle al palique [v]
chat estar de palique [v]
chat echar la parrafada [v]
chat echar un charlado [v]
chat estar de cháchara [v]
chat latear [v] LAM
chat estar de plática [v]
chat estar de tertulia [v]
chat estar en el mitote [v]
chat chimentar [v] PY AR UY CL rare
chat chusmear [v] PY AR UY
chat cherchar [v] DO
chat prosear [v] AR:Ne rare
chat prosear [v] UY
chat cascar [v]
chat charlar [v]
chat palique [m]
chat chatear [v]
chat chutear [v]
chat desecho [m]
chat chateo [m]
chat pina plática
chat chat cola
chat chatcar [v]
chat apure [m] rare

Meanings of "chat" in English Spanish Dictionary : 3 result(s)

Spanish English
chat [m] chat room
chat [m] chat
chat [m] chai

Meanings of "chat" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 206 result(s)

English Spanish
chat show programa de entrevistas [n]
chat about charlar de [v]
chat room chat [m]
have a chat with echar un párrafo con [v]
informal chat charla [f]
chat online chatear [v]
internet chat chat (inglés) [m]
online chat chat (inglés) [m]
chat site chat (inglés) [m]
chat program chat (inglés) [m]
chat service chat (inglés) [m]
chat show tertulia [f]
confidential chat parrafada [f]
silly or foolish chat bayuya [f] PR
loud and incessant chat chachalaca [f] GT derog.
chit-chat lengüeteada [f] SV
chit-chat lengüetería [f] DO PR
drawn-out and boring chat lateada [f] AR:Nw
prolonged chat platicona [f] GT HN SV NI
chat or gossip chismear [v]
chat on the internet chatear [v]
chit-chat cotorrear [v]
chit-chat parlotear [v]
chit-chat cotillear [v]
back chat contestar [v]
back chat ser impertinente [v]
back chat ser insolente [v]
converse or chat at length about insignificant or trivial subjects (two or more people) cututear [v] HN
chit-chat lengüetear [v] CU rare
chit-chat lengüetear [v] GT DO PR
chat with someone lorear [v] PE BO
born to chat parlanchín [adj]
chit-chat cotilleo [m]
back chat comentario desconsiderado [m]
festive chat figureo [m] PR
chat among friends cotorreo [m] MX HN NI DO VE BO UY
chit-chat lengüetao [m] CU DO
chit-chat lengüetazo [m] SV rare
chit-chat lengüetazo [m] HN DO PR
chit-chat lengüeteo [m] DO PR
chat room sala de chat
chat room sala de charla
chat room sala de plática
chat room sala de conversación
chat show [uk] programa de entrevistas
chit-chat charla [f]
stone-chat collalba [f]
chit-chat cuchicheo [m]
chat somebody up coquetear con alguien [v]
have a chat with someone echar un párrafo con alguien [v]
lively chat hacer chorcha [v] MX
chit chat chismorrear
chit chat charlar
chat someone up ligar con alguien
chat about little things hablar de bueyes perdidos PY AR UY
enough chit-chat basta de charla
we will chat any other day hablaremos otro día
chat up ligar con [v]
chat show [uk] tertulia [f]
chit-chat cháchara [f]
chit-chat bayoya [f] PR
converse or chat at length about insignificant or trivial subjects (two or more people) chachalaquear [f] MX GT HN SV NI
informal chat hablada [f] CL rare
informal chat hablada [f] CO
meeting of friends to chat and have fun rechola [f] MX:N
chit-chat cháchara [f]
friendly chat charleta [f]
chat up cortejar [v]
chat up ligar [v]
chat up chamullar [v] PE CL AR
chat up chamuyar [v] AR UY
chat up meter ficha [v]
have a chat darle al palique [v]
have a chat estar de palique [v]
have a chat dar de palique [v]
have a chat echar la parrafada [v]
have a chat echar un charlado [v]
chat away guaguarear [v] MX
chat up lachear [v] CL
chat or gossip echar guágara [v] MX
chat someone up tirar los tejos [v]
chat with friends echar cinta [v] PA teen
have a chat/talk echar una conversada [v]
chit-chat palillo [m]
chit-chat palique [m]
chat show [uk] programa de entrevistas
chat up apalabrar [v]
chat up seducir con la palabra [v]
chat up coquetear [v]
chat up camelar [v]
chat up galantear [v]
have an idle chit-chat tener una charla informal [v]
chat shit contar mentiras
chat shit decir tonterías
chat-up line requiebro
chit-chat charla
hot chat conversación erótica [f]
hot chat charla erótica [f]
internet relay chat (irc) charla interactiva internet [f]
chat line línea de charla [f]
internet relay chat (irc) conversación por internet [f]
chat room charlería [f]
internet relay chat (irc) conversación interactiva entre usuarios [f]
chat mode modo de charla [m]
