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Sens de "baboso" dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 72 résultat(s)

Espagnol Anglais
baboso [adj] slobbering
baboso [adj] drooling
baboso [adj] dribbling
baboso [adj] slushy
baboso [adj] slimy
baboso [adj] mushy
baboso [adj] snivelling
baboso [adj] fawning
baboso [adj] silly
baboso [adj] dirty
baboso [m] AMER fool
baboso [m] AMER idiot
baboso [adj] slobbering
baboso [adj] foolish
baboso [adj] sucking up
baboso [adj] flattering
baboso [adj] brown-nosing
baboso [adj] VE slippery
baboso [m] creep
baboso [m] slobbering person
baboso [m] suck up
baboso [adj] foolish
baboso [adj] callow
baboso [adj] immature
baboso [adj] stupid
baboso [adj] PR VE slippery (surface)
baboso [m] someone that makes uncool attempts to impress others
baboso [m] blenny
baboso [m] dribbler
baboso [m] immature person
baboso [m] fig. groper
baboso [m] fig. slimeball
baboso [m] moron
baboso [m] fool
baboso [m] stupid person
baboso [m] PR a fighting cock that grabs its opponent but doesn't spur on it
baboso [m] VE a snake
baboso [adj] drivelling
baboso [adj] spoony
baboso [adj] slavering
baboso [m] slaverer
baboso [adj] impudent (child)
baboso [adj] over-affectionate
baboso [adj] CU DO PR VE speaking in a sickeningly sweet way
baboso [adj] VE CL PY in love or delighted with somebody else
baboso [adj] AR UY disgusting
baboso [adj] NI having a poor judgment and lacking personality
baboso [adj] AR UY despicable
baboso [adj] lovestruck
baboso [adj] slobbering
baboso [adj] foolish
baboso [m] drip
baboso [m] dimwit
baboso [m] twit
baboso [m] driveller
baboso [m] DO a liar
baboso [m] NI someone who talks too much rubbish
baboso [m] lovestruck man
baboso [m] fool
baboso [adj] AR UY rotten
baboso [adj] AR UY caddish
baboso [m] MX asshole
baboso [m] GT a silly person
baboso dumbbell
baboso CR an idiot
baboso [adj] fool
Marine Biology
baboso [m] peacock bass
baboso [m] cichlidae
baboso [m] idiot
baboso [adj] dribbly
baboso [m] MX a species of flowering plant in the borage family, boraginaceae (cordia dentata)
baboso [m] MX white manjack

Sens de "baboso" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 16 résultat(s)

Espagnol Anglais
dejar baboso [v] GT cause astonishment
estar baboso [v] PA CU be stupid
quedarse baboso [v] GT be astonished
hacerse el baboso [v] GT SV NI BO:Nw take the hint
quedarse baboso [v] GT be amazed
caer de baboso [v] GT be deceived due to being naïve or silly
dejar baboso [v] GT amaze
dejar baboso [v] GT astonish
estar baboso [v] PA CU be silly
hacerse el baboso [v] GT SV NI BO play dumb
hacerse el baboso [v] GT SV NI BO pretend to be naive or unaware
quedarse baboso [v] GT be shocked
quedarse baboso [v] GT be stunned
caer de baboso [v] GT be deceived by naivety or foolishness
baboso  [m] AR a skirt-chaser
ñame baboso [m] PA variety of yam