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English Spanish
excellent excelente [adj]
excellent admirable [adj]
excellent gentil [adj]
excellent magnifico [adj]
excellent inmejorable [adj]
excellent exquisito [adj]
excellent exquisita [adj/f]
excellent brillante [adj]
excellent adelantado [adj] disused
excellent adiano [adj] disused
excellent bárbaro [adj]
excellent barí (caló) [adj]
excellent baril [adj]
excellent bello [adj]
excellent bravo [adj]
excellent cojonudo [adj] derog.
excellent excelente [adj]
excellent fetén (caló) [adj]
excellent áxcale (náhuatl) [interj] MX
excellent ázcale [interj] MX
excellent cachimbonamente [adv] HN SV
excellent macanudamente [adv] BO CL
excellent macanudamente [adv] UY rare
excellent regio [adv] MX:N PA EC PE BO CL PY AR UY
excellent rico [adv] CR CU DO PR CO
excellent regio [adv] CO:C cult
excellent a todo mecate [adv] MX HN
excellent de lo mejo [adv] NI PA CU BO PY UY
excellent de peluche [adv] MX
excellent de peluches [adv] MX
excellent excelso [adj]
excellent maravilloso [adj]
excellent barbarazo [adj] DO VE
excellent cagante [adj] VE
excellent bravazo [adj] PE
excellent bufeado [adj] DO rare
excellent cachilupi [adj] CL rare
excellent butín [adj] CU
excellent gufeado [adj] PR
excellent chori [adj] CL teen
excellent chilero [adj] GT
excellent choro [adj] CL
excellent chévere [adj] CU PR
excellent cheverón [adj] PR
excellent chevrón [adj] PR
excellent crema [adj] CU PR
excellent chuchinesco [adj] PR
excellent estrunge [adj] AR
excellent cebado [adj] CL teen
excellent cangri [adj] PR teen
excellent grooby (inglés) [adj] PR
excellent groovy (inglés) [adj] PR
excellent groso (italiano) [adj] CL teen
excellent gufiado [adj] PR
excellent improsulto [adj] VE
excellent heavytón (inglés heavy) [adj] PR
excellent heavy (inglés) [adj] CL teen
excellent huevón [adj] HN
excellent güevón [adj] HN
excellent legal [adj] CU EC:N BO:C,W,S
excellent laman [adj] NI
excellent encopetado [adj] NI
excellent maca [adj] BO
excellent macanudo [adj] BO CL
excellent macanudo [adj] PE rare
excellent mortal [adj] CL cult
excellent nítido [adj] GT NI DO PR
excellent nítido [adj] PA child
excellent nais (inglés nice) [adj] GT NI DO
excellent papelito [adj] EC:W child
excellent pesado [adj] SV DO teen
excellent penco [adj] DO rare
excellent pencón [adj] GT SV NI CR rare
excellent pencudo [adj] GT rare
excellent pepeado [adj] VE teen
excellent peposo [adj] PR
excellent pelis [adj] HN SV
excellent petatudo [adj] GT
excellent penco [adj] PA PR
excellent pleno [adj] EC teen
excellent pomadoso [adj] MX
excellent pulento [adj] PE BO CL child
excellent pureteado [adj] CR
excellent posta [adj] AR
excellent digno de ripley [adj] NI BO UY
excellent regio [adj] CO:C cult
excellent regio [adj] MX:N NI PA EC PE CL PY AR UY
excellent tártaro [adj] PR
excellent vergón [adj] HN SV
excellent tallado [adj] SV
excellent veneno [adj] EC teen
excellent la pura uva [adj] MX
excellent de a mecate [adj] NI
excellent a todo mecate [adj] MX GT HN SV NI
excellent a fuego [adj] PR teen
excellent de arganita [adj] DO
excellent a todo dar [adj] MX HN EC PE BO CL
excellent de a cachimba [adj] NI
excellent de anabán [adj] DO
excellent el despipe [n] CL disused
excellent celestial [adj]
excellent aventajado [adj]
excellent barí [adj]
excellent capital [adj]
excellent bravo [adj]
excellent divinal [adj]
excellent divino [adj] fig.
excellent hidalgo [adj]
excellent generoso [adj]
excellent glorioso [adj]
excellent fino [adj]
excellent estimable [adj]
excellent prestante [adj]
excellent primo [adj]
excellent primoroso [adj]
excellent prodigioso [adj]
excellent relevante [adj]
excellent poderoso [adj]
excellent raro [adj]
excellent preciado [adj]
excellent precioso [adj]
excellent singular [adj]
excellent sobresaliente [adj]
excellent vivo [adj]
excellent selecto [adj]
excellent extraordinario [adj]
excellent finísimo [adj]
excellent magnífico [adj]
excellent soberbio [adj]
excellent virtuoso [adj]
excellent baril [adj]
excellent preciada [adj/f]
excellent preciosa [adj/f]
excellent prima [adj/f]
excellent primorosa [adj/f]
excellent prodigiosa [adj/f]
excellent divina [adj/f] fig.