internet relay chat sistema de conversación en línea
internet relay chat conversación transmitida por internet
internet relay chat charla interactiva por internet
real-time chat charla en tiempo real
chat room canal de conversación
chat room espacio para charla
internet relay chat protocolo para mantener conferencias basadas en texto sobre internet
internet relay chat charla interactiva por internet
internet relay chat conversación transmitida por internet
fuerteventura chat tarabilla canaria
chat roller apisonadora de sílex [f]
d'orbigny's chat-tyrant putilla [f] PE
d'orbigny's chat-tyrant pilco [m] PE
brown-tailed chat colinegro pardo
snowy-crowned robin-chat cosifa coroninívea
golden-browed chat-tyrant pitajo cejidorado
african flycatcher-chat cosifa ventriblanco
angola cave-chat cosifa angoleña
white-winged cliff-chat roquero abisinio
brown rock chat colinegro indio
arnot's chat zorzal-hormiguero de arnot
slaty-backed chat-tyrant pitajo negro
congo moor-chat zorzal-hormiguero del congo
crimson chat eptianuro tricolor
herero chat-flycatcher papamoscas herero
rufous-breasted chat-tyrant pitajo pechirrufo
northern anteater-chat zorzal-hormiguero septentrional
ant-eating chat zorzal-hormiguero meridional
rüppell's black-chat zorzal-hormiguero de rüppell
white-fronted chat eptianuro pío
rüppell's robin-chat cosifa de rüppell
rose-breasted chat reinita pechirroja
jerdon's bush chat tarabilla de jerdon
kalinowski's chat-tyrant pitajo de kalinowski
olive-flanked robin-chat cosifa anómala
piura chat-tyrant pitajo de piura
sombre chat colinegro sombrío
brown chat-flycatcher papamoscas tarabilla
moorland chat colinegro abisinio
grey-winged robin-chat cosifa aligrís
anteater chat zorzal-hormiguero septentrional
white-fronted black chat zorzal-hormiguero frentiblanco
white-throated bush chat tarabilla de hodgson
white-crowned cliff chat roquero de corona blanca
maroon-belted chat-tyrant pitajo con cinturón marón
eastern chat-tanager tangara dominicana
yellow-breasted chat reinita grande
grey-throated chat reinita yucateca
white-browed chat-tyrant pitajo gris
angolan cave chat cosifa angoleña
d'orbigny's chat-tyrant pitajo canela
white-winged cliff chat roquero abisinio
blackish chat-tyrant pitajo negresco
white-throated robin-chat cosifa gorgiblanca
tractrac chat colinegro tractrac
blue-shouldered robin-chat cosifa aliazul
cape robin-chat cosifa cafre
yellow-bellied chat-tyrant pitajo diademado
pied bush chat tarabilla pía
grey bush chat tarabilla gris
white-fronted black-chat zorzal-hormiguero frentiblanco
buff-streaked chat tarabilla sudafricana
archer's robin-chat cosifa de archer
karoo chat colinegro del karroo
orange chat eptianuro naranja
white-bellied robin-chat cosifa ventriblanco
brown-tailed rock chat colinegro pardo
sombre rock chat colinegro sombrío
mountain robin-chat cosifa de isabel
mocking cliff-chat roquero imitador
white-bellied bush chat tarabilla de timor
white-headed robin-chat cosifa cabeciblanca
jelski's chat-tyrant pitajo de jelski
boulder chat zorzal roquero
mocking cliff chat roquero imitador
rüppell's black chat zorzal-hormiguero de rüppell
chorister robin-chat cosifa bicolor
white-headed black-chat zorzal-hormiguero de arnott
red-capped robin-chat cosifa de natal
red-breasted chat reinita mejicana
white-browed robin-chat cosifa de heuglin
white-crowned robin-chat cosifa coroniblanca
sooty chat zorzal-hormiguero negro
southern anteater-chat zorzal-hormiguero meridional
rufous-capped robin-chat cosifa de natal
familiar chat colinegro familiar
sickle-winged chat colinegro sudafricano
chat flycatcher papamoscas tarabilla
yellow chat eptianuro amarillo
crowned chat-tyrant pitajo coronado
herero chat papamoscas herero
congo moor chat zorzal-hormiguero del congo
white-browed bush chat tarabilla de stoliczka
western chat-tanager tangara haitiana
brown-backed chat-tyrant pitajo dorsipardo
cri-du-chat syndrome síndrome del maullido
cri-du-chat syndrome síndrome del maullido de gato
cri-du-chat syndrome síndrome cri du chat
cri-du-chat syndrome síndrome del maullido de gato
cri-du-chat syndrome síndrome del maullido de gato
northern anteater-chat hormiguero [m]
British Slang
chat up conversar con alguien tratando de ligar [v]