excellent rara [adj/f]
excellent selecta [adj/f]
excellent aventajada [adj/f]
excellent generosa [adj/f]
excellent gloriosa [adj/f]
excellent extraordinaria [adj/f]
excellent finísima [adj/f]
excellent brava [adj/f]
excellent hidalga [adj/f]
excellent magnífica [adj/f]
excellent poderosa [adj/f]
excellent viva [adj/f]
excellent soberbia [adj/f]
excellent virtuosa [adj/f]
excellent enorme [adj]
excellent ¡de perlas! [interj]
excellent padre [adj] MX
excellent medio [adj] CL
excellent línea [adj] DO PR rare
excellent chirote [adj] CR
excellent fina [adj/f]
excellent de a petate [adv] GT
excellent de a pelos [adv] GT
excellent de roli [adv] CU
excellent del uno pirulo [adv] CL
excellent como una uva [adv] CO DO VE
excellent muy allá [adv]
excellent flor flay [adv] CL rare
excellent ni que mandado a hacer [adj] PA EC
excellent de mascarlo [adj] BO CL
excellent de masticarlo [adj] CL
excellent de novela [adj] AR
excellent ñuco de [adj] SV
excellent de la pitrimitri [adj] PE
excellent de piquete [adj] HN
excellent de a pelos [adj] GT
excellent de a petate [adj] GT
excellent de a pipián [adj] NI
excellent de rompe y raja [adj] DO PE BO
excellent pura vida [adj] MX CR
excellent de pura uva [adj] MX
excellent de bandera [adj]
excellent flor flay [adj] CL rare
excellent de alante alante [adj] DO
excellent de espanto y brinco [adj] CU DO VE
excellent del carajo pa’ arriba [adj] PA
excellent de a concón [adj] DO
excellent a todo dar [adj] MX
excellent como un templo
excellent bomba [adv]
excellent a base de bien [adv]
excellent de la puta [adv] BO
excellent del guan [adv] CL
excellent paja [adj] PE
excellent de pánico [adj]
excellent de puta madre [adj]
excellent de pinga [adj]
excellent de la gran flauta [adj]
excellent de padre y muy señor mío [adj]
excellent de bandera [adj]
excellent de ensueño [adj]
excellent enrollante [adj] ES
excellent macanudo [adj] AMER
excellent ácido [adj] VE
excellent bruto [adj] GT HN
excellent cabrón [adj] SV PR BO
excellent fatal [adj] BO PY
excellent firme [adj] BO
excellent gara [adj] EC:S teen
excellent güevón [adj] HN endear.
excellent gufeado [adj] PR teen
excellent legal [adj] NI PA PE teen
excellent divis [adj] MX
excellent masacote [adj] PR teen
excellent efectivo [adj] MX teen
excellent mecatudo [adj] SV
excellent mollejudo [adj] VE:W
excellent mortal [adj] NI CU BO PY
excellent mortal [adj] UY rare
excellent mundial [adj] EC PE CL child
excellent mundial [adj] HN PR
excellent oquiroqui [adj] SV
excellent mostro [adj] PE
excellent monocuco [adj] CO:N
excellent nice (inglés) [adj] EC child
excellent nice (inglés) [adj] US MX HN NI CR PA PR BO CL
excellent paja [adj] PE
excellent picho [adj] CL disused
excellent pepa [adj] EC teen
excellent perrón [adj] MX
excellent pijudo [adj] GT HN SV NI
excellent piocha [adj] MX GT
excellent polenta [adj] PE AR UY rare
excellent pulenta [adj] PE AR
excellent tuanis [adj] GT HN SV NI CR
excellent verraco [adj] CO
excellent violento [adj] PA PR CO teen
excellent yoli (inglés jolly) [adj] MX:Nw
excellent wilson (inglés) [adj] PR
excellent maldito [adj] BO teen PE
excellent de la gran puta [adj] PA PE BO:W AR
excellent de la puta [adj] BO
excellent de pinga [adj] CU VE
excellent de más [adj] UY teen
excellent de a huevo [adj] GT
excellent de alarido [adj] HN NI child
excellent fantástico [adj]
excellent macanuda [adj/f] AMER
excellent de pata negra
excellent de cine
excellent de coña
excellent de buten
excellent de película [adj]
excellent de muerte [adj]
excellent de bigote
excellent del putas [adv] CO EC
excellent de pelos [adv] MX NI
excellent como un camión [v] ES
excellent de pistón [adj]
excellent de la madre [adj] LAM
excellent de primera [adj]
excellent del putas [adj] CO EC
excellent de pelos [adj] MX NI
excellent de bute [adj]
excellent de buten [adj]
excellent de a verga [adj] HN SV NI
excellent superlativo
excellent alto [adj]
excellent valiente [adj]
excellent superior [adj]
excellent bravo [interj]
Animal Husbandry
excellent de órdago [adj]

Meanings of "excellent" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 115 result(s)

English Spanish
excellent thing bendición de dios [f]
most excellent excelentísimo [adj]
excellent sportsman crack (inglés) [m]
excellent (person or thing) de cuco [adv] CL
the state of being excellent excelencia [f]
excellent person or thing berraquera [f] PA
something excellent caballada [f] NI
fruit that is excellent and of special size eraca [f] AR:Nw rur.
excellent reproduction of sounds recorded on disk or cassette by electronic devices high fidelity (inglés) [f] US HN PR BO
excellent person verraquera [f] PA
excellent person berraquera [f] PA
excellent thing berraquera [f] PA
excellent thing verraquera [f] PA
do an excellent job hacer un trabajo excelente [v]
do an excellent job hacer un trabajo magnífico [v]
of excellent quality mandarse [v] MX GT CU
pretty and of excellent quality cachetón [adj] HN NI
excellent (business/event/incident) cachimbón [adj] HN PA
of excellent quality cachimbón [adj] HN SV NI PA
(a product) excellent canalla [adj] NI child
excellent (thing) chacal (del francés) [adj] CL teen
excellent (event or performance) cool (inglesa) [adj] US HN NI BO UY teen
excellent (thing) crema [adj] CU PR
of excellent quality mandado [adj] CU
excellent quality macanudo [adj] GT HN SV NI VE:W BO AR
excellent quality mamey [adj] CU
of excellent quality macizo [adj] HN
excellent (something) el descueve [adj] CL
excellent (person or thing) de cuco [adj] CL
excellent (someone) como andullo al corte [adj] DO
excellent! ¡bárbaro! [interj] NI
small town in andalucifamous for excellent jamón jabugo jabugo [m]
excellent sportsman crack [m]
something/somebody excellent búfalo [m] NI
excellent thing candela [m] CU
excellent grade sote [m] UY
football team of excellent players trabuco [m] NI
something very good or excellent pinga [m/f] HN
good and excellent person toalla [m/f] SV
excellent person la última chupada del mango [n] PE
excellent thing la última chupada del mango [n] PE
excellent quality/feature excelsitud [f]
most excellent excelentísimo [adj]
most excellent supremo [adj]
most excellent subido [adj]
excellent shot certero [m]
most excellent excelentísima [adj/f]
most excellent subida [adj/f]
most excellent suprema [adj/f]
rare (excellent; extraordinary) excelente [adj]
bully (excellent; splendid) excelente [adj]
choice (of superior quality; excellent) excelente [adj]
in excellent condition flor [adv] CL
something excellent flor [f] HN PR BO
excellent quality acá [adj] MX
of excellent quality de exportación [adv] HN NI CR CU PE BO
be in excellent health estar de buen año [v]
be just excellent estar en su punto [v]
taste excellent saber a más [v]
be excellent ser canela fina [v]
be excellent ser una perita en dulce [v]
be excellent ser miel sobre hojuelas [v]
be excellent ser un monstruo [v]
be excellent estar de vicio [v]
do or say something excellent botar un número [v] PA VE
be excellent estar chayote [v] PA
be excellent estar candela [v] SV PA
be excellent estar chayote [v] PA
be excellent mandar madre [v] DO PR
be excellent tener rabia [v] PR
be excellent ser algo un batazo [v] CU
excellent at what one does pura pimienta [adj] NI
just excellent en su punto
excellent news excelente noticia
she's an excellent manager es una excelente gerente (ella)
i have excellent vision tengo una visión excelente
i have excellent vision tengo una vista muy buena
excellent meal comilona [f]
excellent (person/animal) alhaja [f]
an extraordinary, excellent thing bacanería [f] CO DO
excellent thing exquisitura [f] MX HN NI rare
excellent thing pajaza [f] PE
show excellent qualities apuntar excelentes cualidades [v]
be excellent ser un hacha [v]
excellent wine vino de una oreja [v]
be excellent estar teta [v] ES
be excellent ser guay [v]
be excellent ser teta [v] ES
be an excellent thing ser algo una gozada [v]
be very good or excellent caer a toda madre [v] MX
of excellent quality tuanis [adj] SV HN
excellent quality (for a thing) astral [adj] SV
in excellent condition chalita [adj] AR:Nw
excellent (thing) choriflai [adj] CL
excellent (object or product) chingón [adj] MX GT HN SV
in excellent condition filete [adj] DO PR CL
efficient or excellent and stands the test of time (person or thing) firmeza [adj] CL
in an excellent economic situation parado [adj] PE
of excellent quality de la madona [adj] BO:W delinq.
expressing enthusiasm following an excellent result ¡caballada! [interj] NI CR
excellent! ¡despiértalo! [interj] PR
excellent! ¡mamía! [interj] EC
excellent thing el descueve [m] CL
an excellent shot un gran disparo
the meal was excellent la comida estaba de muerte
the samples range from bad to excellent los ejemplos van de malo a excelente
the samples range from bad to excellent hay muestras muy malas y las hay excelentes
excellent command of english excelente domino del inglés
excellent! raja [f] CL
excellent thing mamada [f] CR
something or someone excellent, good, or beautiful pija [f] HN SV
be excellent tronar la verga [v] NI
excellent quality spanish cured ham jamón de jabugo
most excellent eximio [adj]
shoot a goal with an excellent shot martillar [v] HN PY